Preparation for the Senior Certificate Examination (May/June 2012) – Old Matric, 01 March 2012

By The Editor    05-Mar-2012 22:04 UTC+02:00 7

In a bid to assist the adult candidates that will be writing the Senior Certificate examination (old matric) commencing on 2 May 2012, the Department of Basic Education has posted copies of the examination guidelines and syllabi on the website of the Department of Basic Education. The syllabi and the examination guidelines are the key documents that are used in the setting of the questions papers and they specify the scope and depth of the knowledge and skills that will be covered in the examination.

The website address at which these documents can be located is as follows: The guidelines and syllabi are located in the Senior Certificate link inside the Assessment Block on the right hand side of the website.

Those candidates who do not have access to the internet are advised to go to the nearest district office in their province and these documents will be provided.

Candidates need to note that the closing date for registration to write the 2012 Senior Certificate examination has passed and those candidates that have already registered must confirm with the provincial education department that they have been correctly registered. Candidates that have missed the registration date can register for the 2013 May/June Senior Certificate examination, before 30 September 2012.

The attainment of a Grade 12 qualification has been shown to improve employability as well as personal income, and in the context of the low skills base in the country, it is imperative that the status quo improves.

The Department calls on all those who have registered to write the Senior Certificate examinations in May 2012 to take this opportunity to access the syllabi and materials and to take this opportunity seriously.

We also call on those who need to complete their Senior Certificate to remember to register for next year’s examinations by September 2012.

– Depertment of Basic Education


  1. mncedisi says:

    hie i would to know, when do you open registration for senior certificate 2014

    • The Editor says:

      Hi Mncedisi. Most education institutions start processing applications for the following year after March or April. However, I think you should approach the school you want to do your senior certificate with and hear if they have started taking applications for 2014.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Hi i missed the closing date for old syllabus i just need one more chance to register i only need one subject to have my matric certificate im in mpumalanga what can i do cause its my last year for old syllabus please help me just one more last chance

  3. Nathi cobotwana says:

    Cn i get june scope n timetable

  4. Liezel says:

    I am finishing my last three subjects on old.syllabus. I am homeschooling and battling to find textbooks any advice how I can obtian my required textbooks.

  5. Nkuna Thomas says:

    Where can I download limpopo june and trial matric question papers ,d memo?

  6. cindy says:

    hi,i need to know which syllabus am i gonna be writing on maths n physics as i was doing my matric in 2006?im writing on may/june 2016

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