Malema not Worried about Sequestration

By Oliver Ngwenya    25-May-2014 21:41 UTC+02:00
Image: Nehanda Radio

Image: Nehanda Radio

Despite the fact that he has until Monday to submit proof why his provisional sequestration should not be upheld, the Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema, has said that he is not worried by the prospect of losing his parliamentary seat.

It emerged soon after he fell out of favour with Jacob Zuma administration that Julius Malema had not submitted tax returns for the period from 2006 to 2010. In 2010, while he was still the leader of the youth branch of the ruling ANC, Malema was contacted by SARS informing him that he was more than R16 million in arrears plus interest. In addition, SARS informed him that his Ratanang Trust as well as his company, On-Point Engineering also owed the taxman over eighteen million rand.

When he briefly appeared in the North Gauteng Court, a provisional sequestration was passed by Justice Bill Prinsloo, which gave him until 10:00 am on Monday the 26th of May for him or anyone for that matter to prove to the court that this sequestration should not be upheld or made permanent. On Friday, the legal representative of the firebrand EFF leader, Tumo Mokwena confirmed that they intended to contest the final sequestration of his client.

When his party, the Economic Freedom Fighters was formed, a fund was started that was meant to raise funds to help in the payment of the party leader’s tax bill. How much has been raised by this fund is still a mystery to anyone.

Speaking to journalists on Sunday, Julius Malema, who was sworn in this week as a member of parliament, said that he did not see the loss of his seat in the fifth democratic parliament as something that could happen. He was even bold enough as to tell the media that they were stuck with him for at least the next five years. Malema emphasized that all had been taken care of, in apparent reference to the contest that his legal representative had alluded to during the earlier part of the weekend.

Making waves this week, Julius Malema and his fellow members of the EFF, were sworn in while wearing common workers regalia like overalls and gumboots, maids dresses and other such attire. Speaking on Sunday, the EFF leader stated emphatically that he was sure that the presence of his party would liven the debates in the House. The EFF, he said, was intent on putting their agenda onto the parliamentary table.

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