Malema Slaughters Cow Ahead of EFF Launch

By PAW    12-Oct-2013 16:05 UTC+02:00 5
Commander in Chief of EFF, Julius Malema slaughters cow ahead of the national launch of his organisation. – image – Ntokozo Sindane

Commander in Chief of EFF, Julius Malema slaughters cow ahead of the national launch of his organisation. – image – Ntokozo Sindane

Members of the press watched on as the Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema stuck to African tradition of slaughtering a cow ahead of the launch festivities. Malema turned out to be a reliable authority in the difficult task of slaughtering a full grown bull. He gave instructions and confidently guided his fighters throughout the process.

The media, members of the EFF Central Command Team and some community members witnessed the occasion at Wonderkop, known as Koppie. The Koppie holds an unforgettable place on the landscape of protest marches in South Africa. This is where the police killed striking miners last year.

The slaughter of the cow was symbolic and meant to appease the spirits of those who died there. The EFF will slaughter eight cows at this location today. However, the first one was killed by the Commander in Chief with a steady stroke of a sharp blade straight to the head. In the nearby veld, contractors could be seen setting up for the launch tomorrow.

There was no disruption by other political parties as was expected. There was a minor incident which was handled efficiently and without injury by the security personnel that was present at the Koppie. Oupa Pokojane was caught collecting the registration numbers of vehicles carrying the EFF delegation. He was apprehended in the parking lot and released to the custody of the police responding to enquiries. No political parties were implicated in the incident.

The police confirmed that they will maintain a heavy presence in the area throughout the weekend. The Public News Hub spoke to some of the residents in the area. Mamsy Mofokeng said: “We do not have a problem with Julius Malema and his people. They are fighting for us because the government does not care about the people of Marikana.” The EFF national launch will commence on Sunday morning.


  1. Mike Watkins says:

    as much culture as our puppet. Now we know who’s behind the cattle and rhino slaughterings. I presume it never crossed his uneducated brain that slaughtering the cow that feeds you is not really going to appease his devolutionary ancestors.

  2. Mike Watkins says:

    typical shortsighted Marxist.No brains no gain.He’s definitely going to slauighter millions of his own people in his political lifetime, which is great news for his Chinese bosses, because it will make their colonisation of Africa so much easier.

  3. Mahlomola Mohale says:

    4wad with EFF 4wad,I wsh it 2 b a success cos as ANC we hv lost our objectives nd moral. JUJU dnt gv up atleast fight 4 25% nd in 2019 u wil win convincely or evin 3thd.

  4. Majwaneng... says:

    “Phambile EFF phambile…pplz suld gvn wat blongs to dem…

  5. Paul bafana letsholo says:

    Thanks juju for ur revival in politics,remember we are born to suffer but struggle to sarvive now we are proud with you at lonmin:PHAMBILI NGO EFF PHAMBILI.

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