Murder Accused Panayiotou bail postponed

By Chelsea-Summer Lodewyk    14-May-2015 17:38 UTC+02:00
Murder accuse Christopher Panayiotou in court

Murder accused Christopher Panayiotou in court

The bail application for the man accused of orchestrating the kidnapping and murder of his wife, Jayde Panayiotou has been postponed.

The bail hearing took place at the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court on Thursday morning.

Advocate Terry Price, who is representing Christopher Panayiotou, told the court of the alleged poor condition that he is being kept in at the St. Albans prison.

Christopher read out an affidavit in the court about the conditions, saying, “The conditions under which I’ve been held at St Albans are despicable and disgusting. Our cells are horrifically overcrowded. There isn’t adequate ventilation, or ablution facilities in the cell. It’s humiliating that inmates are forced to use the toilet in front of other inmates.” He went on to speak about why he deserves bail, saying, “I’m confident I will be acquitted. I believe in my innocence. In Oscar Pistorius’s case, the State also said it had a strong case and Oscar still got bail.” The court also heard that Panayiotou makes R30 000 a month and employs 60 people. “My continued presence in jail will cause economic torture to my employees,” Panayiotou said.

Other affidavits from the accused’s parents and employees all describing Christopher as a kind and gentle person were read out by his lawyer, Advocate Price.

During the bail application, State Prosecutor Marius Stander slapped Christopher Panayiotou with an additional charge of defeating the ends of justice.

Prosecutor Stander claims that Christopher provided the police with false information about the location of the alleged middleman.

Stander said, “This is a schedule six offence. Therefore, Christopher Panayiotou has onus to show he should get bail.”

Christoper has now been charged with defeating the ends of justice and plotting to kill his wife, Jayde.

29-year-old Jayde was abducted outside her complex while waiting for a lift to work on the morning of Tuesday the 21st of April. Her sister reported her missing, which resulted in a widespread search for her by the police and her community.

Her body was discovered a day later in an abandoned area in the Kwanobuhle township in Uitenhage.

Panayiotou’s application has been postponed until Wednesday 20 May.

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