The New Cabinet – The Reshuffled Ministries

By Oliver Ngwenya    27-May-2014 21:08 UTC+02:00 1
The stresses of the juggling act of the New Cabinet taking their toll on President Zuma. Photo: The Daily Maverick.

The stresses of the juggling act of the New Cabinet taking their toll on President Zuma. Photo: The Daily Maverick.

In his introduction of ministers on Sunday evening, President Zuma announced a number of new ministries and mergers in addition to new ministers. There will be three completely new ministries in the Republic of South Africa, that is, the ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services, the ministry of Water and Sanitation as well as the ministry of Small Business Development.

The ministry of Telecommunications and postal services will be headed by Siyabonga Cyprian Cwele who who has been a member of parliament since the advent of democracy in 1994. Cwele has been head of the state security ministry as well as the intelligence ministries. He holds a medical policy degree from the University of KwaZulu Natal as well as a M. Phil in economic policy from the Stellenbosch University.

The ministry of water and sanitation, which will be headed by the former premier of Gauteng, Nomvula Mokonyane will have a focus towards resolving the numerous service delivery protests that have been abound throughout the country. There is no denying that the provision of water and other sanitary facilities have been at the core of these protests. While Mokonyane is new at the ministerial level, she brings with her wealth of experience garnered while she was the premier of the most populous province in the country.

The small business development ministry ,which will be headed by journalist turned diplomat who has worked a stint as Zuma’s international advisor, Lindiwe Zulu, May be considered as the biggest driver of the ANC’s National Development Plan. It intends to ensure that there is adequate policy framework as well as the requisite funding to ensure not only that there is adequate support for small businesses but also explore the ways in which government can effectively participate in business. Again, with her extensive international experience, Zulu is sure to pull her weight in this hot portfolio.

The National Planning Commission and the ministry for Performance Monitoring and Evaluation were merged into the Ministry in the Presidents Office. This is the portfolio that will be headed by the former minister of Justice, Jeff Radebe.

The department of social development will now have more functions since the former ministry of Women, Children and People with disabilities is now just the ministry of women, the functions of children and people with disabilities having now been relegated to the department. This ministry of women in the presidency will be headed by Susan Shabangu.

According to the ANC, the new cabinet is meant to drive the vision that they have of South Africa by the year 2030. As most political analysts contend, it remains to be seen if the current crop of ministers will rise up to the challenge.


  1. Leshardt says:

    What a joke!! Reading about ZOOma and his ministers brings to mind a story of Robbing Hood and his merry men who robs the people to enrich themselves and in this story, the “sheriff” is on their side!! Another joke; the ministry of Woman??REALLY??

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