Painting of Zuma with his genitals exposed causes controversy

By The Editor    20-May-2012 00:04 UTC+02:00

A painting of the South African president Jacob Zuma, which explicitly shows his genitals, has caused great controversy in South Africa. The painting was created by Brett Murray, a white South African citizen. The painting was exhibited at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg.

This has incensed many South Africans, especially black people. Some claim that this is an act of racism. On the other hand, others say artists have the right to express themselves in any way. The ruling party (ANC) has instructed the Goodman Gallery to destroy this painting and the City Press to remove it from its website.

However, the picture has already been circulating on social networks so its removal is not likely to make any difference. We also obtained the original photo of the painting but since it is considered inappropriate, we published a cropped version. The original is available on request (RSA ID will be required).

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