Minnie and Khune break up

By Thandi    18-Jan-2013 08:46 UTC+02:00 108

Minenhle Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune. Photo: Justcurious

Rumor has it that TV presenter Minenhle ‘Minnie’ Dlamini and Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune have ended their romantic relationship after being together for approximately two years. The news of their breakup surfaced after Minnie posted a Tweet which implied that she is now single.

According to Sunday Times, the Tweet read: “Got some free time finally! Let’s do that single ladies night out before we get hectic lol #2013NewBeginnings”

It seems like it is true that money can’t buy you love. Khune bought Minnie a BMW M3 in 2011 for her 21st birthday. Sources close to her say she has returned it and hadn’t driven it for over a year. It is unclear if this was due to their troubled relationship or the fact that she has Jeep sponsorship.

Last year on Mablerh’s show on uKhozi FM Minnie revealed that she got a Jeep on her birthday. She didn’t explain how she got it. Later we heard that she was sponsored by Jeep. Perhaps some of the conditions of her sponsorship didn’t allow her to be seen driving other cars.

Did they really break up? Answering this question is hard. Their breakup is still just media speculation. I went through Minnie’s Twitter wall to read the Tweet myself and see replies but unfortunately she had removed it. May be they had a fight, broke up for a short time but mended things up and got back together a few hours later. Many couples do that all the time. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if the two are seen together on a date again in the near future.


  1. wat is the reason of breakup i dnt believe it says:

    thats not true benifanelana so

  2. wat is the reason of breakup i says:

    thats not true benifanelana so

  3. Anonymous says:

    Minnie dont do that i beg u please.u got a great couple wit itu.lets learn to 4give and 4get.i beg u plz.4give itumeleng plz.

  4. sine says:

    Rumour has it that she is currently dating Idol’s Khaya from Durban. So the guy from Durb’s is not innocent after all…

    • Could be true says:

      I saw Khaya Performing on Minnie’s SABC 3 Show last week and last year Minnie was busy campaining for him when he was still in the idols.

  5. Your Name... says:

    Itu, take care of your love ones dude.

  6. Anonymous says:

    ITU banyana ke ba baie boy dnt wrry son.

  7. Gcobisa says:

    Madlamini plz akukho lapho kungenaxolo am ur no1 fan don’t disapoint me plz

  8. Nonkie says:

    Minnie gal i think u nid 2 luk at ths in such a way,where has she been?Why such a blow she jst jealousy i dnt blv ths crap.Plz be strong and dont give up so easily ppl out there are so cruel

  9. Anonymous says:

    Does it even matter if they break up what’s the fuzz nothing is guaranteed in life

  10. Anonymous says:

    minnie this is life girl sooooooo think before you do and 4give& 4get

  11. Aybo ppl minnie wll give khune a second chance says:


  12. minnie ur decision its stupid uhav to think before u do girl cause u will regret says:

    Minnie u have to think before u take a decision cause u will regret girl open ur eyes girl life is to short

  13. Anonymous says:

    Geez mini u such a looser,do u actually realy knw want u want in life?don’t think so get a lyf tuu

  14. Your Name... says:

    yhooooor minnie am so disappointed in you who do you realy date……khune&khaya mthethwa 

  15. Pam says:

    Leave Minnie alone people. You say she doesn’t know what she wants? I think she left Khune because she knows what she wants. What she wants is not Khune/his money.



  17. Anonymous says:

    Plzz girl 4give him whtever he did coz u completely lookng gud two of u

  18. Your Name... says:

    Eish! Khune bra you need to forget and forgive,she needs to learn frm you all women have the same behaviour.

  19. Nonkosinone says:

    Hey Minnie its ur choice dear follow ur heart dont listen to people couse they have a lot to say its ur life i support ur decision

  20. esh!minnie kubuhlungu ukuduma young and abantu abazwisisi manje bazokuthatha ngathi wena uthanda amadoda ekubeni akusinjalo ikhona lento eyaziwanguwe thina esingayazi ekuhlukanise no kune. says:


  21. don't warry itu mf2 bt minnie khaya joe im so disapointend in gal i wil be happy for if i was donald bt khaya no says:

    com on u gys make a gud couple any way who iz respon for ur break up jst de name

  22. Khune dnt gv up jst go bck nd tyk ur luv bck God loves u guys says:

    Khune dnt gv up boy

  23. chilly bite says:

    i think minnie u hve 2 admit that u lve itu although u dnt agree on wat ppl sai just keep on looking 4 ther lv u wnt alwaiz b ur no 1 fan

  24. Anonymous says:

    Khune dont give up minnie is ure wife nometter what people say

  25. Ziyanda says:

    ai kabi bafwethu, its good they broke up, to me abafanelani, minnie uyaphapha so udinga umuntu onjengaye, uItu needs someone like him ohumble njengaye, if bebezoshada, sorry it wouldn’t have worked out. Asishadeli ukudivoza bathong, type kaminnie mina ngingathi oJ.R, sliqour, A.K.A., yabona nje. Ya!

  26. Mo17 says:

    hai from what i saw last nite on Soccer Zone,there is definitely something between two,if Khune has moved on how can he say Minnie is his celebrity crush live on national tv,i just think there is something deep happening between the 2,they definitely complement each other – they looked good together last nite.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Mini gal folow ur heart dnt listen 2 ppl.

  28. noxolo says:

    Just follow u heart minnie it not lyk every is going 2 say good things about u just focus on improving ur life

  29. neo says:

    i lv u khune.

  30. toole says:

    If it was meant to be surely they will forgv each other nd be de best couple ever

  31. Monde says:

    Minni I like u nd Khune I like u 2, nd I would lv 2 c u guys bck 2gthr but it not smthng we wll force u guys 2 du it, it wat I c nd it wat other ppl c, so fallow yo heart guys bt I hope nd I lv ukunibona nijabulile now2, Khune go 2 minnie, nd minnie take Khune bck.

  32. mballz says:

    Hey minnie just follow ur hrt this is ur lyf

  33. Gugsie says:

    Oh yini na ntombiyomZulu,lungisani amaphutha qha-& get on with yo lives guyz,life’s too short indeed.

  34. Qhamoney says:

    ohw gyz u were meant 4 each other cela nibuyelaneni plz

  35. Mastermind says:

    Guys u luk gud 2gether..fight 4 ur relationship plz.

  36. mashela says:

    minnie a lady lyk u deserve a man lyk it u ar a great couple

  37. entle says:

    Sonke lana siyazikhohlisa we all know ukuthi u khune akafanelani no minnie even no khaya ozokuzisola tht girl deserves 2 be wth ppl like phat joe,A.K.A,da les or jr

  38. Anonymous says:

    Minnie nd Khune dnt care abt wat pple say just do wats best 4 ur relationship coz u 2 are a God given gift from heaven wish u the best

  39. Nolubabo says:

    U guys r da bst couple bt its nt up 2 us 2 decide bt do whts ryt 4 ur future, sme pple thnk is up 2 other 2 rule others relationships bt Minni nd Khune u r da bst young couple i adore in da whole world jst 4gve nd 4get ur prblms solve thm nd look up 2 ur future share evrythng wth one another so dat u cn support each other through evrythng, knwng da thre r fans dat r lookng forward in ur relationship pple who r nmbr1 fans of u we cnt judge u bt wht we cn do is supprt u through defficult time knw thre r funs dat lv nd supprt u.

  40. viwe says:

    Dear minnie plz giv that dude onother chance u guys deservs each other u both. Young n successful so plz work things up n stay fresh!!

  41. Busisiwe says:

    Cha mntanesekhaya u ur ht bt u Khaya phoooooooo.

  42. McLeod says:

    It seems like everybody is blamin minnie wit dis whole thing#frankly we dnt knw wat really happend between those two,I’m jst askin u guys to give a girl a break actually its non of ur business

  43. Mothusi says:

    Minnie plz am begging u,just give khune second chance plz

  44. Nnontokozo says:

    Hey khune wht i would lyk to sy is to follow ur heart nd be a gud person as a person who shares a b day wth me .can i have ur number plz khune

  45. Nontokozo says:

    Everythng has its own time ,when its time for breaking up its de time bt god luves us all be strong mr.nd u can do evertythng through christ who gives u de sthrength

  46. nosipho says:

    no gyz jst gve them a break phofu we do not knw who dumped who so don’t bleme minenhle coz we don’t even knw who iz responsbl 4 de breakup so gve minei a break plz u gyz n donot bleme khune my adves 2 u 2 jst srt thngs out plz

  47. mee says:

    Ts their life. Leave them alone pliiiz

  48. Tandy says:

    They are back 2gether guyz

  49. Kittykat407 says:

    Mannie if u r d one who pump KHUNE pls gve him a second chance cos always u lok so craet wth KHUNE nd many ppl dnt lyk u 2 b happy al de tym.(mannie nd khune)dnt b stupid 2 alw de devil 2 play wth ur relationship.

  50. Mothusi says:

    Guys minnie n khune r in brazil as am 2lking clbrating khune s bday;dose luvbrids are back 2getha,n am hpy 4 dem

  51. flo says:

    U gus ar couple made in heaven so plz don’t break it love both of u wish never ending love.

  52. LOBUHLE says:

    NAH Gys pls ningbi foolish ezama cplz azingenwa lv em lyk dat de wl fix their broblms bt if it true dat minnie z d8tng khaya mhhm wthout wsting o4 airtyms ABAFANELANI! Mubi phla khaya

  53. Sne says:

    Cha no khaya muhle ukuth nina bantu anazi ukuth uthando lwisilima if wena minnie u lv khaya and khune ht oky ppl mst myd thei own bsns

  54. Meme says:

    Hey, i fancy u guyz cuz ur best @ ur careers.

  55. Someleze april says:

    Plz dnt dissapoint us guys cz u r d best young couple in d hole world.

  56. mre says:

    Minnie you are a looser U don,t know what you want

  57. mashabane says:

    Let them decide their future since they are adult enough.to them break up is not a solution but if it doesn’t work let it go as madiba did to winnie,zuma did to nkosisana dlamini zuma nd kelly to jub jub so let it go…..

  58. Nuky says:

    minnie u knw dat u luv khune more dan anythng so jst 4gve him

  59. Thando khune says:

    Minnie dnt gv up plz u mak a grt capl…..wow Minenhle Khune

  60. Anonymous says:

    argh!! Minnie zyakuphaphela ez’murhen,ts ur lyf abangen ndaw0.,sanuphapha nina gals ng0thand’imali,minnie uneyakhe..mxm nyandika silver diggerz

  61. Anonymous says:

    Gys keep u’re nose out of ppl’s bsness

  62. Thandeka says:

    minnie gal u did so wel by provin dat money can’t buy love sum whr tot u r whr u r 2 dai bcos of him nd u proved dem rong u r a gal of power keep it up malove

  63. wry says:

    ihate u for what u did minnie

  64. Anonymous says:

    get a life mini

  65. anon says:

    Asingangeni izindaba zabantu plz bantu bakhulile

  66. siphenathi.tsobo says:

    Plz guys don’t give up yet

  67. Mphumi says:

    I life le minne it not a movie,pls put pride ar side be a zulu girl pls.

  68. Nutty says:

    Giv hm anoder chance he lvs u so

  69. Anita matsi says:

    My dear yenza lento intliziyo yakho ithi yiyenze.sumamela kakhulu abantu cz nabo baxakene net so nezabo..phila ubomi bakho ngendlela ofuna ngayo..!!

  70. Lici says:

    Minnie don’t do itu that dear

  71. bhekisisa says:

    khune myeke u mine uthanda imali bra so wena zitholele omunye bra zoba ryt

  72. bhekisisa says:

    sanuthanda indaba zabantu khune well dun mfe

  73. Sandile mthethwa says:

    Bhasta is a strong men

  74. Gabza says:

    I think that you guys dnt match,so t u my khune,i wl sy tht fnd whe u heart wl fn peace.thank u

  75. gerson says:

    Gud luck ma brother well done

  76. tlhogi says:

    you guys belong together, no one and nothing will stop the love u have for each other. gal love ur men or others will do that for you, remember men are few

  77. joel Jali says:

    U look gud guyz plz fix things n get married

  78. Locratia says:

    Kas mihelele kwihi maha rhandzana or mtshikanini?

  79. Nkosinathi Jali says:

    Dn’t gv up men Minnie lv’s u so much jxt gv him some time ,u need 2 be cool n dn’t make urself a fool of stress plz jxt be patient brah.

  80. anynoms mfenguza says:

    Eysh u guys r perfect 4 each other both of u I’m ur fan

  81. Anonymous says:

    khune n minenhle u ar a guud couples so dont break away khune dont give up the just make hm 2 be soft from mongezi chewe

  82. Tumi says:

    Itumeleng isnt the good guy we think he is,hes from my home town.he looks people down and he has pride,i dont see him as a role model as for him dating minnie for me its not gona work,they too different people and from my view they dont have anything in common,this relationship is about money

  83. Anonymous says:

    LOVe u Thou’

  84. b strng says:

    khune jst go n look 4 othr gal bcos u c dat minnie is a loser.

  85. Nkah says:

    Ey minie cc woza kim ngkhona mina ngzokunakekal kahle kabi kuno khune. Anifanele futh kade ngabona 3 yrz kth dalelwe mina asazani nje bt sobonana one day

  86. Anonymus says:

    Wel to me ts seemz lyk u ppl ar jct pumpin into ada pplz biznesis sow plz jct buzz off

  87. Senzo says:

    Khune,Minnie i wish u de best towards yo mariege

  88. lebohang mokoena says:

    khune nd minnie plz fix ur business and get married tu!! this strories r startin to annoy me

  89. thabo says:

    khune is not the end of the world..ska stresa boy.. di medi di baie..

  90. Minicia says:

    Go nd fynd someonen bettter than minnie cz is really bitch tlaaa

  91. X ka khune says:

    I dnt knw wat u sw in tht chck bt i gus thts wat u gt wen u chit,xpct 2 bi chtd 2

  92. Lutho says:

    Srry.bra zizinto enzinjalo ubone umuntu uncinge ukuba uyakuthanda kanti akakuthandi ufuna imali ykh.bra kuzolunga

  93. takatso says:

    u guyz a gud couple plz dnt beak_up

  94. Lebogang says:

    Eish guys i’m realy sorry about that incident…..i realy wanna see u guys back in love again….or seing things back to normal.MR Khune MRS Minnie she is ur loved once.

  95. Anonymous says:

    Ei u must admit 4 real money cant buy love if the basted is cheating leav him

  96. Nkosiphendule says:

    Yeka lomntu khune marn yinto yangamabom lento inixabanisileyo kuyacaca ebezokuxaka nisotshata nyamezela qha uzomfumana omnye unyanisekileyo thank u.

  97. basetsana motladile says:

    minnie is hot girl in mzanzi ……khune dont break her heart again

  98. cry ngobeni says:

    god u along ur prblms

  99. ntonox says:

    haw yeka lento wn minenhle aykufanelanga ubukeka emdala kanti futh he is having an affair with bonang

  100. Londy says:

    To minnie n i thought u were a hotty tumi u deserve better u have my support 100% percent

  101. Londy says:

    If u love her fight for her dat if shes worth it

  102. mr honest says:

    i’ve heard it said tat the reason why minnie want 2 break up is bcz itu slpt wth boity #lobane

  103. Emmanuel mabunda says:

    i thnk those guys r gud to each other de jst nid to forgv each other and move on Khune boy if i could gt a chance i can ask minnie to forgv u everyone does mistakes u r nt de one

  104. Nokwanda Fortune Malinga says:

    Khune u mast apologiez frm minnie wht u dd waz totally wrng

  105. mss pee says:

    Ai minne kune njalo njalo akuyena yedwa ndoda la ngaphandle if engazazi mnj kuth ufunan ngeke esaphinde azazi so do wat is best for wena cc unakho konke empilwen

  106. Zanele magabe says:

    The way keratang kune kagona plz Minnie acpt khune bck sisi u wnt rgrt ur slf a modimo a le shogofatse

  107. Zanele magabe says:

    The way keratang khune kagona a kenyake motho a mokwisha bohloko Minnie pls acpt khune bck neh

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