Regional Organiser for Political Party Alleged With Murder

By Oliver Ngwenya    19-Oct-2015 12:43 UTC+02:00 1
The 45-year-old murder suspect will appear in Durban Magistrate's Court Image:mweb

The 45-year-old murder suspect will appear in Durban Magistrate’s Court.
Image: MWeb.

A 45-year-old murder suspect who was working as a regional organiser for a political party was arrested at a community meeting on Saturday and will soon appear in the Durban Magistrate’s Court, the police said on Sunday.

In a statement, the police spokesperson Colonel Jay Naicker said the suspect was arrested in Melmoth in connection with a murder committed in Cato Manor on the 29th of November in 2014.

The victim was stabbed to death after a dispute, ostensibly with the suspect who now worked for the National Freedom Party (NFP).

Naicker said, “The suspect went into hiding. Provincial Crime Intelligence members worked tirelessly and finally located the suspect where he was working… as a regional organiser in the Umthonjaneni District.” He also said after the gathering and verification of information the police headed to Melmoth Town Hall were the party was having its meeting and they arrested the suspect. After he was arrested, they took him to his house in Makhaseni, which was searched. They then took him to Durban where he will face charges of murder. He added that investigators believe that the suspect was also linked to various murder cases which were committed at the KwaMashu Hostel.

However, Professor Nhlanhla Khubisa, the NFP secretary general said the execution of the arrest was annoying as all those who were wearing NFP regalia were sprayed with teargas by the police. He also said, “As the National Freedom Party we will not stand on the way of the law, [but] the law has to do things correctly.”

Furthermore, Khubisa denied that the suspect was a regional organiser and said they had not filled the position yet. He added that they need to check their records but the suspect was a member of the National Freedom Party.


  1. masilo isaac mohoaduba says:

    although a positive attention is good,but negative attention and perceptions harm the credibility and image of a south african police which has taken ninety- three years to develop from an autocratic apartheid force to a democratic institution based on human dignity,eguality and freedom.the conduct of police officials is constantly scrutinized by a public service act official mr masilo isaac mohoaduba who apply a true commission for declaration of secrecy to police “conduct due to an abuse of power and human rights violations. knowledge is individual police officials could avoid negative attention e.g hammanskraal saps case no 300-11-2010.
    hammanskraal saps sap 10 no 45-04-2014 dated 2014-04-01..this exemplify the professional ethos of the dpc under the leader ship of lt general mozwandile who was threatening the station commanders and branch commanders because of his masilo isaac mohoaduba has gained more knowledge in their field of their expertise.e.g extraditional act 67 of 1962 due to lack of knowledge and acknowledgements of iqabane promotion of access to information act 2 0f 2000, for attention of page 2 – gg no 20852- 3 february 2000, page 3 gg no 2085- 3 february 2000.regulations regarding the promotion of access to information published under gn r 187 of 2002(gg 23119 of 15 february 2002) as amended by gn r1244 of 2003(gg 25411 of 22 september 2003) as amended by gn r990 of 2006(gg 29278 of 13 october 2006) as amended by gn r466 of 2007(gg 29914 of 1 june 2007 ) as amended by gn r151 of 31 october 1994(gg no 20852 27 april 1994) as amended by r59 of 1965(gg 416 as an accredited correspondence college) 200208-21486\hrm

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