Record $2.04bn US Powerball win in November 2022

By Alex Taylor    25-Nov-2022 18:30 UTC+02:00 1

Betting on fixed odds lotto games is something that people all over the world love to take part in. Many countries run their own fixed odds lotto games and people from all over the world bet on them. If you live in South Africa for example, it is entirely possible to bet on fixed odds lotto games which run in other countries.

One popular example for bettors around the planet is US Powerball. This requires bettors to match five numbers (from one to 69) and also the Powerball (from one to 26) in order to win the main prize money. As well as being easy to bet on around the world via the internet, US Powerball is also something fun to research before getting involved. Looking at the latest Powerball predictions for example can help you see which numbers have come up a lot in recent draws before choosing which to bet on.

Huge $2.04bn US Powerball win makes global headlines

US Powerball is also popular for its history of producing headline grabbing payouts. This was certainly the case recently when a bettor from California won $2.04bn on the game. This occurred on 7th November 2022 and is the largest main prize money ever awarded by this fixed odds lotto game.

But what more do we know about this November 2022 Powerball win? Although the person involved has chosen to remain anonymous, it is thought that they live in Altadena, California. It has also been reported that the establishment where the winning bet was made received a $1m reward for being the retailer behind the win. In addition, it is believed that the main prize money was sitting at $1.9bn initially but rose to $2.04bn by the time the numbers were drawn.

In terms of the winning numbers, the Californian resident matched up 10, 33, 41, 47 and 56 from the main numbers – before matching the number 10 Powerball. This meant they matched up all six numbers correctly to take home the total prize money amount. We can only imagine that this was the cue for major celebrations in their household.

US Powerball continues to make waves

While the latest music news is a great way to keep up with the hottest tracks, anyone who enjoys betting on fixed odds lotto games will find stories like this invaluable to stay updated with. This is because they can help you see which games pay out the biggest amounts over time and which have a reputation for top prize money awards.

It is easy to see just how this record US Powerball win will further enhance the game’s reputation with lotto bettors. After all, it was only back in October 2021 when it provided its last major win. This was another Californian resident who also wished to keep their identity private. We do know though that this win paid out $699.8m.

More historic US Powerball wins to enjoy

Going back a little further, you can see other examples that show this most recent win is not a flash in the pan. Manuel Franco from Wisconsin won prize money of $768.4 million in March 2019. This was after he went out one night feeling lucky and decided to bet on the US Powerball game! In October 2018, a bettor from New York and another from Iowa won $687.8m between them to enjoy.

While this latest win sets the record for US Powerball payouts, the previous biggest win occurred in 2016. This resulted in a cool $1.586bn netted by bettors from Florida, Tennessee and California. As all this shows, it should not be too long before we’re taking about another big win in this game again.

US Powerball proves its worth

Many people like to bet on fixed odds lotto games because they are fun, easy to understand and simple to access. Of course, the prize money available is also a key reason people like to bet on them. There is no doubt that the huge monies offered by US Powerball are part of why it remains so well-loved globally. This latest $2.04bn win from California will only serve to strengthen the game’s reputation for big prizes and help it reach new heights. Although no one knows when the next big prize money award is due, it is safe to assume it will not be too much longer.


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