New e-Toll Rules: No License if You Don’t Pay

By Brian Harry    21-May-2015 05:06 UTC+02:00 2

Image: SABC.

The issue around the e-Tolls as it is has been a major setback for most motorists in Gauteng after the government started the whole policy. Now government says SANRAL will start using the vehicle registration database to freeze the licence discs of those who don’t pay their e-toll fees. This is a result of motorists not paying their expected fees. This new initiative is set to encourage motorists to pay their fees in time.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed journalists in Cape Town,”A single reduced tariff will be applied to all motorists. As an example the standard tariff of 58 cents per kilometre for light motor vehicles will be reduced to 30 cents per kilometre. This is almost a 50 percent reduction,” Ramaphosa said. Good news is among the changes is a 50% reduction in the monthly cap for light motor vehicles, from R450 a month to R225.

Even though these changes will lead to a slight downfall of funding for the South African National Roads Agency Limited(SANRAL), the cabinet has approved of the new changes.

There are more changes which include public transport. Buses and taxis with operating permits remain exempted and all motorists will get almost a 50 percent reduction. For users who make less than 30 gantry passes a year there will be no changes. If the passes exceed 30 then they will have to pay the expected amount of R225 a month.

Dating back from December 2013 users will have six months to settle their debt and those who do not pay tolls within the required 30 days will have to pay double, which is R450 because there will be monthly cap on penalty for accounts in arrears. This is implemented to avoid deter motorists from having high amounts of unpaid tolls.


  1. newsnexus says:

    And so once again the tyranny of the ANC is laid bare for all to see. I’m gonna make a point of beating up every Sanral employee I come across. I’ve already ended my friendship with a guy that now started working for SANRAL.

  2. CL Makhubedu says:

    I have a etoll of R225 and I have only made seven gantries in the whole of 2017 and Sanral is insisting that I should pay as the thirty gantries for infrequent users is not yet gazzeted is that true?

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