PAC Announces New Party President

By Ntokozo Sindane    11-Aug-2013 15:35 UTC+02:00 6
The PAC has replaced expelled party president Letlapa Mphahlele with his deputy, Alton Mphethi. – image -

The PAC has replaced expelled party president Letlapa Mphahlele with his deputy, Alton Mphethi. – image –

The Pan Africanist Congress has named its replacement for expelled party president Letlapa Mphahlele. Alton Mphethi, who has been the acting president since Mphahlele’s expulsion, was appointed as the new PAC leader.

The announcement was made at the conclusion of the annual national conference of the PAC held in Boksburg, Gauteng, on Saturday. The PAC Secretary General Narius Moloto confirmed that the delegates at the conference “endorsed the expulsion of its former president and replaced him with the acting president Alton Mphethi as leader of the party”.

Letlapa Mphahlele was recalled as the leader of the PAC amidst allegations of attempting to cause division in the party, financial impropriety and poor quality leadership. He was expelled in May. Mphahlele did not initially acknowledge the expulsion and continued to act as the leader.

Though he was invited and expected to attend the national conference, Mphahlele was nowhere to be seen. Moloto said: “Mphahlele was invited to the party’s conference where he was expected to appeal his expulsion but refused to subject himself to the discipline of the organization.” Mphahlele’s lawyers believe that the conference has no legal authority and confirmed that their client would rather leave the matter in the hands of the high court.

Mphethi recently accused the Economic Freedom Fighters of imitating the PAC and “stealing what we have stood for as a party”. He admitted that the reason it is easy for parties such as the EFF to stand out in the political sphere is because the PAC has not been vocal and visible. He conceded: “We have placed ourselves underground and do not go to the people to talk to them.” Perhaps this change in leadership will be influential in making the PAC an organization that is visible and attractive to voters.


  1. Zwelibanzi says:

    Its great news that we have a new leader who has vision not mphahlele who is a settler agent, he cost us so much as africanist, i appriciate and welcome Mr Mphethi as our leader. Izwe lethu.

  2. Mdluli says:

    Yes Letlapa cost us and all Africanist as diaspora

  3. Mdluli says:

    Thanx the leadership,Letlapa cost us since 2006,Even Africanist outside of Azania they have witness him

  4. Anonymous says:

    All eyes are on you Mr President, PAC has been silent and not visible. I would advise you to make Pasma your closest wing

  5. mlamleli daniel says:

    as the last disciples of sobukwe let pac not cease to exist

  6. Rodger says:

    Guys please if someone misld the part is better to live thows 2 or 3 peole their would take over

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