Nkandla ANC Supporters Arrested for Attacking EFF to Appear in Court

By Mvusi Ngubane    12-Jan-2014 16:00 UTC+02:00
Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema encountered hostile ANC supporters in Nkandla on Saturday. Image: SABC

This weekend saw the arrest of collective group of ANC supporters following their attack on a number of members belonging to Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) near President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla residence on Saturday.

The EFF was in the area to hand over a house they had built to an elderly woman and her grandchildren.

Following the party’s gathering, the EFF members began singing and took to the roads where they managed to acquire the attention of African Nation Congress supporters who were situated on nearby hill.

Conflict broke out as the mob of ANC supporters retaliated against the EFF’s presence by attacking the group with stones and other projectiles, forcing police officers to intervene with water canons, tear gas and rubber bullets.

The fire of rubber bullets caused the attacking group to disperse and dive for cover. Police managed to arrest a number of ANC supporters.

Earlier on Saturday morning, ANC supporters attempted to stop EFF leader Julius Malema from reaching the house by blocking the road which led to it. Malema then exited his vehicle and proceeded through the crowd on foot under the protection of police officers.

Malema managed to reach the house which belongs to Hlongwane and is approximately 300 meters from the president’s home.

The former ANC Youth League leader stated that attempts to prevent him from visiting the woman’s home were unconstitutional. “I am not Democratic Alliance leader,” he insinuated, “I cannot be blocked.”

Among the crowd of ANC supporters was President Jacob Zuma’s son, Edward, who however was not part of group which was taken by police. “Not even Edward’s father succeeded in stopping me,” he told the crowd.

The house which was handed over to Hlongwane and her grandchildren hosts a kitchen, shower room and two bedrooms. The party also provided furniture for newly built dwelling.

Police Captain Thulani Zwane reported that 30 people were arrested on Saturday and face charges of public violence. The accused will appear in the Nkandla Magistrate’s court on Monday. So far, the ANC has distanced itself from these attacks.

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