Parents, be a good example to your children

By Lebo Hlaha    29-Apr-2013 18:11 UTC+02:00 1

Respect is won by giving it and certainly not by demanding it. Gaining children’s respect begins with treating them with respect and consideration. Regardless of natural birth or adoption, or as in a lot of cases in today’s world a child comes into parents’ lives through relationships, loving and caring for your children no matter what is paramount of them all.

Sadly we have parents who never admit being wrong and consequently never apologize to their children. The thought of being wrong convulses them like nothing. Unapologetic parents are emotionally abusive. They gradually put children in their will spot until it becomes impossible to abscond with the statement “You are a child”. However, every single one of us needs to improve in some way or the other regardless of age, skin colour, body size, societal position or spiritual status or religious creed. Being a grown up doesn’t declare “perfection” but rather more experienced with life.

Forcing children to respect the power and control of authority is only losing sight of the more important goal of respecting yourself as an individual as well each other in a relationship. Although children learn a great deal through direct teaching, they learn much more by watching their parents. Parents are mirrors that children look at day by day, since they are at all times with them. Hence parents should learn to say “I am sorry” to their children; and stop acting perfect. If they need their children learn how to apologize to them and in all environments, they should be good examples by showing how it’s done.

When children hear their parents acknowledging their errors; when they hear them sincerely apologizing and showing remorse, they learn in return to do the same. By practicing good quality habits ahead of clamoring to children, parents will be helping children to muster the courage of apologizing to them and others when they mess up. Besides they will be teaching them the proper way to apologize, teaching them appropriate life skills that make it work and morally good. Leading by example makes life a little easier for them and for you.

Undoubtedly raising disciplined children is a challenging responsibility but the paramount task and undeniably not impossible. Lead by example; ask for their forgiveness. It will always be the right thing to do, at the right time, for the right reasons. Saying sorry to your children when you wrong them teaches children that mistakes can be forgiven and corrected.

Just stop and think about the impact which parents can make by starting showing remorse for their wrong doing. They are capable of changing the world to be a better place with their examples.


  1. Loud says:

    Very good! They will do as you do, not as you say!

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