Nelson Mandela Is Alive And Well

By Ntokozo Sindane    30-Apr-2013 20:01 UTC+02:00

ANC Top Brass

Former president Nelson Mandela is alive and well. It seems that this was the message that the ANC wanted to convey to the South African public by means of an exclusive public appearance by the frail statesman. For months, the ANC and Nelson Mandela Foundation have repeatedly tried to put the country at ease about the iconic leader’s health. Madiba was visited by leaders of the ANC, including president Jacob Zuma at his Houghton home in Johannesburg.

Nelson Mandela has had several stays in hospital in recent months which only aggravated the concerns of South Africans. The media has always been given the same standard comment that the former president is receiving routine checks and treatment that the country and the rest of the world need not worry about. The Public News Hub reported that though Mandela looked unlike his usual steady self; he was in “good spirits”.

This rare television appearance may be seen by others as a response to a recent television show on DSTV which broadcasted Nelson Mandela’s life and ‘death’. The public reacted with outrage at this blatantly untrue report a few weeks ago. The broadcaster later retracted the show and apologized to the Mandela family and all the viewers who saw the documentary.

According to various South African media, many corporate institutions and other interested parties have literally planned the great leader’s funeral to the last detail. As if to add insult to injury, it has also come to light that the battle for Mandela’s business interests is already in full swing as family members have their eyes set on Nelson Mandela impressive estate.

South Africans were relieved to see that the man they respect and honor as one of the greatest leaders of the nation. On the hand, they were repulsed that the ANC paraded an obviously ill Mandela in order to gain favor with its supporters. Just recently, the DA was accused of trying to take the shine from ANC when the DA unveiled a poster of Helen Suzman and Nelson Mandela.

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