King Bhaka Predicts Impending Death of Prominent Person in KZN

By Staff Writer    05-Sep-2023 17:12 UTC+02:00 1

Zamokwakhe “King Bhaka” Nzama. Photo: Facebook.

Controversial traditional healer Zamokwakhe “King Bhaka” Nzama has predicted that a prominent KwaZulu-Natal public figure will die in the near future.

In a YouTube video posted two weeks ago, Nzama, who claims that he is a king on earth and a son in the heavens, said that when he consulted God, he saw that a dark cloud was hovering over KZN. According to his prophetic vision, the province is a bout to lose one of its heroes.

King Bhaka said that the soul of this great person, whom he says is a pioneer in his/her career field, appeared both on earth and in Heaven, and there was little that doctors could do to save him.

At the time when the video was posted, Inkatha Freedom Party founder and Zulu prime minister Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi was said to be fighting for his life in hospital. As a result, some people speculated that Nzama was talking about him. However, last week, Buthelezi was discharged from hospital after spending more than a month receiving treatment for back pain and a burn he suffered during his hospitalization. His family said the 95-year old would “continue with his full recovery at home.”

According to our knowledge, no well-known KZN person has passed on in the past two weeks or is fighting for their life in hospital, which makes it unclear who Nzama may have been talking about. Also, the fact that he did not give a specific time on when his prophecy would come to pass does not help. Hopefully the heavens have decided to give this KZN legend more days on earth than King Bhaka had foreseen.


  1. Mthokozisi says:

    Foretelling that a gravely ill 95-year old is going to die is called guessing really, not prophesying. It was everyone’s guess that the time had come for Buthelezi to rest. Also, people with connections can easily find out from unethical hospital staff that someone is terminally ill and highly unlikely to make it. Perhaps I would have believed this “prophecy” if it was made before the prince was hospitalized.

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