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Mobile Gambling Taking The World by Storm

By Brent    22-Apr-2015 11:37 UTC+02:00

mobileGone are the days where switching on your computer was the only means of accessing the internet. With the rapid advancement of technology occurring on a daily basis, many people are now turning to mobile devices to go online. The ease of accessibility to the internet has also given rise to a new online phenomenon, mobile gambling.

It is predicted that by 2018, over 150 million people globally, will be using their mobile devices to gamble online. So as the number of people using online casinos increases, the number of people using land based casinos is starting to decrease.

More and more gamblers are turning to online casinos such as instead of land based casinos. This is because using online casinos is more cost effective than gambling at land based casinos. Although land based casinos provide you with a social opportunity to mingle and dine with your fellow gamers, it can also cost you quite a lot of money. Now with online gambling, you cut out those extra expenses. This is why the number of professional gamblers using online casinos is increasing every day. Because all you need to gamble online, is an internet connection. It is that simple. So if your main aim for gambling is winning more money, then online gambling would probably be your preferred choice.

One of the more popular games at online and land based casinos, is Blackjack. Now online game provider, Realistic Games, has introduced a new feature to the normal Blackjack game called Hi Lo Blackjack. This new version of Blackjack is becoming increasingly popular by the day because it provides gamers with a better chance of winning. The winner in a normal game of Blackjack is the person with cards that equal 21 or cards that total closest to the number 21. But with Hi Lo Blackjack, gamers can now also win by predicting whether their second card is higher than their first card.

With online casino games such as Hi Lo Blackjack increasing in popularity every day, and with more people starting to use mobile devices to access the internet, mobile gambling is set to grow exponentially over the next few years.


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