The Oscar Pistorius Trial: The Bull Terrier Nel Hammers Oscar

By Oliver Ngwenya    10-Apr-2014 20:08 UTC+02:00
Gerrie Nel in Action. Photo: Eye Witness News

Gerrie Nel in Action. Photo: Eye Witness News

The reputable Oscar Pistorius Trial is back in the public domain. For several days after the restarting of the trial, Oscar had the courtroom to himself, starting first of all with an apology to the Steenkamp family and electing to show the court what a believer he is and the kind of relationship he and his former girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp had prior to the fatal morning when he shot her.

Pistorius stands accused of intentionally fatally shooting his model and law graduate girlfriend after an argument in the early hours of Valentine’s Day in 2013. He, on the other hand, argues that he did not intentionally shoot her but thought that he was shooting at an intruder behind the bathroom door. It was an emotional roller coaster when his defence lawyer took him through the paces of what transpired on the tragic morning.

Whether right or wrong, the religious and emotional Oscar was working particularly on public opinion and a lot of people in the public were beginning to feel pity for him. Granted that South Africa has no jury system and that judges do not respond to sympathy but on hard cold facts, Justice Masipa is only human and may have been slowly swaying to the emotional theatrics of Barry Roux Esq!

That was until bull terrier Gerrie Nel stopped rubbing his hands in glee and stood up to tear the emotional cocoon that the defence team had been slowly and intricately weaving. He clearly pointed out that he would sink his legal teeth into the defence argument and pull it apart into shreds, exposing the lie that they are trying to hide under the emotion. On Thursday, he put it to Oscar that the reason why the things had been moved around in the house was because he had had an argument with his girlfriend prior to the fatal shooting and not that the police had moved them as the blade runner had indicated in his statement. The state prosecutor argued that this was the only plausible explanation that could fit in with the circumstantial evidence that had been presented in the North Gauteng High a Court so far. The court adjourned to Friday.

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