Preliminary Election Results: ANC Leading The Way

By Oliver Ngwenya    09-May-2014 00:50 UTC+02:00 1

There have been reports of voter intimidation and scuffles in the Tlokwe elections held on Wednesday. – image - day finally arrived and the voters voted in a poll widely regarded as free and fair and without violence in most areas. The day after election, most people were focussing on the results and indications are that all the parties have tentatively accepted the outcome of the votes even though it is still too early to say conclusively.

As far as election results are concerned, there does not seem to be many surprises there. The ANC seems set to be heading towards a landslide victory in most areas of the country. However, there are still some areas which could turn out to be unpredictable.

In the paradoxically biggest and smallest province in the country, despite earlier indications, the ANC seems to be taking an early lead and this is set to continue. Gauteng has more than six million voters and the ruling party has bagged 727 241 voters which represent just over half of the votes that have been counted so far. In second place, ANC’s perpetual nemesis, the Democratic Alliance have amassed a total of just under 33 percent of the Gauteng voters that have been cast so far. The Economic Freedom Fighters have done well for first timers. They managed to put together a little over 100 000 votes which represents slightly less than a tenth of the counted votes.

In Mpumalanga province, the ruling party has achieved just over three quarters of the votes cast after all the votes had been counted. To show how resounding this victory was, the party that came second in the province is the Democratic Alliance, which could only get only a tenth of the cake. Despite it being the only party that seemed to have campaigned effectively in the province, the Economic Freedom Fighters only managed to get 6.36 percent of the provincial votes.

The Independent Electoral Commission is happy with the way the polls have gone. The provincial electoral officer for the Eastern Cape, Thami Mraji said in an interview that elections in the province were free, fair and credible. Adding to this view, the chair of the IEC, Pansy Tlakula said that the counting of and capturing of the results were well on track. She said more than half of the rainbow nation had been counted and captured.


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