NQF and Career Advice Services

By The Editor    29-Feb-2012 22:29 UTC+02:00 1

There are many high school learners that do well in Grade 12 but end up staying at home because they did not apply at tertiary institutions. It is important for Grade 12 learners to have access to the internet so that they can take advantage of all the available sources of information. The NQF and Career Advice Services is one of the best online resources for Grade 12 learners. It offers career advice, bursary information packs, contact details of tertiary institutions, etc. However, a large proportion of learners, especially in rural areas, do not have access to the internet. School principals and teachers should make effort to ensure that their learners have all the information they need to plan their future. Most of the resources found on the NQF and Career Advice Services website are printer-friendly documents that can be printed by schools and distributed to Grade 12 & 11 learners so that they can start planning their futures early in advance.


  1. Readman Mathebula says:

    Hello,i am a young man of 30 years of age,matriculated woth code 10 driver’s license,now residing in Tembisa,looking for apprenticeship/employment.My qualifications are as follows:National Certificate Vocational(NQF LEVEL 4) in Boiler making and N2 Certificate in Mechanical Engineering,Should you wish to contact me please call on 0745289381/0766558151.Thanks!!.

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