One Shot in iStore Robbery at Cresta Mall

By Oliver Ngwenya    13-Aug-2014 22:07 UTC+02:00
The Cresta Shopping Mall where one person was shot and an istore robbed. Photo: My Joburg.

The Cresta Shopping Mall where one person was shot and an istore robbed.
Photo: My Joburg.

One person was shot and several shoppers and shop owners were left in shock after a store was robbed at the Cresta Shopping Mall which is north west of Johannesburg on Wednesday morning.

According to eye witnesses and media reports, the shooting occurred in the late morning of Wednesday after the perpetrators were attempting to flee the scene after they had robbed a store in the mall. Shop owners who expressed concern about the robbery said that the robbers seemed to know what they were doing and the whole operation was well coordinated. They said that the robbers walked straight to the scene of the robbery which turned out to be an istore. Witnesses confirmed that the men made away with a number of iPads and iPhones in a bag.

On leaving the mall, the robbers apparently fired three shots in order to help them make their getaway. It is one of these shots that seems to have penetrated one of the cars in the parking lot resulting in an injury to an elderly man who was in the car. He was shot in the arm. According to a paramedics spokesperson, the man was attended by paramedics on the scene and taken to Johannesburg hospital where he was pronounced to be in a stable condition. A security guard who had been posted to the mall described to the media that he had to duck for cover military style when the three shots were fired. Even though the police were not available for comment at the time of going to press, it was confirmed that the workers from the istore had been placed under lockdown in order to allow the police to question them in connection with the robbery. The sources further confirmed that the car which had been shot was also a subject of intense police interest in their quest to find out more about the robbery.

A number of shop owners expressed concern about the fact that this is the fourth robbery at the mall within the last two years since just over a year ago, the mall was hit by a barrage of armed robberies. They further brought attention to the fact that the robbers went straight to the istore, a clear indication that this was a well orchestrated operation.

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