NaTIS Online Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal Service Surprisingly Efficient

By Staff Writer    16-Nov-2022 13:04 UTC+02:00 18

Renewing a vehicle licence disc has traditionally been considered one of those daunting tasks that are part and parcel of owning a vehicle. However, the government’s National Traffic Information System (NaTIS) is gradually changing that through a hassle-free, online vehicle licence disc renewal service.

A member of our staff recently had to renew his expired vehicle licence disc in Durban. Knowing from a previous experience how inefficient the traffic department closest to him was, the thought of standing in the queue for hours, only to be told to come back the following day, made him explore alternative ways one can renew their vehicle licence. He tried the Rossburgh Post Office in Southway Mall, one of the few branches of the Post Office that offer the licence disc renewal service in KwaZulu-Natal. Unfortunately, the service had been temporarily suspended at that branch. He then went to the Mobeni branch, where he joined a relatively short and fast-moving queue. Sadly, after waiting for a few minutes, the Post Office said it had taken the maximum number of people for the day. Everyone in the queue had to leave and come back another day.

At this point, our staff member decided to try renewing his vehicle licence online. After doing some research, comparing prices and reading reviews, he was not sure which service provider to choose among the twelve listed on Business Tech. The Post Office, with a service fee of R147 (including a delivery fee of R75), is the cheapest of the twelve. However, although the PO claims to deliver the licence disc within three days, our staff member was skeptical about this after his fast-mailed parcel was significantly delayed a few weeks earlier. So, he decided to renew the disc through NaTIS, which charges a fee of R171 (including R99 for delivery), and he was pleasantly surprised. Only a few details needed to be entered on the website for identification and communication purposes. There were no forms and documents to upload.

After payment was made with a debit card, a receipt was generated and our staff member downloaded it. Oddly, there was no immediate communication after that e.g. an SMS with details on what was to come next. That was the only minus about the NaTIS system. About 35 hours later, just before 23:00, an SMS came from a courier, saying a parcel from RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) was on its way. The following day, approximately 52 hours after payment, the disc arrived in Durban (from Pretoria). This was quite impressive for a government service.

However, it is unclear how the demand for this relatively new service is. Its efficiency may be due to low demand as many people are still hesitant about performing such transactions on the internet. Hopefully it will remain efficient in the foreseeable future. If you have used this service, tell us about your experience in the comments below.


  1. Lizwi says:

    no forms and documents to upload? what about proof of residence, ID book and logbook? must you produce these when they deliver the disc?

    • Staff writer says:

      Hi Lizwi. Good questions. Proof of residence and the logbook are currently not required. However, the courier does require proof of ID.

  2. Phila Dlamini says:

    The delivery fees are too much. They should send the disc by post.

  3. Dunyiswa says:

    I paid my licence disc last week friday i dint get invoice o tracker number so thath i can know where is my parcel

  4. Elrich says:

    I recetly applied for my renewal of my lisence disk after I received an email from them. I was impressed that they had all my details of my vehicle and driverse lisence. All I had to do is state my delivery address and contact details. So now I am waiting on delivery 🚚 very convenient, I must say that this is awesome

  5. Zanele says:

    Yeah i did apply on Monday the 16th the problem and you guys need to upgrade the system of after we paid we need to can an sms or something to be sure that now we can wait for the parcel to be delivered not this quietness is killing us.

  6. Victoria Handley says:

    I renewed my licenses for my 2 vehicles on the Natis online site in January and paid for them and the courier. I still have not received my discs. When I log in again to eNatis it says I haven’t paid though I have proof of payment from my bank. When I visited my local licensing authority offices they said on their records I have not paid and I must try get my money back from my bank! I have tried emailing them with no reply. Any advice would be appreciated because I can’t pay for them a second time.

    • The Editor says:

      Hi Victoria. The best thing you can do is to request a reversal of payment like they advised you. The bank should be able to help you. If that fails, you may have to take legal action.

  7. Lisa Bower says:

    We went on-line and paid for our 2 vehicle car licenses about 15.03.2023. To date we still have not received any notification from the courier services. Please help…desperate

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Lisa. Did you get your license disk? I am waiting since 01.09.23 for my license and still not received it. I tried contacting them on all their platforms, but with not luck. I don’t know what to do

  8. Irvin Collins says:

    I did submit everything online but I didn’t even a message to prove that I’ve paid & didn’t even get receipt…… I’m starting to doubt this service…… what’s happening here

  9. Nadia du Plessis says:

    My husband used it Friday… Quick and easy to do, he is very impatient so this was much quicker for him. Still waiting for the disc, but so far so good…

  10. Faizal Vally says:

    Sceptically I renewed my Vehicle Licence online after receiving SMS notifications from NATIS. I did payment on Sunday 03/06/2023 afternoon, received no proof of payment, and then logged off the NATIS site. To my utter AMAZEMENT, I got notification the next morning, including a tracking number. Cost was for the vehicle licence and R99.00 for couriers fees. I happily received my Vehicle licence now at 12:55 on 07/06/2023. WELL DONE to the Road Traffic Department.

  11. Andre Pretorius says:

    how do we get in to pay? I GET KICKED OUT BEFORE I CAN PAY

  12. MrsH says:

    I decided to give it a try last week. I made payment on Friday evening, saved proof of payment but received no notification until Tuesday night, where I received an SMS from Skynet couriers saying my RTMC parcel was on its way. The licence disc arrived on Thursday afternoon. I expected it to arrive sooner but was happy with the turnaround time. It’s such a relief to not have to stand in the queues at the traffic department anymore.☺

  13. Vanessa says:

    Paid for a licence disk renewal on 22 November. The disk has been sitting at the courier depot in Port Elizabeth since the 24th. Attempts to contact them, other than email have failed. They have promised each time to deliver tomorrow….and as we all know tomorrow never comes! Anyone know who else I can follow up with?

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