Possible Love Triangle Twist in Pistorius Case

By Ntokozo Sindane    07-Jun-2013 04:34 UTC+02:00 3
Francois Hougaard (pictured) continued to spend time with Reeva Steenkamp when she started dating Oscar Pistorius. – image - www.nydailynews.com

Francois Hougaard (pictured) continued to spend time with Reeva Steenkamp when she started dating Oscar Pistorius. – image – www.nydailynews.com

According to Yahoo News, there may have been a love triangle influence on the tragic and allegedly accidental shooting of Reeva Steenkamp at the Silver Lakes apartment of world-famous athlete, Oscar Pistorius. A source confided in the media that the beautiful Steenkamp began dating Pistorius just three days after breaking up with Francois Hougaard.

Francois Hougaard is a key player for the Springboks and Blue Bulls rugby teams. He had a tumultuous relationship with Steenkamp which lasted for four months before she started seeing Pistorius. During this time, the pair often broke up and made up. Soon after Steenkamp’s death, it emerged in the media that some of the messages discovered on Steenkamp’s iPad on the day she died were from the rugby player. There have been rumors to the effect that Hougaard may be called as a witness during the upcoming Pistorius trial.

Two weeks before Steenkamp joined Pistorius at the South African Sport Awards, she had been Hougaard’s date at a wedding. A friend who was present at the wedding said that Steenkamp and Hougaard had looked every bit the happy couple on that day though Steenkamp had mentioned that they were trying to take things easy.

Hougaard knew about Steenkamp’s new relationship but they continued to enjoy each other’s company. The friend added: “I talked to Reeva and she said Francois was a real nice guy…” It appears that the two remained quite close and Pistorius was aware of their friendship.

Lorinda Voges, spokesperson for Francois Hougaard, refused to comment about the exact nature of the relationship between her client and the late model. She would not share any information about the interactions between Hougaard and Pistorius. When asked about the rumors that Hougaard had been called to testify at the trial, Voges denied that her client would be a part in the legal process.



  1. Zuki says:

    I strongly believe Oscar killed Reeva on purpose, out of anger. This shows how dangerous it is to date more than one man at a time…

  2. Guest says:

    This Hougard guy looks like Oscar…

  3. Bobby Jagmohan says:

    To say I am disappointed by both the Prosecution and the Defence in not producing witnesses that hold all the pertinent and crucial clues which are the keys that will help to unravel the mysteries of that fateful Valentine’s night would be an understatement.
    Gentlement let’s help the Court to decide the guilt or innocence of the accused by introducing the many pieces of evidence that seem to have been omitted intentionally or otherwise from this most sad and gruesome murder and trial in this country’s modern day history. Instead of scoring points by the ”he said she said” method, why not rather summon the following people to Court to tell their story and by so, doing the right thing and at the same time extricate themselves of the guilt and fear of with-holding vital information which can bring about a fair trial and a just verdict; something that we’re working towards: viz. Close-by neighbours who haven’t been called yet; the House-keeper that unfortunately did not see or hear Mr. Pistorius’s frantic pleas and cries for help in his hour of need; The Domestic Worker who kindly volunteered some evidence about hearing a woman’s cry for help; An expert witness specializing in sound wave and decibel measurement to differentiate sound carrying capacities between a cricket bat and discharged hollow point ammunition; An expert in post-traumatic disorder to prove that anxiety, depression and dementia are not the preserve of the select few criminally minded high profile individuals, but that every human will succumb to these types of maladies at a point in their lives when faced with some life-changing event that they for the most part have brought about on themselves; and most importantly each and every living person that had any form of contact or communication with deceased immediately and prior to their tragic demise. I kindly thank you, the Court, both Counsels and the media for affording us this medium to express our views. I apologise for any offence to the respective and respected potential witnesses as none are intended or implied.

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