The Muppets

By The Editor    29-Apr-2012 21:10 UTC+02:00

The Muppets is basically about Walter’s role in the revival of The Muppet Show. Walter is a muppet man who has a human brother Gary. As youngsters they used to be big fans of The Muppet Show, which is no longer shown on TV. Gary decides to take his girlfriend Mary to Los Angeles, where The Muppet Studios are situated, to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Walter asks Gary to send him a postcard from the Muppet Studios. Gary replies, “I’m sorry Walter, I can’t do that, because you are coming with us!” Walter is thrilled to hear this. So, off they go to Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, Walter is not impressed with the condition the Muppet Studio is now in. It is old, dusty and empty. He incidentally discovers that the studio is being sold to a businessman who secretly plans to demolish the it so that he can drill for oil underneath it. The muppets can only save the studio if they can raise $10 million. Walter then tries to convince former members of the Muppet Show to come together and put on one last show to raise this money. What happened next is for you to find out. The movie is family-friendly and quite humorous and heartwarming.

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