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Man Found in Burning Car in Florida With Hands Tied

By Oliver Ngwenya    02-Mar-2015 17:45 UTC+02:00
Police have confirmed that an adult male was burnt in a car in Florida Image: SA Breaking News

Police have confirmed that an adult male was burnt in a car in Florida
Image: SA Breaking News

The body of a male was discovered in a burning car in the Florida Park area in the early hours of Monday. The Johannesburg police confirmed this, adding that they have reason to suspect foul play since the man was found with his hands tied behind his back.

Providing information to the media, police spokesman, Major Mack Mngomezulu said the police had gone to the scene in response to a complaint that there was a car that was on fire in Church Street of the Roodepoort surburb. On arrival, the police found the car still on fire but they were surprised to discover after the fire that there was a body of an adult male in the boot of the car and the man had his hands tied behind his back. Mngomezulu said that as of that moment, the police were investigating murder. He added that they were, as yet, unaware of the motive for the murder and that they would be also be investigating this. The police also added that they would also need to investigate to find the identity of the deceased since they had been burnt beyond recognition.

Another revelation that had come about due to preliminary investigations was that the car in which the man had died belonged to a chemical company in Randburg. However, the police could not establish whether the deceased man actually worked for the company since they first needed to establish his identity. The incident was also confirmed by the Johannesburg Emergency Services. However, there was a slight but significant disparity in the information provided by the police and that supplied by Robert Mulaudzi for the Johannesburg Emergency Services regarding the state of the man when he was found. While the police had insisted that when they arrived at the scene, the man had been burnt beyond recognition, Mulaudzi had stated that when it was discovered, the body was not really burnt badly and that it was still recognizable. He added that there was no one else in the car. The police insisted that the cause of the fire would be investigated.

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