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Meet Mpumalanga’s singing group “Ndebele Movement”

By Rethabile Matlala    20-Oct-2016 12:57 UTC+02:00 5


In a day where there are less and less traditional Ndebele music groups, let alone groups that are heavily influenced by own cultures or traditions, the place known as the place where the sun rises, Mpumalanga birthed two artists who formed Ndebele Movement that are here to shake things up.

Introducing the band known as “Ndebele Movement“, formed by Kgosi shaGasheII Sibusiso Chiloane known as King shaGasheII (28) and Willy Mandla Masango known as “Willow the Hit Maker” (25), who are introducing a new sound or genre called Ubuntu Music, while putting their spin on it. After discovering “Ubuntu Music”, in 2016 they released their first official single titled “Utjwala”. The single is well received and played by various radio stations in South Africa. After the release of their, they also discovered their own fashion that would go hand in hand with their style of music. They named it Ndebele Movement Swag (NMS).


Utjwala the song as we speak is at high rotation on Ikwekwezi Fm and other local radio stations around Mpumalanga and Gauteng. The song Utjwala has the high listenership as well, more than 20 000 downloads on going.

Their album, Ndebele Afrikha, will be released on the 28th October 2016; a super energetic, refreshing and has African elements that reminds one of where music actually originates. When listening to Ndebele Afrikha as an African you will have no choice, but to think more and deep about your roots. Ndebele Afrikha is a way of accepting the fact that there’s an African culture force in the universe larger than hatred and discrimination”, says Willow, a member of the group. King shaGasheII adds that, “the goal is to unite all African people throughout the world through “Ndebele Afrikha” this album will restore African dignity to every African”. Ndebele Afrikha has 13 tracks, if you need to know how the album will sound like, you will have to listen to “Utjwala” the song set the tone of Ubuntu music and the album levels the new genre in the music industry. Ndebele Movement, is definitely a new act that everybody should start pay attention too.


  1. bhuti says:

    Fire, your music is going places

  2. Fikephi says:

    Listening to the song Utjwala all I can say is you are the future!

  3. Nothando says:

    Wow Ndebele movement all the way papi…Niyathela #On fire

  4. Vusi SoThenjiwe Mrholozi says:

    Arhake madodekhethu, umvumo wenu lo umnandi khulu. All the best guys! #Iphasi & #Utjwala

  5. Thulani Mazdela Mahlangu says:

    Where do I find the Ndebele music.
    Joriyo nephoro, Nopeni nePakama, Pinki Mabona.
    I hope to get reply soon.

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