Who Was Reeva Steenkamp?

By Ntokozo Sindane    18-Feb-2013 04:50 UTC+02:00
Beautiful Reeva Steenkamp was fatally shot by her international athletic star Oscar Pistorius. image - www.timeslive.co.uk

Beautiful Reeva Steenkamp was fatally shot by her international athletic star Oscar Pistorius. image – www.timeslive.co.uk

“You either made an impact in a positive or a negative way but just maintain integrity and maintain class and just remain true to yourself.” These are the words that Reeva Steenkamp uttered in a video recording shortly before her sudden, violent death at the home of her boyfriend and Olympic star Oscar Pistorius. Until the tragic morning of Valentine’s Day last week, a lot of people did not know who Reeva Steenkamp was but now, images of the smiling blonde beauty have become engraved in the minds of all those following the Oscar Pistorius story.

The sassy swimwear model was proud of her most recent achievement. She appears in a reality show by the South African Broadcasting Corporation called ‘Tropika Island of Treasure’ that was shot in Jamaica. The Steenkamp family did not oppose the airing of the show just two days after her death because Reeva was very excited about it and she had sent several reminders to make sure her family did not miss it.

Reeva Steenkamp was no stranger to the limelight having graced the pages of several glossy magazines. She has also featured in some television commercials. In the reality show ‘Tropika Island of Treasure’ she is seen being exactly as her friends and family describe her; funny, outgoing, adventurous and ambitious. During the show, Reeva blows a kiss to the camera, swims with dolphins and plays with fellow guests on the show.

Steenkamp and Pistorius were introduced to each other late last year and attended a glitzy awards event on the same night that they met. At the time, Pistorius was still in a relationship with another woman.

The elderly parents of Reeva Steenkamp are said to be reeling from shock. They have asked the public and the media to allow them the privacy they need to come to terms with the loss of their only child. An autopsy was performed on the body of the young model but the police will not be publishing the results.

The case of premeditated murder against the Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius will continue this Tuesday at the Pretoria Magistrates Court. Oscar Pistoruis and his lawyers will apply for bail but the prosecutors plan on opposing the application. On Tuesday while Oscar faces the magistrate in Pretoria, down south in Port Elizabeth, Reeva Steenkamp’s family will be holding a memorial in her honour.

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