Rapper Flabba Habedi Stabbed to Death by His Girlfriend

By Oliver Ngwenya    10-Mar-2015 05:30 UTC+02:00
Skwatta Rapper, Nkululeko 'Flabba' Habedi has been stabbed by his girlfriend in Alexandra Township according to the police. Image: the Daily Sun

Skwatta Kamp Rapper, Nkululeko ‘Flabba’ Habedi has been stabbed by his girlfriend in Alexandra Township according to the police.
Image: the Daily Sun

As news filtered in that the famous Skwatta Kamp musician Flabba Habedi had been killed in the early hours of Monday morning in Alexandra, mourners quickly started gathering at his home and according to a family spokesman, Flabba, whose original name was Nkululeko Habedi had been stabbed to death by a woman who is believed to have been his girlfriend.

It is believed that police were immediately called into Habedi’s home at about 4:00 am to investigate a scene in which his girlfriend is alleged to have stabbed him once through the heart. Tshabeng Habedi, a brother to the deceased, who was acting as the family spokesman, told members of the media that it was not clear why but the woman who was the girlfriend of his 38-year-old brother had stabbed him through the heart. He added that the woman had been arrested at the scene of the crime and, according to the police, would appear in the Alexandra Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday to answer a charge of murder.

Arriving at the scene of the murder painted a very sad picture indeed. As early as eight in the morning, mourners had started trickling to the home as the news started spreading like veld fire as it usually does in townships. Women, with shawls draped over their shoulders started gathering to pay their respects. As they arrived at the scene, shock and disbelief was written all over their faces as some wailed uncontrollably while others stared in disbelief as the news was imparted to them while they held their cheeks, a sure sign of disbelief. The men, on the other hand, folded their arms either across their chests or behind their backs with their heads hung in silence as they took in the news in disbelief.

Speaking to some members of the media, a local woman who identified herself only as Tiny said that she was shocked by the death of Flabba while another woman who could not immediately be identified said, to them, Habedi was not a famous musician but just a local boy who respected his elders and they had been proud to have him in their community. As is usually the case in townships, everyone quickly clammed up when asked about what could have caused a scene like this to unfold. However, Flabba’s childhood friend, Mokotedi Mpshane did not seem to have such inhibitions as he elaborated extensively about the kind of person that his friend was. “We would sit around and chat. The next thing he would tell you that had just given him lyrics for his songs. That was Flabba for you. He was a kasi [township] boy living a kasi life.” He would throw in a chuckle every now and then with a far away look in his eyes as he fondly remembered his childhood friend.

As the news of Flabba’s death filtered into the music industry, many fellow musicians expressed shock and disbelief and elaborated on how South Africa was a worse place due to the death of Flabba. K.O., a fellow member of Skwatta Kamp said Flabba is the one member of the group who was not ashamed of singing in his own language and he paved the way for vernacular rapping to be accepted in the South African music industry. Arthur Mafokate, of the 999 Record Label said rap music had come far in South Africa and Flabba is one of the people that could be credited with doing this. Another fellow member in Skwatta Kamp, Silkour said he remembered Flabba as a man with a big heart who was genuine in every way, whether angry or happy. He said South Africa was a worse place without this great Kasi Musician.

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