Oscar Pistorious’s Dark Side Revealed

By Ntokozo Sindane    18-Feb-2013 03:24 UTC+02:00
Oscar Pistorius led by police. The investigation into the death of Reeva Steenkamp continues. – image – blogs.independent.co.uk

Oscar Pistorius led by police. The investigation into the death of Reeva Steenkamp continues. – image – blogs.independent.co.uk

The shooting of Reeva Steenkamp at the home of popular athlete Oscar Pistorius in the early hours of Valentine’s Day left the whole world in shock and disbelief. Reports say that the beautiful model was shot four times through the bathroom door of the national hero’s home. Oscar Pistorious and his lawyers have responded to the serious charge of premeditated murder by stating that this incident was an unfortunate case of mistaken identity. The Paralympian thought he was the victim of a burglary when he discharged the fatal shots.

Since Thursday, messages of support have been coming in many forms from all over the world. Twitter and Facebook saw their networks flooded with messages for the families of the athlete and late model. Unflattering reports of Oscar Pistorious and his fragile temper have also surfaced. Oscar is said to have owned both the machine gun and another smaller gun that were found after the shooting at his home. They were among other weapons including cricket and baseball bats.

The Beeld reported that in 2009, a close friend of Oscar Pistorious was involved in an accident on the N4 highway where a pedestrian was killed. Oscar tried to stop journalists and photographers from reporting on the incident. In response to questions about why the reporters could not take pictures, Oscar said: “Because I am Oscar Pistorius.”

Later that year, Oscar was arrested in connection with the assault of Casseby Taylor-Memory also at his home. However, the National Prosecuting Authority could not produce evidence that he had intended to injure the complainant and the charges were subsequently dropped. Oscar Pistorius retaliated with multi-million rand lawsuits against Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa and Casseby Taylor-Memory.

A former girlfriend, Samantha Taylor, opened up to City Press about Oscar’s womanising ways. She explained how Oscar had taken the late Reeva Steenkamp to a sport awards event just weeks after appearing with Samantha Taylor on a popular television show about the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Samantha Taylor is convinced that Reeva Steenkamp was not the only woman in Oscar’s life at the time of her death.

As the investigation continues, South Africans and the international community wait anxiously to hear whether the Oscar Pistorius they have looked up for so long is an angry, violent man with a quick temper or if he is really just a man who made a fatal decision when faced with what he thought was a threat to his life by criminal elements.

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