Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones Rubbish Cheating Rumours, Threaten Legal Action

By Staff Writer    11-May-2022 19:34 UTC+02:00

Minnie Dlamini and her estranged husband Quinton Jones have threatened to take legal action against those who spread rumours that their ongoing divorce was a result of Minnie’s infidelity.

Minnie has been trending since Tuesday after Twitter celebrity blogger Musa Khawula posted a tweet alleging that the ‘Becoming Mrs Jones’ star cheated on her husband with corruption-accused businessman Edwin Sodi.

“Rumour has it Edwin Sodi and Minnie Dlamini kept their spark alight whilst Dlamini-Jones was married. It is also said, that his private jet was put to good use entertaining Minnie Dlamini and her friends,” Khawula tweeted.

On Wednesday evening Minnie and Quinton released a joint statement through Minnie’s social media profiles slamming the allegations as “false, damaging and malicious.” Below is the full statement:

We have been made aware of various allegations regarding our divorce circulating on social media since yesterday. Without saying much more, all the allegations made are false, damaging, and malicious.

Fabrications of such a damaging manner are both unnecessary and hurtful in a matter that is already sensitive to us.

Our shared priority is to remain friends and co-parent our son. We kindly ask that you allow us to go through our private processes without dragging ourselves, our families, and our loved ones into baseless rumours and social media sensationalism. These baseless rumours affect not only us but our child.

Considering the nature of the allegations made, legal action will be taken against the relevant parties.

Minnie and Quinton, who got married in 2017, announced their divorce in February this year. Since then Minnie has been spotted living her best life with friends, resulting in some people accusing her of leaving her husband just to regain her freedom.

While many were busy dragging Minnie for her alleged cheating, Solly Ntuli warned that this might trigger her to take her life following the comment she made when Riky Rick died by suicide in February. “Minnie Dlamini’s marriage might have failed but stop being mean and rude towards her. After Riky Rick committed suicide she said it could easily be her. Stop with this mean and rudeness umntwana bantu (people’s child) might be triggered please,” tweeted Ntuli.

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