No April Fool’s Day for Magwaca as he is Crowned the New World Champion

By Sinethemba Mandyoli    04-Apr-2017 13:40 UTC+02:00

In the early hours of Saturday 01 April 2017 around 01h45 am, Mzuvukile was crowned the new WBF Bantamweight champion after scoring a Split decision win against Jason Canoy of Philippines. Before the match little was known about Canoy but after the tournament he was respected for his chin, stamina and ability to whether all the onslaught of the flamboyant Mzuvukile “Old Bones” Magwaca. If there is anything that won Canoy the sympathy of one judge it would his never say die attitude of going forward while he was being given a boxing lesson.

Round for round:

Round 1 has Magwaca using the educated jab to keep Canoy at bay. Halfway into the round Magwaca scored with a big right hand which did not faze Canoy.

Round 2 we witness Canoy being desperate as he was trying to get close to Magwaca. It was now more like a cat playing with a snake when Magwaca had combinations for landing at will. Jason Canoy scored two right hands while Magwaca was also scoring with the right uppercut. That got the crowd cheering.

Round 3 Magwaca started going forward and scoring with the double jab followed by the right hand. We even witnessed Magwaca landing a solid overhand towards the end of the round.

Round 4 Canoy was pushing forward without landing any meaningful punches and even tripped to the ropes while trying to corner a now comfortable Magwaca. In this round we could see both boxers were in a fight and Jason Canoy even hit Magwaca below the belt as he was trying to go for the body now. His corner may have seen that going for the head was proving to be fruitless.

Round 5 Magwaca is now scoring with 3 and 4 punch combinations but Canoy ate them all.

Round 6 had Canoy trying to hit the body while Magwaca was countering with the right uppercut. Magwaca was inviting trouble when he was now dropping his left guard maybe deliberately to lure his opponent into a trap. This is one round that Canoy was beginning to score with the jab and the right hand.

Round 7 was the same song of Canoy lunging forward while Magwaca was picking a point here and there by one twos. Canoy was even given a warning for using an elbow and pushing. Canoy catches Magwaca and Magwaca responds with a left and a right uppercuts.

Round 8 was seeing Magwaca controls the fight and Canoy stumbles to the ropes when he rocked with a few jabs and he was trying to offload with a big right hand. It appeared that he slipped in the ring. After that he was against the ropes with 3 or four uppercuts and we saw the end of the round. The crowd was now standing as Magwaca was clearly going to be crowd a champion unless Canoy delivers a lucky punch.

Round 9 the crowd was now reminiscent of Mzonke Fana in the way Magwaca was using his jab from a now only stalking Canoy. Jason slips and falls on the ring surface. The only difference between Fana and Magwaca was that Magwaca was not shy to use his right hand uppercut and often an overhand.

Round 10 Jason was stealing this round away with body punches, but the tiredness was catching up with him. He was constantly slipping while both guys caught each other with big right hands. Magwaca fell to the canvas due to the slippery of the canvas.

Round 11 Canoy seemed aware that he needed the knockout to win the fight as he was behind on points. Magwaca was using his jab to keep him at bay. Magwaca slips while Canoy is in pursuit. This round has Magwaca again dropping the left hand guard while Canoy is capitalising with the right hand.

Round 12 and final round has shown Magwaca trying to regain his control of the fight with that jab and the right uppercut or right hook.


At the end of 12 rounds we had to go to the judges’ score cards after an hour of an action packed boxing match. Two judges gave the fight to Magwaca while one judge shocked the Cape Town crowd when he gave the fight to Canoy by 1 point. The judges’ score cards read as follows Clifford Mbelu 117-112, Darryl Ribbink 114-115, and Edward Marshall 117-110.

In the main supporting bout Bukiwe Nonina played as if she was sparring with Magwaca in preparation of the match. She used her ring craft and combination punches to beat Alesi Graf by a Unanimous point’s decision to win the WBF female version of the Bantamweight title.

Other results:

Vusumzi Tyatyeka Won TKO 3 Aphiwe Myoyo, Emile Kalakuze Ko 4 Mzwamadoda Mjacu. Mnikelo Ndema Won points Mbulelo Dyani. Tapiwe Jaravaza Won points Bongani Mbiko. Marios Matamba KO 2 Siphenathi Qampi. Thembani Mbangatha Won TKO 2 Mzukisi Mpinda. Anathi Hela Lost points Onke Khanzi. The tournament was staged by Amandla boxing promotions with Lyon Promotions.

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