Metro Cop Drugged and Raped 16 Year Old

By Oliver Ngwenya    23-May-2015 08:36 UTC+02:00
A Johannesburg Metro cop has been accused of drugging and raping a teenager. Image:

A Johannesburg Metro cop has been accused of drugging and raping a teenager.
Image: Mimages.

The law enforcement agents in South Africa have been rocked by another public humiliation when one of its members was accused of drugging and raping a teenager in Johannesburg. This was contained in a statement released to members of the media by the police on Friday.

According to the spokesperson for the Johannesburg Metro Police Department, Wayne Minnaar, the officer allegedly drugged an unnamed sixteen year old girl and then proceeded to have intimate relations with her against her will. This incident is said to have happened in the back room of the girl’s mothers’s house which is in Braamfisherville on May 14, 2015. There are however, conflicting reports about where the incident occurred as some media reports indicate that it happened in the officer’s house, in the bathroom. It is also said that the girl was drifting in and out of consciousness as the rape was going on. The irate mother, reporting the matter to the police, indicated that he had been contacted by the parents of the Metro cop “so that they could talk like people.” She said that she had turned them down as they seemed to be more concerned with upholding the reputation and future of their son while all she wanted was Justice for her daughter.

In his statement, Wayne Minnaar said that the officer responsible had been arrested by the police as a result of the reported alleged incident. Minnaar added that once the accused officer had been released from police custody, he would be taken off official duty in order to facilitate that both internal and criminal investigations be pursued without hindrance.

Cases where an officer of the law is involved in unlawful activities are handled by an independent body which was set up for that specific purpose in order to ensure that these security agents do not view themselves as above the rule of law. In addition, this is to ensure that accused persons do not interfere with investigations. According to Minnaar, this seems to have been the case in this particular accusation. The case was opened following a report from the Independent Police Investigation Department,” Minnaar said.

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