MTN Increases MoMo Data Bundle Prices as Vodacom Sells 1GB for R1

By Staff Writer    14-May-2023 18:32 UTC+02:00 4

MTN recently announced a significant price increase for its 1GB, 1 hour data bundle, which the network sells through its Mobile Money (MoMo) app. The price of this data bundle increased from R2 to R5 on Thursday, 11 May 2023.

MTN MoMo Specials.

In an SMS sent to its clients on the 10th, MTN said: “Y’ello! MTN MoMo has increased the price of the Rush hour 1GB from R2 to R5. Still the lowest-priced 1GB data offer in the market!”

The announcement did not mention that the price of the 300MB Rush hour bundle would also be increased from R1 to R2. We only discovered this when we logged into the MoMo app. It is unclear which other bundles had their prices increased.

Out of curiosity, we decided to check out Vodacom’s offers on its VodaPay app. We then realised that MTN’s claim about its 1GB data offer being the cheapest in the market was not really true. Vodacom is also running a promotion on VodaPay, where it sells its 1GB daily data bundle for R1, R5 and R12. We have managed to buy the bundle three times since Friday.

Featured promotions on Vodacom’s VodaPay app.

The fact that Vodacom’s 1GB data bundle is valid for the whole day even when purchased at R1 or R5 makes it the preferable option over MTN’s, which lasts only one hour. However, the prices change frequently on VodaPay, and it is unclear how long this promotion will last.


  1. Lwazi says:

    There is no way they (Vodacom) will let you pay only R30 for 30GB in one month. Their offer is meant to get new clients hooked.

  2. Thapelo says:

    I hate MTN for doing this to us. That R5 1GB should be valid for longer now. ????

  3. Gontlehela says:

    And we are suffering about the MTN network..

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