No Updates on Mandela’s Condition

By Thandi    09-Jun-2013 15:13 UTC+02:00 1

nelson mandelaOn Saturday South Africa woke up to the news that their world-renowned national hero Nelson Mandela had been admitted to hospital at 1:30 am for a recurring lung infection.

Presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj said Madiba’s condition was serious but stable. Maharaj’s statement was published on the South African presidency’s website on Saturday morning. Since then, the presidency has not released any update on Madiba’s condition. Later in the day yesterday some reports indicated that he was getting better. However, the majority of them said his condition remained “serious but stable”. Therefore, it is still not yet known whether he is recuperating or getting worse.

A short while ago the Eyewitness reported that the presidency would be releasing an update on Sunday afternoon. However, in its more recent report, it indicated that this would no longer be the case as Mandela’s doctors haven’t released any information on his condition. According to the report, “Presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj says he is still waiting for information from Madiba’s doctors and will not be able to release a statement on his condition yet.”


  1. Lemon says:

    I really hope he’s not dead already.

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