Nambitha Mpumlwana Leaving Generations

By Staff Writer    23-Apr-2013 12:52 UTC+02:00 284
Nambitha Mpumlwana who plays the role of Mawande on Generations will be leaving the soapie soon. Photo: Rotten Tomatoes.

Nambitha Mpumlwana who plays the role of Mawande on Generations will be leaving the soapie soon. Photo: Rotten Tomatoes.

Nambitha Mpumlwana (46), who plays Mawande Memela on Generations, is leaving the soapie. According to various reliable sources, it has been confirmed that her contract was not renewed. However, she will still be seen on TV until August since Generations episodes are recorded three months ahead of their airing.

Mawande is currently mentally ill after drinking tea she was given by her daughter Noluntu (Zenande Mfenyana). This is said to be part of her exit storyline, where she will end up being taken to a mental institution.

Nambitha joined the soapie near the end of 2011. She played the role of Mawande for less than two years although when she joined the soapie it was expected that she would stay a little bit longer.

It has been revealed that there are several reasons that resulted in her contract not being renewed. It is reported that she was unprofessional and too hard to handle. She reportedly had a habit of arriving late and unprepared at work. Her fellow actor told the Sunday Sun that sometimes she never pitched at work, which would mess up the recording schedule and inconvenience everyone else.

However, Generations’ Executive Producer Mfundi Vundla said, “Mawande’s story has run its course. Nambitha was cast as Mawande due to her capabilities as an actress. Writing out the character has nothing to do with her talent.”

A while ago it was reported that other actors were unhappy acting with Nambitha as she was always treated better than them. Isolezwe Newspaper yesterday revealed that some actors felt that she looked down upon them since she has experience as a movie actress.

Nambitha made it clear that the fact that her contract was not renewed does not worry her at all. She said everything has an end and she is the kind of person who does not like to do one thing for too long. Her leaving Generations will give her time to focus on her other endeavours. She thanked Generations for the opportunity to play Mawande.


  1. Lindiwe says:

    I wonder what will happen to Mawande’s kids and relatives. Are we still going to see them? I don’t see them fitting in on the soapie with Mawande gone. I do hope they won’t have to pay for Nambitha’s sins. Now I see that acting is really not a secure job. If your employers want you out they just write you out without considering all the other people’s careers that are linked to your role.

    • Maggie Austin says:

      The Show will never be the same without her. She is by far the best actress in Generations

    • ndiwe says:

      Her leaving won’t interfere with them cause when someone goes to a mental institution life goes on,they won’t fire Zenande and her brother(MJ) just because their mother is gone

      • Monica says:

        You don’t know that. Even if they don’t fire them, they might gradually become irrelevant…

  2. Lizzie says:

    I wonder who that actor might be. It sound to me like they were just jealous of her because she played a major role and earned more than most of them although she arrived less than 2 years ago.

    • Ayanga says:

      Tell me dude what would you do if someone u r working was a late comer n sometimes s/he doesn’t even pitch at work plz put aside the fact that she is a star and look at her wrong side because in this case its the reason y her comtract is not renewd

  3. Maggie Austin says:

    SABC should reconsider not renewing Mawanda’s contract. She plays a leading roll

  4. Shame to the actor who reported this she/he z so jealous, sisNambitha is so gud @ acting, she never looked nervous or unprepared. I’ll mic her everyday

    • Ayanga says:

      its not that the actor o the actress is jealous n i believe even you, you can’t work with someone you are nt comfortable aroun her o him and besides the fact that Mawande was arriving late at work was not worthit so there is no jealous involved hre

  5. Cindy says:

    People are so jealous…

    • Ayanga says:

      there is no point of keeping someone who doesn’t do the right thing jst bcause she or he is the star

  6. we wil mis u mawande, u a a star… generations will be boring without u…. dont luse hope ua talented…. u were the best at generations….

  7. Herman says:

    Herman shiviti n Nomcebo I think they been selfish Mawande is astar Generations will be empty without u,this is not the end of ur career with that character u will go far

  8. boogie says:

    please don’t let her leave because we are going to miss her so much . please do something to make her stay. she is the reason why i watch the show . thanks

  9. K2o says:

    Just try and bring Sonia Sedibe(Ntombi)back we miss sebenoSbusiso!

  10. Nothando Gina says:

    Mawande was great

  11. Nothando Gina says:

    Ifeel very sad because Ilove Mawande and I’ll mic her a lot ,Generations is nothing withot her she is a star. Ihope she comes back

  12. pertunia says:

    mawane we will miss u lot generation is boring when u a not acting, i am not watching generation anymore because wandi is not, why you just fired dineo and noluntu because a boring on generation boring boring generation, generation is not like the same before now i boring please do something to make generation good,

  13. Khoza Senzo says:

    We wl miss Nambitha. . She is indeed de best actress nd i think acting its abt exploring various emotions and personalities so im glad dat de nation saw dat on her while on Generations. I wish her all de best in her Acting career

  14. themba says:

    yr son mj wil mis u



  16. Audrey matore ,Zimbabwe says:

    Please dont quit we luv u Mawande

  17. Olorato says:

    We wl mic u

  18. Tina vimba says:

    Am very sad that you leaving generation so soon,i was still interested in your character…i think mfundi should renew your contract just to give you another chance not for your sake but for fans sake…

  19. Olorato Bodumele, Kuruman. says:

    We wl really mic u Nambitha. Generation wont b de same without u. Wish u de bst.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Y r u living us?we wil miss u mom

  21. Xolelwa ntleko says:

    We will mic her very much, i understand she was wrong at some point but everyone deserve a second chance we learn from our mistakes and i hope mawande learned a lesson she deserve a second chance the memela family will be boring without her please mr vundla renew her contract we need her.

  22. Portia says:

    Kubuhlungu lokhu its now boring nxa ungasekho sis nambitha

  23. Bla nodza says:

    Wandi we realy need u bac sbusiso mke plan 4ur wandi

  24. milan peters says:

    I don’t want mawande 2 leave,she’s the best,I love her 2 bits pls stay

  25. Esy says:

    Plz Mr Vundla gv her a second chance.Mamu Nambitha is d best n we r still interested on her acting.We really Beg u as South African Fanz,Plzzzzzzzzz

  26. Tandi says:

    Generation is boring with out mawande

  27. Thobeka says:

    News flash sabc nd de actor dat reported dis myt think dis was de best decision but generations wnt b de same without her actually people are loosing intrest slowely evn they loyal viewers

  28. Redson says:

    Get rid of Dineo and Nuluntu but not Mawande please!

  29. nokonwaba ngalo says:

    We will mic you mawande

  30. Nwabisa says:

    Siza kukhumbula ke nontombi, uhlale uyazi ke nono ukuba thina besibukela wena kuphela. Ndikuthande xa uxelela unoluntu ukuba uzuxelela yena ngomendo wakho

  31. Claudia says:

    Ausi Nambitha, plz stay. Generations e ea bora ha u le sieo. Ha e fela u sa hlaha ekare hona le sth e sa fellang. Kea u rata & ke rata le karolo eo u e bapallang, ke u kopela mohau hle ooe! Re tlo lahleheloa haholo. Ke se ntse ke u hopola esale joale.

  32. Princess says:

    Im so hurt sisNambitha im your biggest fan i dont think i will be able to watch generations again.your charector ingifundise okuningi OMG! angazi what to say sisi you dont need luck because your a star their loss.banomona sisi uthandwa ndimi 🙂

  33. Phozisa mpetho says:

    Yhaaz,uMfundi Vundla akabacingeli ababukewli bezi soapie zakhe uyathanda ukutshintsha imain character nje nanjani ,anishiye nithe ca izisini kufuneke niqhele umntu omtsha like ooKarabo Tau nabanye abaninzi he is care too much on business not anymore with people

  34. AbEzAh says:

    Yhuuu…dat generation will nvr b de same wifout ha wil mc u mAMeThU :(;( nCoH..dat lil bOy m.j wil olso mc u ¤lot of lv*

  35. wayne says:

    mawande is de best on generations so plz mr vundla gv her a second chance maybe she wl len a loson to her mstake

  36. Thabo says:

    I love mawande a lot,plz dnt let her go mr mvundla,noluntu nd dineo mabahambe they r boring us

  37. chevonne says:

    Yooor mwande wil be missed..c was th best. C was an inspiration to th mzansi.mwa mwa

  38. Denza says:

    Thnk twice abt wandi plz mr vundla we knw dat u myd ur dicetin bt gv her lst chance nt 4 her bt 4 us

  39. mercy munyoro says:

    we will miss yu wandi

  40. Siziwe mamkeli says:

    Plz let mawande stay cause she is the best

  41. zenande kana says:

    mr vundla you are making a terrible mistake by firing mawande bcoz generations will loose fanz.. I really liked seeing nambitha on generationz she really bought fanz back..pleaaase ntate ndicela ubuyise u nambitha back or else generations will loose

  42. Shirly Maleka says:

    I think Generations start boring first was Ntombi,Sam and Sharon nw is Mawande come on do something to make her cme back pls…..#crying# I cnt wacth generation without dem she ws my last hope…

  43. Katlego Sono says:

    I wil neva watch Generations starting from September

  44. Anonymous says:

    We wl mic u mawande d generation wl no longer d same u d best i wsh they can give u 2nd chance i lov u….wsh u all d best

  45. Areyounger says:

    Gooooo! weeeeel tjooooooo!

  46. munyadziwa Tshifura says:

    we will mic u mawande no matter were u going u must know dat many people love u weeee lov uuuu….cc god bless your wishes

  47. tsholo says:

    shm i lv u windy ke o rata le rato

  48. Anonymous says:

    Ts a crazynes le yenziwa ngu lo producer n wenza ku bore ur sopie, we nid mawande 102%

  49. Anonymous says:

    Maar why Wandie of all the people,she plays a vital role’I can imagine how the soapie will be without her????

  50. Dunyiswa says:

    We will miss you wandi,generation akazobamnandi ngaphandle kwakho,i wish u Mfundi angayibona lonto

  51. Lorraine says:

    don’t let her go pls every1deserve a second chance, we ”ll miss u wandi

  52. Joseph Khanye says:

    Vundla ur soap is boring without mawande dat is y u cant even won de best soap bcs u fire ur employees u dnt hav any mesly agggg 4gv mawande human being hav human erra

  53. Vusi says:

    please Mawande don’t we need you in the sopies

  54. Vusi says:

    if generations fire Mawande the story is going to boring

  55. Nnuku says:

    Why wandi ke jelous.we will always luv u.why ho satswe nolunto.

  56. Connie says:

    hell no! Mr Vundla, ur soapie is Nw boring. think twice ntate! Its nt abt u? Wht abt us? No to Wandi!!!

  57. Andile zungu says:

    It a shame that she has to go after so much hard work bt we luv her to bittz wish to see you in other soapies

  58. Patricia Banti says:

    I think abo Mfundi mabacabange kwakhona, this soapie ngekhe isibamnandi kwakhona, lihlile vele inani labantu ababukela uGeneration ngenxa yokubanda kwakhe. Its going to be worse xa kumnke uMawande, they must all think again and see if they cannot get isisombululo na, mambuyisele uMawande.

  59. buyisle revival nkosi says:

    we will miss u sis nambitha

  60. Ntombi Gumede says:

    Peopl do mistakes and learn from them, she supposed to be given a second chance only she agrees to come back, tja Generations is bOring without her, she is a great charector Mr Vundla should renew Nambitha’s contract we will dearly miss her, it gOod to see her now that Sbusiso found her,

    Mr Vundla do something shame, i trust you dont want to loose fans

  61. Tsietsi says:

    Have you ever imagined generations without Mawande??! It’s gonna be so boring shame…

  62. Zipho Gumede says:

    Wow I really love mawande”Nambitha”…. She’s a best in Generation…..ulifakile uthando lokulingisa kuthina as Young South African People…..

  63. Tebza gal says:

    Wandi nid de last chance 4 her 2 be right nt 2 be fired at the same time!!

  64. laylah says:

    I am going to sell all TVs in my house bec really how can u fire wandi so wat do the fans learn from it that’s its right to treat ur mom like crap u will get away with it or that viewes can try and do that to their moms and they won’t even pay da price I should of never watched da stupid programme ever only brings sadness get rid of Akhona got not respect for her mom don’t matter wat happened ur mom will be ur mom

  65. sisanda says:

    Ooh plz Mr Mfundi don’t do this thnk about it again cause we like Mawande part because it make us realise dat our parent need 2 show us way

  66. sisanda says:

    Plz gv her second chance with a warning plz dnt plz plz dnt

  67. Sindile says:

    What will hapen to MJ’s character?

  68. koena Meso says:

    Mawande was like my m0m…..I’ll miss u dearly..Please Mfundi renew her c0ntract as she still plays a Vital role in Generations….its n0t Fair @ all..!Sad..N0w Dl0m0 will be left alone!

  69. mbali says:

    its not fai Mr Mfundi dnt do dat 2 us we like Wandi

  70. lungelolethu buthelezi says:

    plc dnt go wandi we real lov u

  71. praisly bongani says:

    wandi plyng d huge role we lov nd we nid u

  72. Shamiso says:

    Poor generations u wil neva win e awards how cn u do that to THE BEST ACTOR…u dn knw ur business we wnt her back for for us to consider u as e best soapie mmmmmmmmxxxxxxxxxsxmmmmmm….we wont wach generations anymore wooooooooooo

  73. Siyasanga says:

    I’ll mic mawande, plz give her a second chance plz mr mfundi.

  74. Anonymous says:

    terrible mistake. kip tht woman for your show’s sake

  75. Zphiwe Ndwayi, Dunoon Cape Town says:

    we wil mic Wandi she deserves a second chance without her Generations is boring, plz Mr Mfundi do something jst think abt de fans she is de star, sisNambitha I wish u al de bst in ur future.

  76. Nhlaka nipho says:

    The best of the best is Nambitha Mpumlwana. There a so many divas out there bt they been given so many chance bcause they a very gud t their job so Mr producer get off your high horse in bring the best actress on generations the one n the only Nambitha n dontu evn think tht Terry Phetho will fit the gab Nambitha left….. She is nt the best compare to Nambitha.
    Bring back our Mawande please.

  77. dorcas says:

    Ash its not fair to us for my side l w miss u wandi and lm not gonna bother watching generation anymore

  78. Sekie says:

    What i like 2 know where do u go wrong management? If u watch Isidingo Matabane family waz there loooooooooooong tym,,,Backer also is still there! In Generation who is acted more than 10 yz? Is only Queeen even dat Queen she is just there! Why yo main Actorz always hav problemz,even Dumisane wz olwayz late r did nt pitch @ work why,,,Khaphela iz old u want a young people why,,,,,ngabantu abancinci qha ababukela uGenerationz,,,,,this Generationz hay suka

  79. Mayiboe says:

    Pliz Mr Mvundla we beg u generations will nevr b the same my family and l we will never watch it again coz we want Wandi back plizzzzzzzz

  80. lily says:

    plz dnt fire mawande

  81. edith says:

    We wil mic u Wandi

  82. nwabinator.greya says:

    hysuka jelousy wnt take u anywhre ppl coz mawende is best of the best

  83. mpume says:

    Mawande I will mic u

  84. Elihle says:

    Tjohhh hayi shem poor wandi we wll mic ..even ur two children,luntu&mj were sooo happy to be wit u

  85. Dimakzo shavas says:

    I really like her bt if it wz meant 2 b let it b des nothing we cn do guys

  86. king dararero says:

    we wil mic u mom bt anyway thnx for keeping us happy thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mawande

  87. anonymus says:

    Mawande is the leading role in generations alongside sbusiso and I think that they are making a big mistake by letting her go no one is gonna watch that show anymore. Mawande is definetly the anchor of that show with her gone wats the use of that show. Mfundi think about wat you have done mxm

  88. amanda says:

    plz dnt fire mawande coz generations will never be de same again n why u wont fire noluntu n akhona because they r boring us plzzzz mr mvundla give mawande a second chance

  89. Mosele says:

    Dats nt fair at ol,y sis nambitha ol of de ppl?u shud hv gve ha atleast a 2nd chance..2 fire ha z nt a solution at ol

  90. Fatima tad khanyie says:

    Plzzzzz dnt do dat to mawende she iz de best actor and talented she iz de person who we wnt in generations its goner be bored if thez no wandi ka sibusiso plz dnt do dat she iz smart and talent

  91. Fatima tad khanyie says:

    Plzzzzz dnt go we watch generations bcoz of mawande if mawande goes then why mst we keep on watchng generations she iz talented she actor proffesinal plz wandi ka sibusiso dnt go we need u and we loved wat ever u do watever u does we need u lke dat plz dnt go ohk jst thnk about sibusiso wat he hve done for u wandi wandi

  92. leania sibanda says:

    Mawande you are my inspiration and a very good actress wil miss you a lot .you are so natural u made me being intrested in watching generations u and sibusiso u rock

  93. Asakhe says:

    Ohhh plz Mfundi,dnt fire her tata. Everyone uyayenza imistake,so plz giv ha anada chance m beggin

  94. nqobile mzola says:

    i wl mic u wandi u de best thing in generation i dnt lyk dis mfundi vundla anymore nw u cn go 2hell i wl never watch generation

  95. Lister says:

    U Mfundi u have done a mistake u will regret in this soap

  96. Pelokazi Gologolo says:

    Thc z th last thng i wantd to hear#teary# i lvd yo character, nd i lv u 2 nd i’l alwaes lv u. #blown kcz

  97. Siphelo Ngqandana says:

    Its so rediculous and shameles for Generations management to let such down fall to happen especial in this tight soapie competition out ther…agggg am going to watch “INKABA” during Generations shme…

  98. Caleb says:

    I will mc u mom always n it will nt be de ceym again without u always knw dat I luv u so so much……………..mchwaaaaaaa

  99. Lesego mothupi says:

    Plz dn’t take wandi away 4rom us coz we luv her she makes the generation to rock pppllllllzzzzz dnt take her away we luv u wandi

  100. Florence says:

    First it was dumisani firing him now is nambitha wats wrong with u pple everytym u take pple that we realy enjoy in that sopie mawande she was the reason y m wtching generations.she is a good mom hu is watching 4 her family

  101. tracy says:

    Wandi am going to mic u …u are da only reason why I watch generation. ,u must be proud of ur self

  102. Anonymous says:

    they shud just bring sumone to replace her once… sumone hul make us like generations like we did wen mawande was around,,,, wil mis u mawande byeeeee from thabang

  103. Fletcher cecilia says:

    Tjooo gen yabora shme ngku,khambuyisele plz uwandie ndiyibukeliswa nguye i gen,hini ngku ndiciba uzobua engumqabaqaba kanti uxiniwe plz kasncede torho ndakumbula uwandie ngku

  104. Chriselda Mphelo says:

    SABC, you ought to think again about letting Mawande go…. Generations is boring as it is, with her gone it will be worst….

  105. X .Magutyana says:

    Plz Mr Vundla. Thnk 4r th south africn genarations fans dnt fire her give her anther chance every1 make mistakes plz genarations will never be th same with out MISS MEMELA plzzz she deserv anthr chanc just thnk again OR you will LOOSE lot of fans.WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU MOM 4RM ALL YOUR BIGGEST FANS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH .WE WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU 4R EVER YOU ARE ON OUR HEARTS BUT NOW THEY ARE ALL BROKEN;-(;-(:-(;-(.OUR LIVES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU LOVE YOU (:-*MISS MPUMLWANA:-*:-*)

  106. Proe says:

    Plizzz dn’t go wandi we love you

  107. Zindzi says:

    U knw wt mr mvudla my heart is broken mybe ms nambitha hv prblems at hme whu knwz plz gv her a chnce plz i beg u

  108. Debra mabuza says:

    Plz mr vundla ket mawande stay we love her she is de best thing we ever had,we love u wandy plz dnt go mommy

  109. Zimasa Tyhali @JHB says:

    Plz guyz masingajongi icala elinye,naye uWandy makangabi nepride.plz mr Vundla ungamxoshi we stl nid 2 her.

  110. Ms charles says:

    Plzzzzzzz wandi don’t do that

  111. Azile mcwabani says:

    Plz dnt let her g0 cz we were wtchn gen bcz of her she waz de 1 that made ur show gud bt nw its bring plz think twice 4 the sake of i fans not 4 ur sake stp being selfish (HLAB’UKHANGELE)khunjulwa ndim WANDIE vha lv u mom

  112. sarah says:

    U a doing a big mistake by firing Wandi.pls mr producer jst give her a second chance.Mawande is de best,generation wil not b de same without her.we wil miss u Wandi.

  113. JumpCase says:

    Mxm- No ways we`re watching Generations again! Watch yourselves lose viewers

  114. Anonymous says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooshe cannot leaveeeeeeeeeeeeee

  115. Mawandes fan says:

    Never she’s not leavingggggggggggg

  116. Lunga says:

    Generations wont be brng just tht mawande is leaving, not tht she was nt a gd actor, bt then wth she dd was wrng by appearing late at work and all those stuffs. Nd besides even 2 karabo ppl said generations will be boring once she left bt then many of those are still watching gen though. Ppl are so confusing hazi

  117. ayakha ntsingila says:

    siyaz ke uku2 uberongo som hw u-aunt mbitha bt genrtns wn’t b da same wth out ha evr,umfundi xem naye uberongo ngayengakhange amxoshe nd ngayemxwayisile hai ba amamele abo ke abathi kutough ukuspana nae,nje ingphethe kabi xem mna lento aunt mbitha and asisayibuki lekhaya igenertns since ungasaveli sizibukelela istory zakumzansi magic,luv aunt mbitha wish u al da best

  118. Natasha says:

    Mr vundla u bttr uyekise kwageneration lowo cz wena awudili nge woningz into oyenzao uyagxotha qha gv mawand secnd chnce plz

  119. bongi Makhele says:

    “wandi ” we sure gonna mis u, but I guess life goes on… I dnt blv u ddnt d yr job,wat I’m trying 2 say is dat it’s not easy 4 me 2 blv jst one side of da story. Anyway,gudluck sisi.

  120. Lesole makhetha says:

    That was a stupid move Vundla made,coz evry bodi myks mistake.He should have put the interest of fans 1st b4 his.And he seems to forget that watching generations we do him faver,coz no fans no moni.thats it and u know that.make a plan baba(otherwyse u’ll wake up late

  121. Senelisiwe sibanda says:

    Plz let her stay plz we lv her

  122. Anonymous says:

    After Karabo and Kenneth left I had lost faith in the soapie,even stopped watching it.Mawande and Sbusiso were the only reason I started watching the soapie again and I know for a fact that it was the reason thousands of South Africans were glued to their screens at 20:00.Now who r were supposed to watch Dineo and her Phenyo.Uuuu,shame I am not interested.Atleast,Khethiwe and Jasons characters have become interesting once more

  123. Mbali says:

    Ay bab Vundla uyakwaz ukuphox umunt.ur show z alrdy borng nd wena uyaqhubek nokwenz ama wrng dcsns uMAWANDE was da only 1 who teaches moms hw 2 guide thr chldrn into da rght dirctn.ugcina oNOLUNTU abant abant abengasdingo nje

  124. mpho says:

    Mawande we wil miss u hey# sad face#

  125. Anonymous says:

    I mic Mawande u must know tht uzoyifumana inye indawo myb le ibengeyiyo bt u must know 1 thing God wil protect u n guide u n a ryt path myb uGeneration ibingeyiyo i lv u cc Nambita u r the best n u deserve the best

  126. Philiswa says:

    Mr Mvundla sicingele nathi tata plz xa ugxotha uMawande uthi sijonge kubani? Bcz uyiRole model yethu#wth tears running in her chicks#

  127. Avuyile kolobile says:

    Yoooh generations will never be the same again without Cc Nambitha……Plz mfundi renew her contract plz we love her……

  128. Anonymous says:

    Siyakucel sumhambisa u cc nambitha bnke abnt abfni ahambe plzz abnye abnt abmbukeli u generation abnye bawubkela kub kukh u sbusiso ub wkhpha yna kuphlile ngyo

  129. mable says:

    pls bring back mawande

  130. Mpumeh sbiya says:

    Mr Vundla plzz let Mawande stay she’z da best atress nomangabe bekunjalo as u said wonke umuntu uyalenza iphutha nd dzv i second chance then wena y ungamniki u Mawande elinye ithuba?? Plz awuthathe lento oyenza kuyena uyibhekise kwena wenabungaphathekakanjan ngalento?nd u c wonke ama fans akho ayakhalangalento..plz renew her contract plzzzzz if ungay’bonilento zophelelwa ama fans baba plz dont let Mawande go do smthing……….ek’gcineniphela suzokhiphano Ngamla cz k’bonakalasengath ufuna uk’gcina iy’mpuphu zodwa uhambisa abant abaryt bonke……..*very sad*

  131. anonymous says:

    Don’t leave sis wandi please mfundi must do something

  132. Ano's says:

    Hee akabhori yint0n ugenerations ngoku…andaz u Phenyo n0mfaz wakhe ba hamba nin. . They ar gettin on my nerve

  133. Ano's says:

    Phenyo and his wife must leave and bring mawande back. .uyeke ukunya wena Vundla.

  134. Anonymous says:

    Mawande must come back to generation or generation is dying

  135. Anonymous says:

    Mawande must come back to generation or the wont be a need to see generation every weekday

  136. fezile says:

    who wl b lookng after her company…(YonAyethu)……??bcoz she waz nt compitting wt any1 in ha role….she waz more than brilliant

  137. Thulisile says:


  138. Yonela says:

    Hey gys i agree wth u al,we al lv wandi and h thnk she knws that,she teach us a lot,she teach women busns 2 hw 2 run th company al i cn sy nw 2 u mr vundla Ngamla is nthng wthout wandi,so plz tata lungsa i cntrt yakhe if u wnt us 2 wtch ur soapi again cz we al wtch news after siyalala cz we dnt lv generation lyk b4,u cnt c tata vundla mj wnt wandi bk yeh u selfish sory 4 dat ne.
    I lv u mawuande

    Yonela nayi nayi

  139. Princess says:

    Mr vundla u dont really know what you are doing.every tym u are firing important people at generatn n now look at generatn it loosng fans bcos u r firing people who are the stars at acting.miss mawande we wl mc u but also remember that all s.a love u n mc u.plzzz gve her a secnd chance.evry1 mks mistke evn u u hve dng mistke.1st firing the stars

  140. frm sisanda neliseka (jhb) says:

    Wandy we nd u mom plz suyenza lento kuWandy we lv hr siyakucela tat gv hr a2chnc plz tjooo nxt tym izokwenziwa kuwe lanto uzophinduthin jst imgn if ibinguwe lowo plz khawuzamucinga nyate plz

  141. Anonymous says:

    Everything comes to an end….thanx for giving her some chance to act….Generations will never be the same without her

  142. Sebolelo Rathebe says:

    its sad that she left….Generations will never be the same without her…how I wish to appear on that Soapie even if it can be once in my life time

  143. Nomawethu Fayo says:

    Vundla ngekungcono ba uyazifunda ezicomments ngath kanti sibhala njeee.Sixelele ukuba lo gernerations wakho wenzela abukelwe ngabantwana,kuba le iqhubekayo ngoku ayiyonto enemfundiso nenobukelwa ngabantu abadala. Kungena izdudla ngoku khupha abantu ababalulekileyo.

  144. Anonymous says:

    Mna andisenamdla nangulo generations

  145. blessings says:

    mawande was gret

  146. Anonymous says:

    SisNambitha ua the best nver mynd wt pple cy abt u cz ua jst great

  147. zimasa Budlela says:

    wendze iphutha shem akanye ufuna angabukelwa lo generation wakhe

  148. anelisa jack says:

    wandi cc we al luv u n so mc i.i wl nver luz faith on u.stae positiv ther ar ppl wh lv u no mata wat.wthout u generationz wnt be de same.dnt psh alt of pressur on u va. . .mfundi gve her a warning jst du 4 ourz sake n0t 4her (ke xa cba akazubuya)

  149. Linhle says:

    I will not watch generation ever again withot seing wandi.plz dont let her go.

  150. lungi says:

    We wil miss u wandi…all the best!

  151. anelisa jack says:

    plz mr mfundi brng mawande bck..if akabiy i wnt wtch generatnz evr.mntu xa moshile yayinikwa iwarning u didn’t evn gv her a last warning.evry prson derseve a sec chance..we wnt wtch generationz wth out wandi…wandi alwyz knw dat u hve plyed a bg role on generations…gud luck

  152. lelethu says:

    i dont want mawande 2 go plz mfundi mke a plan 4 your followrrs or e will never olay mr

  153. michelle okuhle says:

    mr vudla cn u plz dnt let mawande go and plz mawande pull ur socks if u realy want 2 chnge

  154. themba yose says:

    Plz plz plz plz plz plz can you give her the last chance and I believe that everyone learns from his / her mistake so plz dnt chase her away because she makes generation to be the best soap

  155. kgabo shulabjwe says:

    Pls pls pls don’t let wandi go if she goes gen will nt b de same without her…can’t u do sumthing to make her stay #sad face bcz there is no one in gen hu is better than het de human is talented plz plz make her stay a littke bit longer

  156. Sinalo sifuba says:

    We wl mc u wandi.

  157. Anonymous says:

    No man is an island,even if mawande has mistakes, shes still what we need on generations,she plays a major role.i believe management should make a plan on getting her back on track not to fire her,pls we need her

  158. Thembi says:

    Generations will never be the same without Nambitha she is one of a kind and I adore her she is the best and she is a strong woman not by character only but by nature

  159. ningi says:

    wandi all da best bt i wish ukuba ubungahambi we lv u alot besufana no mama wethu even my mom uyakuthanda coz of ur skills ad ur strongness lot of lv frm ningi in kzn

  160. Lusanda says:

    We will miss you so much mam NAMBITHA . I wonder how will sibusiso cope without you . Bt don’t lose hope uthixo ukuthatha apha akubeke phaya I LOVE YOU U brought vibe we knew abt Generations,all de best to u

  161. Anonymous says:

    Wa thintha a bafazi wa thintha imbhokodo, mawandi! U r imbhokodo,if they close that door for U open onother one ur career is worldwide,there is no replacement for U even Mfundi is not doing dis from his heart he wil mic U. Gladys Kgolane from Alex

  162. Cathrine says:

    If its jealous,those fellow actors are idiots coz even if Mvundla fires her dey wil never be Mawande,Nambitha u r 4 real darling dnt doubt urself,halala Wandy we luv u dearly.

  163. xoliswa says:

    mvundla u dnt realy. have a choice becoz as. .. i am watching hr now. why are u doing thiz for wat u will loose the awards again yho i am happy when i see wandi . zenande iz cool but u make her a bad gal to all people wandi thtz a crime .i realy luv u wa andi but life goes on.he will think about u .make katlego a good character becoz we we dnt like thiz plz mr mfundi let wandi stay…..

  164. xoliswa says:

    ugxotha ifans mr

  165. jeanelley says:

    mawande must be gave back her wrk otherwse no1 wil ever wacth gen am the frst1 who wil nt wacth it

  166. zikhona says:

    Mfundi u can’t let mawande go.cos people watch generation because of her.why can’t take out deneo she’s boring now.think always take out people who make us watch generation and leave those those who need to be out.

  167. Amanda says:

    Plz tata siyakucela bcz siyamthanda usis mawande plzzzzzz!

  168. THEMBISILE says:

    Ifu mvundla fire mawande u wil watch dat soapie ofurz yyyy do u fire de woman….mxxxxm akga wna mfundi

  169. G-man says:

    Plc mr vundla waroka umawande,we nid her coz uyasishintsha isimo somuntu wesimame.plc dnt let us gv up on Gen

  170. twice says:

    plz wandi dnt go my lovely mom wow udchaza xa usthy asyont gaphandle kwenyan tjo hai mama ndakuthnda mo thn anythng mr vundla uzungenz into ozozisola ngayo libe ixsha loba uyilungise liqithile ukhumbul ke tatakh tym waited never return tu ke tata omdala

  171. makwala kgotso says:

    no,nt mawande isidingo wil be the bst if u dnt tak action papa

  172. Tebogo says:

    No,mawande cant go,she is the reason y i lv generations so much,woman’s across the province are inspired by her role play,she is a leader to de womans,without her,no generations,,i wil miz mawande s play,,bt guys make a plan for her to stay

  173. Mpumzi says:

    Not after the entertainment she gave us, she doesnt deserve to be out of gen or Mr Vundla you will see the drop on numbers watching your soapy

  174. phumzile nkosi says:

    pls!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr Mavudla dont let her go…m on my kneess……”cry”

  175. Luhle says:

    Wena vundla sunya…..uyophinda umfumanephi umntu onje ngo wandi.ukarabo wahamba ,usharon no sammuel bahamba,ngoku funa hambe bani. Mxm ish man uyadika.izobukelelwa nguwe ke kehle

  176. Siphokuhle tsengwa says:

    Mawande waz de main reas0n i watched generati0nz wth her g0ne i d0n’t kn0w anym0re….i thnk u a takng sidez why d0n’t u teach n0luntu a les0n abt drgng her m0m bt instead u g0 after wandi wh0 iz c0mpeteley in0cent anwai lv u wand nd i wsh al the best

  177. Asavela Qegu says:

    I wsh ths wazn’t true “wand a u realy leavng generationz if u plz d0n’t we l0ve nd we stl wnt 2 c u on our screenz at 8 oclock lv u want

  178. benard says:

    does de producers ever think or take into concideration of de followere’s opinion? I dnt think so…. I’ll miss u ”Dubs”

  179. Fezile abigail vundla says:

    This is not fair to everyone pliz may u bring mawande back vundla sikucela mhlobo wethu

  180. Mielesh thando mavundza says:

    Mxm you were the best actor sis Nambitha..your role showd us a real mom who alwys care 4 her family.i wl miss you so much

  181. Nonkanyiso says:

    Am rly hurt ijc cnt image ma self watchng generation wen Wandi is no longer ni.we lv u Wandi n rly u have a talent plzz kep t up dear

  182. Lwe2 says:

    Yhoooo kuzoshiyeka iziyoyoyo ezabonwa ngu Sbusiso(Menzi Ngubane) hayi shym linye igama endingalixelela uMr Mvundla *Confused*ubhidwe yinjukuvuthwa tata……gwaaah

  183. choosen says:

    Without wandy lot of tngs will fall apart yonayethu,memela’s family generation wil b boring without wandy

  184. Cpop says:

    Mr Vundla siyacela ungasithatheli u Wandi ooh yini yintlungu yantoni le uyenzayo ‘ i luv u Mam Nambitha u r da best

  185. Cebisa says:

    Every 1 deserve second chance plz we still need her we understand u r da boss but do 4 ur fans dis tym u’ll loose. It was shoron Sam Ntomby nd now wandi umshiya nobani u Sbusiso? Oooh plz plz ‘ cant u fire Noluntu?

  186. Bomvana xorlicwa says:

    Oow plz Mr Vundla sacela can u give cc Nambitha a scnd chance plzzzzz bandla sacela siyi africa…lv mamam u rock ma world wthout no genaration sukaaa

  187. Bomvana xorlicwa says:

    m0ya wam so down abwt dis,ngase ndingayicingi tuu…thina babukeli besesi nomdla abwt nxt thng dt mawanda fix thngz wt her family mamela n atshate mr dlomo…plzzz:-(mr Vundla

  188. Annymous says:

    ESiyakucela torho mvundla gamnike enye icontract asseblief torho siyamthanda yhini awuxoleli please gambuyise

  189. Anonymous says:

    Mawande keeps the show going so mnr mfudi has to think twice b4 letting mawande slip thru his fingers.mina I’d rather stop wathching generarion than to c WANDI go coz WANDI is 1 of the kind of people we wuld lyk 2 c more of in generatioin.PLz don’t let WANDI go.We really need her evry mon-fri in our tv screens.Pretty plz!!!!!!!Keep Mawandi in Generarion for the sake of the Generation suppoters.

  190. nothando khumalo(ermelo) says:

    Plz don’t let wandi go!!!Mr mvudla uzolooza wahambisa uwandi uphinde ulooze imali so baba siyakucela!!!!!

  191. Anonymous says:

    WANDI cc uyayidlala indima yakho on generation.thanda nesixosa sakho u r so pwrful n mre talent,hpe ur family proud 4 u…dnt wry cc mr writr he wl regrt dt kube seku late g0d ukunikile gft entle.u myk ma wrld so w00w.if our young sistr 1 dy lyk 2 be cme lyk u evn me in ma skul i lyk thse cl me ms memela cz i lyk uuu

  192. Masabata shopo says:

    I wish mawande a sa tsamaya,yes we all makes mastks bt go duliwa fatshe go boewa nkabe ba mo kgalemetse pele be4 thy fire her.wandi is a good person.i wil alwyz lov u no matter waht

  193. Happy Blose says:

    plz mfundi dnt let her go generatoins won’t be d same wthout her……

  194. katlego masango from kligat says:

    mr vundla think abt ur soapie. There will be droppings nd generation wont get awards anymore. U like to fire actress dat make us fans to watch generation bt those who must be out u dnt fire as for my cousin luntu nah she is no good in dat charecter aowa vundla think twice plz. Wandi we love u and u will always belove no matter wat.

  195. Lelethu says:

    Yho mr mvundla generation will be nthing without her plz dnt let her go ow wandie i lv u so much iwesi xa uthetha isixhsa dnt go we are pleazing u and many ppl do nt want u 2 go lv u

  196. nolwadle says:

    Plz dnt let mawande to leave sopies we love her so much

  197. bulelwa says:

    generation uzo bora hok angekhoy umawande aibo mrmfundi asuzuphind sibukel ugenerations thin

  198. Andiswah says:

    Ohh jesus nambitha ill mic u lavy…y nt dineo koda cz she z da one with boring part mxm anyway enjoy ur life nambitha

  199. mantwa says:

    We love mawande plz give her one more chance,how generation wld be wtht her…

  200. kim-lyn says:

    Why ? Mara why ? Is she leaving they can moss renew her contrect now

  201. Nolwaz says:

    We’ll mic u Wandy uyenzile into yakho ses mara guyz generation ngeke ibhore dat wat we sy whn sm1 we lv leav gene….. Wat abt Kenny,Ntomb,Karabo etc

  202. Mary Michaels says:

    surely,i’ll miss WANDI so much.she was ma favourite

  203. annonymus says:

    generatios is nw boring why wandi mr mvudla?i ll mc u a lot mawande may god bless u

  204. Aphile says:

    Ur charactor was more of Menzi (Ngub’s) Ngubane. U truely the best. Keep the hard working spirit up sisi. We love you

  205. Anonymous says:

    What about lamafufunyane that laugh hahahahaha think twice Mvundla

  206. chazy says:

    plz dnt let mawande go plz…diz lady is so profetional

  207. Anelisa Jack says:

    Hey Mfundiii plz d0n’t du dat we need Mawande kanti yini if akabuyi i w0n’t ever watch generationz bcz ophenyp,dineo bayadika am jst thandaring sibusiso&Wandi..plz Mfundi jxt thnk before u do smthing u’re regret ur clf,,u mst thnk twice,,Wandi played a big role n am also lv her..

  208. Godfrey. Mokheseng says:

    I w’l miss u Mrs Nambitha Mpumlwana

  209. khosi says:

    pls ningamhambisi u mawande ngithanda i role yakhepls mnikeni i secnd chance

  210. makwala kgotso says:

    i dnt blv wht i hav seen last 9t u replaced her by scortt huh scortt wont make defferent,if i were u mr vundla i was going to sit and think againg futhi i wish sbusiso leave too nxn

  211. jonny says:

    i wonder who is going to take part of mawande, although ths is’nt fair wsh u gd luck. Generations will bore without u wandi.

  212. anonymous says:

    u suck mfundi yaz mxm i thot u care abwt us bt clearly u dnt!

  213. Mbalicious says:

    Mawande pls dnt lose hope we luv and generatios without u is nothing plz plz cme i’ve been crying 4 u plz cme back u a my best fan in the world this is a very bad dcion i hpe u wil be bck soon

  214. Thokozile says:

    It waz my lastym watching generations..i so loved that woman.iyho she iz the best actress i ever seen..vudla without her yo soipe iz realy boring!! Y dont u fire mkhul jabulani!!

  215. Yhoyho says:

    Yho igeneration izobhora manje engekho umawande

  216. sam'keh says:

    mr Vundla why r u doing this 2 us,Mawande was and iz da best u’ll regret yo self by firing her yini ungaxoshi uQueen ngoba akanayo i-character emnandi Sam’keh @ kwaNyuswa Bothals Hill

  217. RACHEL KEKANA says:


  218. Mthokozisi Mthiyane says:

    No! Plz bring mawanda back we’ll mic her alot…..mxm no one wil act like mawanda…..wena mfundi Vundla angaz ngempela ukt uqonden kith or awsafun sbuke i generation

  219. Zuko says:

    Iya bora gen ngk mfundi uswele umsila ukhonkothe izicingela wna ngk

  220. Yolelwa says:

    Tjoo mna xerm andnmdla nangulo generations…thnda wandy

  221. Nonhle says:

    Hey mr Vundla can u pls get rid of Bab JB,AKHONA N NICHOLAS bese uyeka uWANDY KASBUSISO siyamdinga.

  222. muditambi rendieyciouc says:

    good bye wandi we will allwayz loved u i hope one day u will come back god bye

  223. Ayeza Mntsantsa says:

    Tjo hai guys umawande akanasiz bo akanasz guyz oko enoyek umntan wakh,ahlal ngaphandl ade angamnik ishares uth unoluntu uzohoywa nguban hai mna xeim andinomyek owam umntwan sendimfundisil hai abany abantu abanabunt xeim {lena icomment isuk kwintomb yase nkondlo engcob kwagxarha isduko}

  224. zanele makhubo says:

    Yooo I’m trd of nolumtu nd mj ka khethiwe yo do smthng plz brng bck mawande uyayazi into ayenzayo jolous down ngo wandi ka sbuda welele

  225. khanyisile says:

    we missed u very much cc nambitha plc mr vundla do something…

  226. unathi says:

    Love u wandie bt uxoka ukusi ndawo mna ndifuna kwazi ngomphi okasibuso umntwana kwaba boyi two mj n luntu

  227. Sakhile Nzuza says:

    This is ridiculous now Nambitha is such a wondrful actress, this late cumng thng dnt add up , this is nt fair on us 2 rly…i jst dnt undrstand generation is letting go of all the key actors and actresses ,wat wl her children do now, a 19 year old boy running a huge company like det, so untrue …they cn end ur contract bt u ar a wondrful actress Nambitha

  228. mpendulo says:

    mr mfundi vundla please rehire back mawande memela on generation becouse now generation its boring without her rehire her for the sake of fans

  229. Evel busisiwe says:

    Mfundi vundla siyakuncenga tu… Maye beyimnandi igeneration letym kuno wandi pls buyisa uwandi back pls

  230. methanes says:

    Generations is boring without mawande nd will never b da same dats da fact mr m. Uve gone rong dis tym shame on u

  231. manoko says:

    mfundi vundla is gud at firing da actorz,tumisane,mawande n nw phenyo sumthn is fishy…mic u wandi generation is not da same without u…ol da bst

  232. Anna Boesman says:

    Plz Mr.Mvundla buyisela Mawande bck bcz gen yabora wthout her

  233. mamabo says:

    Please bring back Mawande her house is not the same without her plz do something,the storyline is nt interesting anymore.

    I saw Nolindi is back ti spice up things with little Dinny good move,plz do something about Mawande

  234. mamabo says:

    Please bring back Mawande her house is not the same without her plz do something,the storyline is nt interesting anymore.I saw Nolindi is back ti spice up things with little Dinny good move,plz do something about Mawande

  235. Anonymous says:

    Guyz acting is a verry sensitive carear,it needs respect and humbleness not saying Nambitha was not but my point is they can’t keep someone who is unprofesional because of her dopeness despite the fact that she doesn’t do thing properly,I respect Sis Nambitha big time but in this case she was totally wrong,I don’t blame Mr Vundla for this as a results the are lots of good actors in our communities who would take the Mawande charector seriously,its good to give others a chance when u satisfied with wghatever thing u doing,S.A actors are 1 we need 2 see other faces,Sophie Ndaba must be next..

  236. unathi rorwana says:

    The massage on top comes from me,I meant what I said

  237. unathi rorwana says:

    Thumeka Thongolam Mzayiya from Cape Town can replace her and do better too:)

  238. Anonymous says:

    Shem akasenzi mdla ugernarations Vundla,ukhupha abantu abenza umdla ushiya ochappa y?okanye noku wenzela kubukele abantwana bodwa?awenzi mdla tu ngoku,nika u Wandi second chance plz.wena ngath awujong ba lomntu u acta njan yakhupha qa xa ufuna ayiyo le uyenzayo tu Vundla

  239. Bonakele says:

  240. Anonymous says:

    Vundla ngekungcono ba uyazifunda zonke ezi coments,kuba lento ziyithethayo nyan injalo. Gernarations iyabora nyan siyakcela ubuyise u Mawande sisicelo eso kuth babukeli baka gernarations.kudala sikcela kwango April kuva kwethu ba uyahamba.sisakucela ke nangoku.

  241. Sihle says:

    Tjo sis Nambitha i’ll mic u 2 much,i lyk de wae u r proud of ur language…….plz dnt gv up sisi Wandy,mae God bless u all the tym..plz mr Vundla gv hr a second chance plz am begng u….plzzzzzzzz!

  242. Fundiswa says:

    Tjo hai xeim kukuny oku kwenziwa leli xhego kuba kalku umawand ibhadlile into ebynza ku gnrtionz ngku uzuqond akananqond faka izdudla ezingcacnga hay pants ngok mvundla wen we lv u wandi mwah

  243. Nomvula says:

    Firing ppl we reaaly love on daily basis is kinda inhuman. Plz let dese ppl stay with us coz they really keep us glued on TV screens evrytime when Generations starts, I know she was wrong bt for our sake bring Nambitha back. Please Sir

  244. Anonymous says:

    I wl alwyz lv u Wandy al de tym i wl alwys mc u… Nd Sbusiso wl do da same. . . . . Mr mvundla khacing icebo TaTa jxt 4r a sec0nd chance, gererati0n is nthng wthout sisMawande, yek bufakana n0o zinhla apha bangenamsebenz, 4r a fans’z sake

  245. Lisa says:

    Generation is not de same without you,miss u a lot.

  246. zimz says:

    Oooooow mr mvundla please please give her a last chance..I luv that woman wt all my heart!…(Mawande cc uyathandeka,nom acto wakho uyakfanela and uyayenza into yako,ibangathi ndzakbona kula GEN everyday)

  247. Ryan....Mthembu....,., says:

    Jc trying 2 concentrate on Generations witout Wandi bt I cnt…….I mic hr ova nd ova

  248. bulelani manyoni 0837424258 not a stalker says:

    Hi noluntu i should be Mnqobi when he is old i have dreadlôcks and i can act .dont be scared to call i am not a stalker i love you all .ngamla COnfront MJ and leave Drchetty alone .contact me on0837424258.Noluntu speak to mfundi vundla he or she will agrée .contact my mom on 0717125475 she will agrée dont worry about My dad he wont bother if you want to call him it is 0787401706 his name is Sbu xaba my môm Is zanele manyoni .thank you .my name is bulelani manyoni thank you

  249. Lindsay lohan says:

    Màwande we love you we miss you àlWays buy the position Of acting mad was Bad and we under stand .i love the movie i acted in MEAN GIRLS i play the role of Cady héron and the plastics .LOVe you

  250. Mosela says:

    Mawande rao rata shem,,,evryperson derserves a second chanc n evry human bin make mistakes,,no one cn replace yhu wandi,,kao rata n hahooolo

  251. Nokbonga Hobe at Elliotdale Eatern Cape says:

    I won’t watch generations anymore,we will mic u Wandi.generations wil never be the same.ndiktanda nesisxhosa sakho plz come back

  252. zinhle sibiya says:

    i mic u wandi nd i hpe generation’s supprts mic u 2, we wish u al th bst.

  253. nomawethu says:

    Yepppppy uyabuya cc Nambi guyz. Thnx mfundi Vundla ngokusibuyisela u Wandie

  254. nomawethu fayo says:

    Masimbulelen bethuna u Mfundi,iscelo sethu usivile,noba usive emva konyaka. Enkosi tata. Welcome Wandie ngathi kuyaxokwa ba ubuyile. Cant wait to C u.

  255. yamkela nqweniso says:

    nambitha is one of the best actress who are so confident,and firing that kind of a woman is not a good idea

  256. precocia enhle mtshali says:

    Wandi we will always mic u.uyathandwa ndim futhi kuyoloke kukho isikhundla sakho ezinhlizweni yam•

  257. nobuntu.s says:

    cant wait to see wandi again on our daily lives azokushaya into adumengazo.

  258. ngamlana.p says:

    thnk u mfundi vudla..w mssd u wandi bt ke u r back nw…so hppy#smiling#

  259. non says:

    she must no leave we lve her

  260. nhanha says:

    Wandi dnt go plz i lv u……… u r gud at wat u doing tjuuu

  261. jovisi says:

    Generation will b boring with out mawande plz bring her back for us plz. Plz we love her so much no awards generation now gud by generation by

  262. Honey says:

    Akwaba bekuno pphuma u choppa

  263. loice lee maduviko says:

    i wl mis yu so mch nd e relationship btwn yu nd ngamla z gud cz yu meant fo each other,luuv yu wantie

  264. phathiwe says:

    but y is made like that i really enjoyed you sis mawande tv will be so borrinq wtht u

  265. Litholakele says:

    Lento uyenzayo Mr Vundla is very wrong uSISI WANDI is a nice person plzz give her a second chance bcz if u dont u will lose a lot of generation fans jst bcz of Wandi n sisi we lv u no matter what happens and i wish u all da best in life. Mncwaaa

  266. Mbalenhle says:

    Mawande and sbusiso Yooooh niyangihlanyisa ♡♡♥·♥♥♡♥

  267. Bongumsa says:

    Plzzzz Mr Mvundla dnt let her plz plz

  268. zokhanyo ziyathandwa khanyolwethu says:

    wandi umkelani ngk oh no mama zakukhumbula xeim wl mc u mawandee:-(

  269. siliziwe mandi says:

    wandi z bck am so hapy,bt noluntu plz dn make her crazy agan…….i dn lyk whn i c us ez gals duing thngs on awa mada while we shud b da 1 hu z helpng de n de………lv u wandi

  270. Maboni Mkhize says:

    Tjooo kunzima kufundwa ngamaphutha kakade pls mr Mnvundla give Nambitha da second chance we’ll miss igenarations izobora ngaphandle kwakhe

  271. malteb says:

    Ge a tlo gela, ga ke sa bona Generations

  272. zanele mdumisi says: u alot mawande plz dnt leave ngamla my daddy i realy lv u 2 guys u r match made in heaven nd ungikhulumela kamnandi i wsh i cn c u wth my naked eyes uyathandwa ndim mawande

  273. nandiswa says:

    Wooow siyabonga umawande ebeyele kumabonakude nditsho ndanexesha lokuwukela ke ngoku

  274. ncoooo. says:

    some of us love mawande mfundi…

  275. Anonymous says:

    Mawande Mtakwe2 Hamb Usufil Umntanakh Unoluntu Yiz Udlomo Ezob Nesizung

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