Oscar Pistorius A Suicide Risk

By Robert    02-Jul-2014 20:08 UTC+02:00
Photo: Time

Photo: Time

Although a group of four different psychiatric analysts concluded in their report that Oscar Pistorius does not suffer from any form of general anxiety, the court heard today that the Paralympian is at risk of committing suicide as he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder following the incident.

The trial of murder accused athlete, Oscar Pistorius, was placed on hold for over a month while Pistorius underwent psychiatric evaluation in order to determine whether or not he was suffering from general anxiety disorder. The panel of experts, however concluded that he was not suffering from the disorder at the time of the shooting.

Oscar Pistorius is currently on trial for the murder of his girlfriend at the time, Reeva Steenkamp, whom he shot dead on February 14 2013. Pistorius claims that the shooting was accidental and that he believed Ms Steenkamp to be an intruder. The state, however aims to prove that this is not the case and that he instead shot her in a fit of rage.

The inquiry into Pistorius‘ mental state occurred due to a request put forward by prosecutor Gerrie Nel, as he aims to prove that the athlete could understand the consequences of his actions. Nel was concerned that the defence would aim to prove diminished responsibility for the actions.

Today, Judge Thokozile Mapisa ruled in favour of a motion restricting further publication by the media of Pistorius‘ psychiatric report, at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.

Advocate Kenny Oldwadge raised concerns that the reports contain personal confidential information. The information has been released to the media and contains sensitive details of Pistorius‘ time at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital. Oldwadge submitted a request that nothing besides the conclusions drawn from the report should be made public knowledge.

“We can’t do anything about what was published before 15:05, but as of this moment, the prohibition order stands,” judge Thokozile said.

The trial is most likely to conclude within the next three weeks. The defence is still expected to call a further three witnesses to testify.

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