MH370 Debris Found Just Off Perth?

By Oliver Ngwenya    24-Mar-2014 19:59 UTC+02:00

Mh370 Debris FoundIt has finally come down to a ‘grey or green circular object’ and an ‘orange rectangular object’. This is how the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak described the wreckage that was seen in the middle of the Indian Ocean when he made a statement in which he confirmed that the plane is most likely to have crushed into this vast ocean with no survivors. He further confirmed that the relatives of the 239 people on board the plane had been informed of this state of affairs.

The Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared, off the face of the earth as it appears, after leaving Kuala Lumpur airport in the early hours of Saturday on the eighth of March on its way to Beijing, China. Around 1:30 am local time, the plane communicated with their radar and bade them a good night and immediately vanished. Ever since that fateful morning, a huge search has been mounted with at least twenty six nations offering to help in the biggest and longest search for a plane this century. What has followed has been a clear indication that everybody concerned, especially the Malaysian government, did not know what happened to the plane. It also showed that, despite all the technology we have, there was nothing we knew about the fate of that plane. That is, until now!

Earlier on Monday, the Xinhua news agency from China said one of their aircraft which is participating in the search spotted two relatively big floating objects and several smaller white ones spread over a large area. This further sighting is slowly concretizing the hope that answers can soon be found of the remains of the plane and the relatives can have closure. China has over 150 citizens in the ill fated plane. Investigators are increasingly holding onto the conviction that the plane, having left the Kuala Lumpur airport, flew several hours into the South China Sea and was then diverted onto a route that was tantamount to going back to its starting point after all the communication equipment was switched off, deliberately, it seems. The new flight path took it back over the Malay Peninsula and apparently into the Indian Ocean.

In another sign that the search efforts are bearing fruit, the US indicated that they would be flying in their high-tech black box detecting machine. The black box is a centre of information for everything that happens on the plane and will most likely provide answers as to what may have occurred that led to the diversion of the plane and why it crashed. The excitement about the location of the debris is that there may still be time to locate the black box before the pinger dies away because of a drained battery. This is echoed by Commander Chris Budde of the US Fleet Operations when he says in an emailed statement, ‘if the debris is found, we will be able to respond quickly because the battery life of the black box’s pinger is limited’

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