Recent Crime Statistics Are No Surprise, Says EFF

By Oliver Ngwenya    01-Oct-2015 18:32 UTC+02:00
Crime stats for 2014/2015 financial year were released on Tuesday by Riah Phiyega Image:ewn

Crime stats for 2014/2015 financial year were released on Tuesday by Riah Phiyega
Image: EWN.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said that the declining levels of public order and policing in South Africa which were released on Tuesday by Riah Phiyega comes as no surprise.

Riah Phiyega, the National Police Commissioner, released the crime statistics for 2014/2015 financial year on Tuesday. In the previous year, the statistics showed that murder and vehicle hijackings had elevated while the reported incidents of sexual transgression declined.

EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said that the crime statistics reflected what was happening within South Africa’s leadership and that it did not expect government to address crime. In a statement he said that in a country of so much inconsistency, unemployment, exploitation and the decline in general moral reflected by the leaders of the state, taking the law into one’s hands has become the rule. Ndlozi went on to say this government is led by the African National Criminals who through their degenerate leadership of corruption are normalizing theft and undoing the rule of law and therefore it doesn’t expect it to address crime. Ndlozi also said to address the rising levels of crime, South Africa needs to make two kinds of decisions: one is to remove the African National Congress from power because it has failed and will only lead South Africans into further crisis and the socioeconomic conditions that have produced a situation of the lack of opportunities, hunger and unemployment in the face of first world wealth and development must be addressed.

Ndlozi continued to say, “These levels of crime also tell the story of our collective emotional status as a people. They reveal South Africans as an angry people who have accepted violence as the norm. The statistics on aggravated crimes – which have increased by 6.9 % – are above all else, a demonstration of this fact as they include contact crime, normally of people who know each other or inhabit the same communities.”

“We have to lead an aggressive process of industrial expansion to create more and sustainable jobs. Increasing police, paying them better or giving them more guns will only lead to cosmetic changes,” he added.

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