Male Student Commits Suicide at the University of Pretoria

By Oliver Ngwenya    01-Sep-2014 20:05 UTC+02:00
Police had to be called in after a male student committed suicide at TUKS Image: Eye Witness News.

Police had to be called in after a male student committed suicide at TUKS
Image: Eye Witness News.

Another man was, on Monday, reported to have committed suicide at the University of Pretoria Campus. Details of the suicide were initially, still sketchy apart from the fact that the person who had committed the suicide was a man. There was no confirmation of whether this involved a student or a lecturer as was in the last case. What the police spokesperson could only confirm was that they were not suspecting any foul play in the incident on Monday. The police spokesperson could also not confirm the identity of the person as it was not known at the time.

According to sources at the University of Pretoria, most commonly known as TUKS, this suicide occurred on the Humanities building around eight in the morning and the body was removed from this building around 11:00 in the morning following the incident. According to the SA Breaking News publication, the university later confirmed that the person who had committed suicide was a male student, contrary to earlier reports that had indicated that a male lecturer had committed the suicide.

Last month, the same university was in the news following an incident in which a lecturer committed suicide at the campus by jumping to his death also from the top of the Humanities building. The man, a forty four year old lecturer in the accounting for first year students is said to have appeared on the kykNet television channel a few months before the incident expounding on how he had lost almost all of his family to suicide. Danny Nortje Rossouw told the viewers that he had lost his mother, brother, father and aunt all to suicide. Danny is said to have plunged from the height of the Humanities building and is reported to have died on contact with the ground. Proceedings and lectures had to be halted for several hours as authorities waited for the police to clear the scene.

In April of 2012, then twenty four year old Chantelle Stockel also attempted suicide at the University of Pretoria campus after she failed to graduate because she had failed her studies. She took her father’s pistol and shot herself in the stomach. She, however did not die as she was rushed to hospital where she was stabilized.

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