Men of shame

By Laikyn Setloboko    25-Jun-2013 11:07 UTC+02:00 3

chasing chickenSouth Africa is known for its high crime rate against women and children, robbery and sometimes mass killings for muthi purposes in order to gain wealth. I am appalled by the number of men who are arrogant enough not to take responsibility for their actions, who terrorize the innocent and have the nerve to walk proudly with their heads held up high boasting about their ego, as if it is some kind of achievement.

Two weeks ago a man at Thandizwe village at Manguzi northern KZN was caught red handed with his pants down, sexually assaulting a chicken. The owners were awoken by strange noises coming from the bush. After a thorough investigation they realized it was one of their loyal customers who regularly bought booze from them.

Although he was heavily under the influence of alcohol, it does not mean it was the alcohol that drove him to commit such an act. The poor chicken was traumatized by the event, and could not walk upright. Ending its life was the only way it could have peace. Nevertheless the culprit faced the embarrassment of the community by making a public apology, while being forced to eat the very same chicken he tortured.

I personally would have liked him to serve a lengthy sentence to convey a message to current animal abusers about the consequences of animal abuse. Despite the humiliation, he offered to pay R300 and promised to buy 8 new chickens and 7 eggs that were abandoned. The man is in hiding and has been named the chicken rapist, his picture is currently circulating via social networks.

This is an example of men who clearly do not have a conscience. He admitted that he had been tempted, meaning, he was well aware of what he was doing. Such individuals should be removed from society as they are a flight risk to both humans and animals. Alienating them from the existing world will only knock some sense into them.

One cannot express the importance of drinking responsibly, having no regrets and knowing your limits. In most cases alcohol brings problems more than happiness, it turns people into monsters, resulting in the public living in fear. The country as a whole needs to come to the table and address these grievances. Action must be put into place for proper civilization, they also need the support of the justice system. We can not turn a blind eye to every horrific thing that happens around and pretend as if it’s normal, very well knowing it’s affecting us.


  1. Hazel says:

    lol. Raping a chicken, some men…

  2. bulie says:

    Its a shame, man have lost their pride, integrity, respect and now their minds. How can a man rape a chicken?

  3. Busisiwe Diamond says:

    siiis man if these men fuck chickens then I don wanna eat chicken eggs anymore. Cheese omelette of human sperm argh siis

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