Ntsiki Mazwai Gets Dragged After Questioning Pearl Thusi’s Acting Talent

By Staff Writer    30-Jun-2019 22:00 UTC+02:00 4

Controversial poet and tv host Ntsiki Mazwai got dragged on Twitter during the weekend after comparing Pearl Thusi to South African actresses Moshidi Motshegwa, Zikhona Sodlaka and Brenda Ngxoli, insinuating that the former Quantico star’s acting talent was not on par with theirs.

“Does Pearl Thusi move you when she acts? Do you get goose bumps? Is she like Moshidi, Zikhona Sodlaka or Brenda Ngxoli? Does her energy break the tv screen?” Mazwai asked. Most people who responded either indicated that Pearl was talented in her own unique way or used the opportunity to lambast Ntsiki for her “inappropriate” questions.

Twitter user Meleza responded by saying, ” [Yes] she’s talented in her own way, just like you. You don’t move me like Lebo Mashile or Koleka Putumi or [Mzwakhe] Mbuli in poetry, but still you are talented in your own way.”

Nhlanhla Cele said to Ntsiki, “[I] don’t even know how you got the Moja love interviewing job cause your interviews are boring shem. If i were you I’d get some tips from Pearl Thusi cause she’s excelling on BEHIND THE STORY.”

Another user, Thatmoneyflo, gave Mazwai the taste of her own medicine by asking, “Guys does Ntsiki Mazwai move you when she presents on Moja Love? Do you get goose bumps? Is she like Bonang, Thando Thabethe or Pearl Thusi? Does her energy break the TV screen?” The responses were mostly negative. Nonkululeko said, “Honestly she doesn’t, she sucks at it and now she thinks she can judge if Pearl Thusi can act or not. She must work on her presenting skills.”

Ntsiki Mazwai is known for speaking her mind without fear of inciting negative responses. However, she is also known for blocking those who disagree with her opinions. She recently joined DSTv channel Moja Love as host of the talk show “Show Me Love.”

Ntsiki’s questioning of Pearl Thusi’s ability to act came in the aftermath of a heated war of words between Thusi and fellow tv personality and actress Bonnie Mbuli. On Thursday, the two actresses started exchanging blows in the midst of a colorism debate that was sparked by a tweep who attributed Sho Madjozi and Thusi’s successes to light-skin privilege.

After defending herself fiercely in the no-holds-barred twar, Pearl, who will soon star in a new NetFlix series Queen Sono, regretted some of the things she said and decided to take a break from Twitter. According to her last tweet, she plans to reinvent her social media etiquette and focus on creating content that will spread her messages “in a more powerful and succinct way”.


  1. The Editor says:

    UNtsiki uyaphapha though. She got what she deserves. It’s funny that she
    hosts a show called ‘show me love’ yet all she spreads is hate. She even
    has the nerve to say those who don’t like to see her on TV are jealous naye
    ebe enza the same thing to other celebs. Is it because she is also jealous?
    Kumele azame ukusebenzisa ingqondo and start being more compassionate
    towards others. She thinks she is the voice of reason but her negativity
    makes her annoying.

  2. queen says:

    ntsiki uyabhora cc ufuna ukuthola i fame ngamagama abantu pearl she 10 time better than wena awuhambe uye kontanga bakho cc u pearl ukwi level enkulu kunawe hahaha

  3. Zabe says:

    I’ve never liked that Ntsiki Mazwai person, ever…i fail to see exactly what her talent is other than hogging the media with her pointless tactics. I’m starting to think she’s humping someone who keeps writing about her, Ntsiki, tsek, sit down and tsek again. Why dont we hear about her older sister who is doing wonderful things with her talent mara?

  4. Nonto says:

    Shame, she might be having some mental issues. She also blocked me for liking a comment she didn’t like. Lol. She needs help.

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