Miss Congo Takes Part in the Annual Zulu Reed Dance

By Laikyn Setloboko    09-Sep-2013 11:50 UTC+02:00 3

miss congoThe lovely Olga Yumba, known to many as miss Vodacom, recently touched down Durban to take part in the annual Zulu reed dance, which was held in Nongoma and hosted by King Goodwill Zwelithini. The 26 year old, who strutted her stuff and stole the hearts of many with her Colgate smile is sure a living beauty. She comes from a humble background and is passionate about change and development.

Her appearance into the modelling scene was unexpected journey. “I never dreamt of modelling in front of people or taking part in a beauty pageant. It was my mom who encouraged me to grace my beauty,” she said. Olga has swooped many titles such as miss Kolwezi 2006 , miss Congo 2008, 2009, miss Vodacom 2010 and even making top 14 in the miss world contest.
With the current obsession of being thin, young girls are starving themselves and even using cocaine to maintain the skeleton look, however for her it is beyond her reach she adds and most girls envy her natural slim look” I pretty much eat anything whether it is two burgers or a piece of cake, God has blessed me with a fast metabolism and I am most grateful for”.IMG_6462
The definition of embracing ones beauty , is not by wearing less clothes or plastering oneself with make up, but to be an ambassador for young women to follow in your foot steps. Olga is an individual who sees the urgency of education and stresses the point of studying further , and not to be reliant on talent. She is currently studying political science at the university of Bumashi , in Congo , and would like to be part of the presidential delegate some time in the future.
Taking part in miss Vodacom search, and being chosen out of 8000 aspiring pageants , was an overwhelming experience.”I was speechless ,I kept asking myself why me? what was so special about me to get such a title? but at the same time I was happy”.

Nevertheless, she is taking one step at a time and enjoying the fruits of life. The modelling career is not entirely on hold , as she reassures us that she will be taking part in events if invited. As an ambassador she feels she is the voice for women who are silenced by the abuse from their husbands.” it saddens me to see that men still think women are toys that can be handled anyhow, as women we need to stand our ground and fight together “she said. Ending on a lighter note she hopes to get married and start a family one day.


  1. Thoko Gladys Nhlabathi says:

    2013 Girls reeds at Kzn was best.I am forever grateful to share the event wth DRC dignaties and Royal Family. DRC President,First lady(loving,kind,beautiful)Charllote,Chief Nyembo many special generous,beauty,humble,genius,warm Olga Yumba.I love every minute with her. Princess Nomkhosi Zulu loving .Even Meet ever smilling Mr Africa Mthokozisi Sikhosana in Durban.Attend Ebukhosini Royal launch by 1kzntv .Best Days i wont forget ,important ,valued.

  2. katengo kahilo says:

    nasepeli komona yo pe namosala nayo sikoyo natuna yo apar kimiss osalaka nini? eza gai kabwana na luanda napesi bino bonte.+244 948156428

  3. Mthokozisi Sikhosana says:

    Once you become a model your whole life changed for ever , never thought I will travel in and out of SA and meet the most important people and get the best invites. My life was transformed I worked with one of the biggest organisation in kzn such as Miss kzn teen .being 50 girls in the big stage of city hall, of which many organisations fail to do but I was part of that histrionic. I stage one of the best show and changed so many life’s.I ensured so many teen to follow there dreams and push for what there want the most and become shining stars .where am I going from now ? The answer will be where I’m at right now I had been place by God and where ever I’m going I’m gonna make a mark. I’m the model and I will die been a model

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