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Why Lionel Messi Deserves to be Crowned the 2015 FIFA Ballon d’Or Winner

By Brent    24-May-2015 21:09 UTC+02:00 36
Lionel Messi's excellent form in 2015, should see him win his 5th FIFA Ballon d'Or trophy. Picture Credit : London News

Lionel Messi’s excellent form in 2015, should see him win his 5th FIFA Ballon d’Or trophy. Picture Credit : London News

Barcelona are in with a chance of winning a treble this season and that is largely due to the influence and contribution from their talisman, Lionel Messi. The Argentine is arguably the greatest footballer of all-time and has been in terrific form this season, scoring 56 goals this far. But with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring 61 goals, some might argue about who the front-runner for FIFA Ballon d’Or award is this season.

But I will point out a few factors, which will show why Messi is ahead of Ronaldo and why he deserves to win the Ballon d’Or award for 2015. I will start off with what I feel is one of the most important factors when comparing the two footballers this season, penalties.

While Ronaldo has scored 61 goals this season, 13 of those goals have come from the penalty spot. Compare that with Messi’s 6 goals from the penalty spot, then we have a totally different picture. If we take away the penalty goals, then that leaves Ronaldo with 48 goals and Messi with 50 goals. I feel that this is a very important factor that the Ballon d’Or adjudicators have to take into consideration.

Messi also beats Ronaldo on the assists tally with 27 assists, compared to Ronaldo’s 22. He has combined well with the likes of Luis Suarez and Neymar, with the trio scoring over a hundred goals for Barca this season.

Messi’s goals have also been more effective than Ronaldo’s goals. Messi’s goals have led Barcelona to a chance of clinching a treble, while Ronaldo’s goals could not prevent Real Madrid from losing out in La Liga, Copa Del Rey and the Champions League. The importance of Messi’s goals is summed up with his vital strikes against Bayern Munich in the 1st leg of the Champions League semi-finals and when he scored the winning goal at Atletico Madrid, to secure the La Liga title for Barcelona.

The Ballon d’Or is an individual award but football is a team sport. Messi has had an unbelievable season individually but he has also helped his team to an unbelievable season. Ronaldo has had a great season in terms of his goal scoring but his team have not benefited from his contribution. Messi is a team man, while Ronaldo plays for himself.

In 2015, Messi leads the goal tally with 33 goals with Ronaldo on 29 goals. Messi also leads the goal assists tally with 18 compared to Ronaldo’s 10 assists. That makes Messi the front runner for the 2015 FIFA Ballon d’Or award.

In my opinion, Lionel Messi deserves to win the 2015 Ballon d’Or award because of what he has done individually and how his individual efforts have contributed to a successful season for his team.


  1. davis says:

    actually messi is the best.

  2. wahid says:

    very true……

  3. step over king says:

    Messi definitely deserves it football is all about trophies and that’s what messi will bring Barcelona this season. No team ever buys a player just to bring individual glory. Teams buy players to help the team be better and win matches,trophies and tournaments any individual awards is a bonus and messi has done both. Messi for 2015 ballon dor

  4. Rajin says:

    No Doubts There Personally I am pretty sure Lionel Messi Has a very high chance of getting the balon d’Or….. again.

  5. Mr Dude says:

    Messi is shorter than Ronaldo so he doesn’t deserve the balloon door.

    • jack tat says:

      please I accept the fact that CR7 is the best of the world football player he is stiill a human being but MESSI is nomore a humanbeig he is extra ordinary that is he comes from another planet

  6. Omar badran says:

    I love Ronaldo

  7. Omar badran says:

    First Ronaldo deserves to take all the trophies because all his goals are back and messi always from the front

  8. Anonymous says:

    Messi is the king

  9. Tallypozzerrrr says:

    Messi is not ordinary! he is the most humble best
    baller of our time! He deserves all FIFA’s awards.

  10. Toby John says:

    Messi is the king ,messi is the god.
    Messi is the best,messi is the greatest of all time.
    He deserved the 2015 Fifa ballon d’or.

    LA. PULGA 4ever

  11. s Rajat says:

    U did not mention that he was the best player of the FIFA world cup!!!
    So Messi deserves the Ballon dor!!

  12. messi he's go to take it says:


  13. wahid says:

    there is no other option winning the balon D’Or but messi for his celestial performance in 2014-15

  14. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant Messi!!!!!!you really deserve it

  15. eto gift says:

    messi did his best for Barcelona…….he deserves the 2015 ballon dor” award he has taken his second treble of his career.. FIFA should judge fair…messi it is ur season go for the cop a America

  16. rullsome says:

    messi is going to take it ….he is a legend…/bt dont forget ronaldo got some prety good points for himself ..so its not certain.

  17. Dimitris Norton Athens says:

    Messi(ah) has already won it. No contest for him this year…

  18. Philemon says:

    Messi is preferred person to win win balon 2015, he is humble, but CR7 is not, treble glory that leads barca 2 succesful season. Man dat deserves 2 win is Leo.

  19. john manjale says:

    it is really that LEO deserves ballond’or b’se he has done great than his opponent CR7 messi get ready to lift ur award

  20. Skyprince nurudeen says:

    Messi is the best in the world so ever, he play de best football, he contribute to all the winings an the trophies, his gentle, but not rude like ronaldo ronaldo is gud but i dont like him because he is just too rude. Messi has show it all, he deserve it again so let he have it. I love u messi i just pray to play like u in future.

  21. Tijani biliyaminu says:

    Messi deserve 2015 is the king of all the football

  22. Panshak Caleb says:

    Ronaldo deserve the fifa award because individually ronaldo has good individual record than messi

  23. Gabriel weah says:

    messi how can we judge you? you are extra ordinary. you are not just messi. your name is balloon d’or messi. …………………. ….2015 is yours

  24. daddy young says:

    mess is a football God

  25. simbbbo says:

    i prefer messi bcos of his mentality

  26. Taopheeq funsho says:

    When we are talking about football All u c is MESSI, when we are talking about messi All u c is FOOTBALL. The king of football LEO you really deserve all Fifa’s award. THE GOD OF FOOTBALL IS LEO MESSI.

  27. brian says:

    messi always reigns in football,humble n good records too unlike ronaldo who plays for himself messi is a team man!!!i love messi big time and he shud b the one to carry the fifa ballon d’our 2015

  28. brian says:

    And the debate between messi and christiano should end bcz….Christiano is talented bt messi more Talented!!! Leo should win the award

  29. liberatus mvamila says:

    briliant messi should win ballon d’or 2015,he is a king of foot ball of all time

  30. horlabz RG says:

    hunmmm!!!!messi is da best of all best..lawv u messi wa last bi
    olumo rock!!!!!

  31. fire lord says:

    Comparing Leo Messi with Ronaldo is a lack of ignorance in football,Messi won 3treble for Barcelona and everyone saw his Performances against Munich Semi-Final 1st leg,Athletico Bilbao nd Atletico Madrid,so Messi get ready for the 5th Ballon D’Or

  32. CLINTON aka MESSI says:

    PPLE shld stop comparing messi with that goat. messi go for ur fith balon d’or incredible little man

  33. Nceba Christobell says:

    Mess deserves to win the balloon d’or he is out of earth his magical,marvelous and splendiferous and I also like his mentality he scores and creates,all I’m saying is all the best Leo we love you big time.

  34. Tebeck Ephraim says:

    Messi Deserves The Ballon D’or More That Everyone. Even His Enemies Are Aware Of This

  35. dennis says:

    messi took this year bt ronaldo will take 6 ballon d’or in his career.

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