Malema Will Get His Mansion Back Through His Millionaire Friend Who Bought It: Speculations

By Zuziwe    10-May-2013 13:02 UTC+02:00 7

Julius Malema’s Sandton mansion was auctioned yesterday for R5.9 million to raise the money Malema owes the South African Revenue Services in tax. It is reported that the mansion was sold in less than an hour and the price at which it was sold exceeded the auctioneer’s expectations. It has surfaced that the businessman who bought it, Norman Tloubatla, is Malema’s homie and they know each other from childhood.

This has raised speculation that Tloubatla bought the house to do Malema a favour. It is suspected that he will keep the mansion for Malema until he is back on his feet and able to pay him back. Some people believe he bought it under his name using Malema’s money to prevent Sars from sequestering it in future. Others believe that Tloubatla bought it for Malema so that his company may benefit (get government tenders) through Malema’s political connection.

Ttoubatla is a CEO of Magnified Designs. Some of the company’s services include designing road signs. An anonymous user, commenting on IOL’s report on the auction of Malema’s mansion, said: “So, Juju will get his Palace back soon enough, and i suppose the good news for us is that there will be a lot more new road signs on the road! Lets see how long before there is a design change and all of them need to be replaced!” Another one said: “Please investigate where these people get such large sums of money overnight! It will probably cost another 5m to complete! Maybe Juju set this guy up with (corrupt) deals?”

Whether or not Malema and Tloubatla made a deal is unknown. However, many people believe that Tloubatla’s buying Malema’s mansion was not just co-incidence.


  1. keith says:

    its cool let him have it and who has evidence this guy got this money over ninght?????

  2. thokwe says:


  3. thokwe says:

    freedom of speech is guaranteed in SA, dream on guys!

  4. Bonehead says:

    Hahahahah! this is now truly Banana Republic, well done boys keep up the façade and the pro-litariate will vote you them back in! shap, shap, mielie pap!

  5. seapela tebogo says:

    Malema/Tloubatla whatever that is going on let it be let us not be too nosy let’s mind our own business I don’t have millions I don’t talk about millions…

  6. Tabataba Tloubatla says:

    What will happen next

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