MH370: We May Never know What Happened to the Malaysian Plane

By Oliver Ngwenya    26-Mar-2014 22:50 UTC+02:00
Photo: Express

Photo: Express

We may never know the fate of Malaysian Flight MH370 which disappeared off the coast of Malaysia on the morning of Saturday the 8th of March just over one hour into its flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China. This has proved to be the greatest aviation mysteries of our time, with more than a dozen nations joining the Malaysian government in the biggest quest ever. However, the Malaysian government and it’s airlines officials have come under fire for providing inaccurate and sometimes contradictory information.

The search, which was initially concentrated to the north of the Malay Channel has shifted southwards. This was because of the discovery that the plane apparently took a turn backwards and recrossed the channel with its communications system switched off. The aviation fraternity contends that it was under the control of someone well experienced in taking charge of a plane of that magnitude. Further in estimations have revealed that the plane transmitted a signal to Boeing 777 about eight hours after it was last detected on civilian radar. The area from which the signal came is in the uncharted waters in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the same area where the much reported debris has been picked up by satellite images. These sighting have been reported by at least three different and independent sources. These sightings, on Tuesday, resulted in a massive marathon towards it by more than twenty nations, including China. However, no sooner had they arrived in the area than they noticed that there was nothing to be done as the area of search was under severely bad whether and search had to be suspended.

It is reported that geological experts have revealed that the area in which the Mh 370 is assumed to to have gone down in the ocean with no survivors is a known geologically unstable area. Experts revealed that the area is prone to volcanic activity which has rendered the seabed a network of galleys and trenches that will not only make the searching difficult and dangerous, but could also make it long and tedious. This, given that the search is also a race against time to find the black box which provide an insight into what really transpired to lead to the complete diversion of the aircraft and the consequent crashing into the sea. Whatever happened to the ill fated plane, some experts suggest that this search could take years and may never be found.

This unpalatable message comes not on the heels of the information that the relatives of those who were on the plane have demonstrated at the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing taking the Malaysians to task for the way they have been treated and the lack of information. Some have even gone as far as to say that they will not accept the message that was sent to them by text to the effect that the plane is likely to have gone down in the Indian Ocean with no survivors. They insist that they want tangible evidence. To add salt to wound, in an unprecedented move, the Malaysian Airlines seems to have deserted the relatives of the victims in the hotel in which they had been booked.

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