Nonito Donaire Beats Simpiwe Vetyeka

By Sinethemba Mandyoli    02-Jun-2014 19:54 UTC+02:00

donaire-beats-vetyekaIn a highly controversial fight, South Africa’s Simpiwe Vetyeka lost a majority point’s decision to Pilipino star Nonito Donaire. The quickness of both boxers led to 3 accidental head-butts both in round 1, 2 and 3. At the end of round 3 Nonito had had enough but was able to proceed with the fight until round 4 with a closed left eye. This, according to WBA rules, led to the fight being called a technical decision and Nonito won by 49 – 46 from all three judges.

In a post-fight interview with Larry, Marchant Donaire felt that he owed Simpiwe Vetyeka a rematch as that was not the way he wanted to win the fight. He said he has got unfinished business with Vetyeka and would like to get done with it. On the other hand Vetyeka felt that he would have scored a technical knockout due to the fact Donaire indicated he was unable to proceed with the fight.

Round one was a balanced round but 3 and 4 showed some fireworks as Nonito tried to finish off Simpiwe, whom at some point held to the ropes to stay up. In Round 4 Nonito scored a knockdown against Simpiwe with a sharp left hook to the chin. According to Simphiwe, the left hook got him simply because he was careless and he dropped his left guard.

After Saturday’s fight, Vetyeka now drops to 3 losses in 29 fights while Nonito’s loses still remain at only 2. The ring magazine rates Nonito at 1 and Simpiwe is at number 4. Ironically, back in 2008, Nonito scored a 6th round TKO against Moruti Mthalane, who had a badly swollen eye and a cut on his left eye. In that night the two judges had scored the fight 49 to 46 in favour of Donaire. This particular fight was a deja vu moment to South African Boxing fans that had seen 3 of their fighters losing to Donaire. He first beat Mthalane in 2008 TKO 6, Mathebula in 2012 UD 12, and now Simpiwe Vetyeka in 2014 TD 4. If Nonito Donaire were to get a new nickname he would be called the South African executioner.

Back home in South Africa, veteran Ali Funeka only spent 4 rounds to dethrone the former South African light welterweight title. That has proven Ali Funeka to be having no match in South Africa. Another bout, the unstoppable athlete Xolisani Nomeva did his first defence of the South African lightweight title by knocking out Mlamli Madikane in round 6. Ndongeni’s record of 15 – 0 is a resume that sees him ranked 15 in the world ratings.
Other results: Thabiso Moorosi L Luyanda Mvula KO 7, Siphosethu Mvula L Lwandile Sityatha UD 12, Morris Lento L KO 5 to Makazole Tete.

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