Let us Stop Jacob Zuma for Raping Women and Sodomizing Men

By Charlotte Sedibeng    04-Dec-2013 10:40 UTC+02:00 3

Because of Jacob Zuma South Africa is now a socio-pathological amphitheatre, dedicated to the atrocious eroticization of political stupidity. Everything has degenerated into hopeless ignorance meets primeval greed. Jacob Zuma is not only intellectually challenged, irredeemably myopic and visionless, but convokes a conglomerate of petty egoisms, whose sole vocation in life remains the congenital consultation of primitive greed and the celebration of fraudulence in its most atavistic forms.

Under Jacob Zuma South Africa has matriculated into a realm of infernal iniquity and political simony, where the ability to consult or advertise superlative impunity in celebrating the most atrocious of political brigandage, and visionless opportunism, sycophancy bordering on socio-historical imbecility, and the worst variants of Machiavellian perfidy. Zuma confounds belief and floors the imagination surrendering the country to the obscene banditry of monstrous hooligans and high-level charlatans.

Since Zuma South Africans are daily deluged with bacchanalian orgies of political debauchery, denying our land of development and its place in the apogee of human achievement. In the clutches of such purveyors of anomie, our land risks being embezzled unto extinction or surrendered to the bowels of history as one of the most tragic of comic disappointments in African political chronicles.

Under Zuma, everyday brings new scandals in its wake, which is in competition with its previous incarnations and latter epiphanies, to dwarf commonsense with their brazenness and ability to shock our multiply brutalized, and shell-shocked sensibilities leaves a bland taste of hopelessness, and anger in one’s heart by what a cabal of these ANC scoundrels have made South Africa; conscripting our active collusion, postural apathy, or conspiratorial silence and inaction to their reign of knavery.



  1. Lenny says:

    What language is this?

  2. Brent Taylor says:

    Sorry Charlotte, but somewhere in there I know you don’t agree with the ways of Zuma, but you must stop with the vocabulary exercises. We understand you have an extensive vocab, but this isn’t doing your voice, or anyone you’re intending to represent, any favors. You aren’t stating any facts…just rambling on with pointless analogies and insults. It doesn’t even relate to your title…

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