Nambitha Mpumlwana Leaving Generations

By Staff Writer    23-Apr-2013 12:52 UTC+02:00 284
Nambitha Mpumlwana who plays the role of Mawande on Generations will be leaving the soapie soon. Photo: Rotten Tomatoes.

Nambitha Mpumlwana who plays the role of Mawande on Generations will be leaving the soapie soon. Photo: Rotten Tomatoes.

Nambitha Mpumlwana (46), who plays Mawande Memela on Generations, is leaving the soapie. According to various reliable sources, it has been confirmed that her contract was not renewed.  However, she will still be seen on TV until August since Generations episodes are recorded three months ahead of their airing.

Mawande is currently mentally ill after drinking tea she was given by her daughter Noluntu (Zenande Mfenyana). This is said to be part of her exit storyline, where she will end up being taken to a mental institution.

Nambitha joined the soapie near the end of 2011. She played the role of Mawande for less than two years although when she joined the soapie it was expected that she would stay a little bit longer.

It has been revealed that there are several reasons that resulted in her contract not being renewed. It is reported that she was unprofessional and too hard to handle. She reportedly had a habit of arriving late and unprepared at work. Her fellow actor told the Sunday Sun that sometimes she never pitched at work, which would mess up the recording schedule and inconvenience everyone else.

However, Generations’ Executive Producer Mfundi Vundla said, “Mawande’s story has run its course. Nambitha was cast as Mawande due to her capabilities as an actress. Writing out the character has nothing to do with her talent.”

A while ago it was reported that other actors were unhappy acting with Nambitha as she was always treated better than them. Isolezwe Newspaper yesterday revealed that some actors felt that she looked down upon them since she has experience as a movie actress.

Nambitha made it clear that the fact that her contract was not renewed does not worry her at all. She said everything has an end and she is the kind of person who does not like to do one thing for too long. Her leaving Generations will give her time to focus on her other endeavours. She thanked Generations for the opportunity to play Mawande.


  1. Lindiwe says:

    I wonder what will happen to Mawande’s kids and relatives. Are we still going to see them? I don’t see them fitting in on the soapie with Mawande gone. I do hope they won’t have to pay for Nambitha’s sins. Now I see that acting is really not a secure job. If your employers want you out they just write you out without considering all the other people’s careers that are linked to your role.

    • Maggie Austin says:

      The Show will never be the same without her. She is by far the best actress in Generations

    • ndiwe says:

      Her leaving won’t interfere with them cause when someone goes to a mental institution life goes on,they won’t fire Zenande and her brother(MJ) just because their mother is gone

      • Monica says:

        You don’t know that. Even if they don’t fire them, they might gradually become irrelevant…

  2. Lizzie says:

    I wonder who that actor might be. It sound to me like they were just jealous of her because she played a major role and earned more than most of them although she arrived less than 2 years ago.

    • Ayanga says:

      Tell me dude what would you do if someone u r working was a late comer n sometimes s/he doesn’t even pitch at work plz put aside the fact that she is a star and look at her wrong side because in this case its the reason y her comtract is not renewd

  3. Maggie Austin says:

    SABC should reconsider not renewing Mawanda’s contract. She plays a leading roll

  4. Shame to the actor who reported this she/he z so jealous, sisNambitha is so gud @ acting, she never looked nervous or unprepared. I’ll mic her everyday

    • Ayanga says:

      its not that the actor o the actress is jealous n i believe even you, you can’t work with someone you are nt comfortable aroun her o him and besides the fact that Mawande was arriving late at work was not worthit so there is no jealous involved hre

  5. Cindy says:

    People are so jealous…

    • Ayanga says:

      there is no point of keeping someone who doesn’t do the right thing jst bcause she or he is the star

  6. we wil mis u mawande, u a a star… generations will be boring without u…. dont luse hope ua talented…. u were the best at generations….

  7. Herman says:

    Herman shiviti n Nomcebo I think they been selfish Mawande is astar Generations will be empty without u,this is not the end of ur career with that character u will go far

  8. boogie says:

    please don’t let her leave because we are going to miss her so much . please do something to make her stay. she is the reason why i watch the show . thanks

  9. K2o says:

    Just try and bring Sonia Sedibe(Ntombi)back we miss sebenoSbusiso!

  10. Nothando Gina says:

    Mawande was great

  11. Nothando Gina says:

    Ifeel very sad because Ilove Mawande and I’ll mic her a lot ,Generations is nothing withot her she is a star. Ihope she comes back

  12. pertunia says:

    mawane we will miss u lot generation is boring when u a not acting, i am not watching generation anymore because wandi is not, why you just fired dineo and noluntu because a boring on generation boring boring generation, generation is not like the same before now i boring please do something to make generation good,

  13. Khoza Senzo says:

    We wl miss Nambitha. . She is indeed de best actress nd i think acting its abt exploring various emotions and personalities so im glad dat de nation saw dat on her while on Generations. I wish her all de best in her Acting career

  14. themba says:

    yr son mj wil mis u



  16. Audrey matore ,Zimbabwe says:

    Please dont quit we luv u Mawande

  17. Olorato says:

    We wl mic u

  18. Tina vimba says:

    Am very sad that you leaving generation so soon,i was still interested in your character…i think mfundi should renew your contract just to give you another chance not for your sake but for fans sake…

  19. Olorato Bodumele, Kuruman. says:

    We wl really mic u Nambitha. Generation wont b de same without u. Wish u de bst.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Y r u living us?we wil miss u mom

  21. Xolelwa ntleko says:

    We will mic her very much, i understand she was wrong at some point but everyone deserve a second chance we learn from our mistakes and i hope mawande learned a lesson she deserve a second chance the memela family will be boring without her please mr vundla renew her contract we need her.

  22. Portia says:

    Kubuhlungu lokhu its now boring nxa ungasekho sis nambitha

  23. Bla nodza says:

    Wandi we realy need u bac sbusiso mke plan 4ur wandi

  24. milan peters says:

    I don’t want mawande 2 leave,she’s the best,I love her 2 bits pls stay

  25. Esy says:

    Plz Mr Vundla gv her a second chance.Mamu Nambitha is d best n we r still interested on her acting.We really Beg u as South African Fanz,Plzzzzzzzzz

  26. Tandi says:

    Generation is boring with out mawande

  27. Thobeka says:

    News flash sabc nd de actor dat reported dis myt think dis was de best decision but generations wnt b de same without her actually people are loosing intrest slowely evn they loyal viewers

  28. Redson says:

    Get rid of Dineo and Nuluntu but not Mawande please!

  29. nokonwaba ngalo says:

    We will mic you mawande

  30. Nwabisa says:

    Siza kukhumbula ke nontombi, uhlale uyazi ke nono ukuba thina besibukela wena kuphela. Ndikuthande xa uxelela unoluntu ukuba uzuxelela yena ngomendo wakho

  31. Claudia says:

    Ausi Nambitha, plz stay. Generations e ea bora ha u le sieo. Ha e fela u sa hlaha ekare hona le sth e sa fellang. Kea u rata & ke rata le karolo eo u e bapallang, ke u kopela mohau hle ooe! Re tlo lahleheloa haholo. Ke se ntse ke u hopola esale joale.

  32. Princess says:

    Im so hurt sisNambitha im your biggest fan i dont think i will be able to watch generations again.your charector ingifundise okuningi OMG! angazi what to say sisi you dont need luck because your a star their loss.banomona sisi uthandwa ndimi 🙂

  33. Phozisa mpetho says:

    Yhaaz,uMfundi Vundla akabacingeli ababukewli bezi soapie zakhe uyathanda ukutshintsha imain character nje nanjani ,anishiye nithe ca izisini kufuneke niqhele umntu omtsha like ooKarabo Tau nabanye abaninzi he is care too much on business not anymore with people

  34. AbEzAh says:

    Yhuuu…dat generation will nvr b de same wifout ha wil mc u mAMeThU :(;( nCoH..dat lil bOy m.j wil olso mc u ¤lot of lv*

  35. wayne says:

    mawande is de best on generations so plz mr vundla gv her a second chance maybe she wl len a loson to her mstake

  36. Thabo says:

    I love mawande a lot,plz dnt let her go mr mvundla,noluntu nd dineo mabahambe they r boring us

  37. chevonne says:

    Yooor mwande wil be missed..c was th best. C was an inspiration to th mzansi.mwa mwa

  38. Denza says:

    Thnk twice abt wandi plz mr vundla we knw dat u myd ur dicetin bt gv her lst chance nt 4 her bt 4 us

  39. mercy munyoro says:

    we will miss yu wandi

  40. Siziwe mamkeli says:

    Plz let mawande stay cause she is the best

  41. zenande kana says:

    mr vundla you are making a terrible mistake by firing mawande bcoz generations will loose fanz.. I really liked seeing nambitha on generationz she really bought fanz back..pleaaase ntate ndicela ubuyise u nambitha back or else generations will loose

  42. Shirly Maleka says:

    I think Generations start boring first was Ntombi,Sam and Sharon nw is Mawande come on do something to make her cme back pls…..#crying# I cnt wacth generation without dem she ws my last hope…

  43. Katlego Sono says:

    I wil neva watch Generations starting from September

  44. Anonymous says:

    We wl mic u mawande d generation wl no longer d same u d best i wsh they can give u 2nd chance i lov u….wsh u all d best

  45. Areyounger says:

    Gooooo! weeeeel tjooooooo!

  46. munyadziwa Tshifura says:

    we will mic u mawande no matter were u going u must know dat many people love u weeee lov uuuu….cc god bless your wishes

  47. tsholo says:

    shm i lv u windy ke o rata le rato

  48. Anonymous says:

    Ts a crazynes le yenziwa ngu lo producer n wenza ku bore ur sopie, we nid mawande 102%

  49. Anonymous says:

    Maar why Wandie of all the people,she plays a vital role’I can imagine how the soapie will be without her????

  50. Dunyiswa says:

    We will miss you wandi,generation akazobamnandi ngaphandle kwakho,i wish u Mfundi angayibona lonto

  51. Lorraine says:

    don’t let her go pls every1deserve a second chance, we ”ll miss u wandi

  52. Joseph Khanye says:

    Vundla ur soap is boring without mawande dat is y u cant even won de best soap bcs u fire ur employees u dnt hav any mesly agggg 4gv mawande human being hav human erra

  53. Vusi says:

    please Mawande don’t we need you in the sopies

  54. Vusi says:

    if generations fire Mawande the story is going to boring

  55. Nnuku says:

    Why wandi ke jelous.we will always luv u.why ho satswe nolunto.

  56. Connie says:

    hell no! Mr Vundla, ur soapie is Nw boring. think twice ntate! Its nt abt u? Wht abt us? No to Wandi!!!

  57. Andile zungu says:

    It a shame that she has to go after so much hard work bt we luv her to bittz wish to see you in other soapies

  58. Patricia Banti says:

    I think abo Mfundi mabacabange kwakhona, this soapie ngekhe isibamnandi kwakhona, lihlile vele inani labantu ababukela uGeneration ngenxa yokubanda kwakhe. Its going to be worse xa kumnke uMawande, they must all think again and see if they cannot get isisombululo na, mambuyisele uMawande.

  59. buyisle revival nkosi says:

    we will miss u sis nambitha

  60. Ntombi Gumede says:

    Peopl do mistakes and learn from them, she supposed to be given a second chance only she agrees to come back, tja Generations is bOring without her, she is a great charector Mr Vundla should renew Nambitha’s contract we will dearly miss her, it gOod to see her now that Sbusiso found her,

    Mr Vundla do something shame, i trust you dont want to loose fans

  61. Tsietsi says:

    Have you ever imagined generations without Mawande??! It’s gonna be so boring shame…

  62. Zipho Gumede says:

    Wow I really love mawande”Nambitha”…. She’s a best in Generation…..ulifakile uthando lokulingisa kuthina as Young South African People…..

  63. Tebza gal says:

    Wandi nid de last chance 4 her 2 be right nt 2 be fired at the same time!!

  64. laylah says:

    I am going to sell all TVs in my house bec really how can u fire wandi so wat do the fans learn from it that’s its right to treat ur mom like crap u will get away with it or that viewes can try and do that to their moms and they won’t even pay da price I should of never watched da stupid programme ever only brings sadness get rid of Akhona got not respect for her mom don’t matter wat happened ur mom will be ur mom

  65. sisanda says:

    Ooh plz Mr Mfundi don’t do this thnk about it again cause we like Mawande part because it make us realise dat our parent need 2 show us way

  66. sisanda says:

    Plz gv her second chance with a warning plz dnt plz plz dnt

  67. Sindile says:

    What will hapen to MJ’s character?

  68. koena Meso says:

    Mawande was like my m0m…..I’ll miss u dearly..Please Mfundi renew her c0ntract as she still plays a Vital role in Generations….its n0t Fair @ all..!Sad..N0w Dl0m0 will be left alone!

  69. mbali says:

    its not fai Mr Mfundi dnt do dat 2 us we like Wandi

  70. lungelolethu buthelezi says:

    plc dnt go wandi we real lov u

  71. praisly bongani says:

    wandi plyng d huge role we lov nd we nid u

  72. Shamiso says:

    Poor generations u wil neva win e awards how cn u do that to THE BEST ACTOR…u dn knw ur business we wnt her back for for us to consider u as e best soapie mmmmmmmmxxxxxxxxxsxmmmmmm….we wont wach generations anymore wooooooooooo

  73. Siyasanga says:

    I’ll mic mawande, plz give her a second chance plz mr mfundi.

  74. Anonymous says:

    terrible mistake. kip tht woman for your show’s sake

  75. Zphiwe Ndwayi, Dunoon Cape Town says:

    we wil mic Wandi she deserves a second chance without her Generations is boring, plz Mr Mfundi do something jst think abt de fans she is de star, sisNambitha I wish u al de bst in ur future.

  76. Nhlaka nipho says:

    The best of the best is Nambitha Mpumlwana. There a so many divas out there bt they been given so many chance bcause they a very gud t their job so Mr producer get off your high horse in bring the best actress on generations the one n the only Nambitha n dontu evn think tht Terry Phetho will fit the gab Nambitha left….. She is nt the best compare to Nambitha.
    Bring back our Mawande please.

  77. dorcas says:

    Ash its not fair to us for my side l w miss u wandi and lm not gonna bother watching generation anymore

  78. Sekie says:

    What i like 2 know where do u go wrong management? If u watch Isidingo Matabane family waz there loooooooooooong tym,,,Backer also is still there! In Generation who is acted more than 10 yz? Is only Queeen even dat Queen she is just there! Why yo main Actorz always hav problemz,even Dumisane wz olwayz late r did nt pitch @ work why,,,Khaphela iz old u want a young people why,,,,,ngabantu abancinci qha ababukela uGenerationz,,,,,this Generationz hay suka

  79. Mayiboe says:

    Pliz Mr Mvundla we beg u generations will nevr b the same my family and l we will never watch it again coz we want Wandi back plizzzzzzzz

  80. lily says:

    plz dnt fire mawande

  81. edith says:

    We wil mic u Wandi

  82. nwabinator.greya says:

    hysuka jelousy wnt take u anywhre ppl coz mawende is best of the best

  83. mpume says:

    Mawande I will mic u

  84. Elihle says:

    Tjohhh hayi shem poor wandi we wll mic ..even ur two children,luntu&mj were sooo happy to be wit u

  85. Dimakzo