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Reverend in court for allegedly raping a toddler

By Smanga Kumalo    11-Sep-2012 15:10 UTC+02:00 61

Reverend Phoswa. Photo: Len Kumalo

Please note that there was an error when this article was published. This came to our attention when our readers questioned its accuracy. Reports indicate that the girl is a 16-year old teenager, not a toddler. It is our policy not to delete articles that have factual errors because other publishers may already have cited them. We would like to thank our readers for their feedback. Below is the original unedited article (with the error):

Smanga Kumalo— Hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside the Sebokeng magistrate court yesterday after the high ranking reverend of the River of Living Waters Ministries Ntsiki Phoswa (36) appeared before the magistrate Nelson Mokwantla.

Phoswa allegedly kidnapped a 16-month-old toddler before raping and dumping her in the Vereeniging mortuary thinking that she was dead. He was arrested at the church last week Thursday after the girl pointed him. According to the police, Phoswa kidnapped the toddler at Zone 12 Sebokeng on September 01, before raping her.

Apparently, after raping her, she lost her consciousness and they drove her to Vereeniging mortuary and placed her in the mortuary fridge. After three days she regained her consciousness and escaped from the mortuary and ran to a local clinic were her aunt was called. Sebokeng police spokeperson, Captain Bheki Thwala told Sowetan that the girl gained consciousness after three days and she escaped from the fridge.

“The girl was gang raped after she was kidnapped and we are still busy with the investigations. Two suspects are still at large and we believe we will make other arrests soon,” he said. Thwala said the child was then taken for DNA tests and the police are still waiting for the results. But the blood of the suspect has not yet been taken. She is a member of River of Living Waters Ministries.

Hundreds of people, some of whom were not from Evaton, appeared to have arrived before 08: 00 from surrounding areas. Some of the River of Living Waters Ministries congregates were there to support Phoswa. The police were there to maintain order among the protesters. The community members and Thetha FM listeners were chanting, singing slogans and carrying placards that read: WHY YOU RAPE A CHILD WHEN SHE SPEAKS THE TRUTH”. Others read “NO BAIL FOR RAPIST”.

The protests were triggered by rumours that the church was satanic and those children were being kidnapped by the church leaders. In the court, Mokwantla asked Phoswa to reveal his previous or pending cases before the court. “Be honest before the court because if the court of law finds out that you are having outstanding matters you’ll be fined R40 000 or two years imprisonment,” explained Mokwantla.

Mokwantla, added by saying the state is still waiting for the DNA test from Pretoria. The public prosecutor, Kgmotso Mathebe told the court that Phoswa allegedly raped the child at his (Phoswa) place. Mokwantla ordered investigation officer to go to Pretoria to collect the DNA test. “I appeal to the investigating officer to use the state resource and go and collect those DNA test (results) because we won’t wait for four weeks. Even the DNA test of President Jacob Zuma took only three days when he was accused of raping,” Mokwantla concluded.

A protester, who didn’t want to reveal her name, said Phoswa and Stephen Bafana Zondo want to kill the girl because she went to a local station and told the presenter of local radio station that Zondo used her for satanic practice. In March this year community members protested at the River of Living Waters Ministries after presenters on Thetha FM community radio station Pitso Motubedi and Seth “Mokoto” Bokwa brought into the studio people who claimed they were devil worshipers and were serving Zondo, prophet Paseka ‘Mbhoro” Motsoeng and apostle Simon Mokoena of the Tirana church.

Meanwhile Thoko Tshabalala, who cried uncontrollably outside the court, told the Public News Hub that her granddaughter Mapule Seapamore was also missing. “I am searching for my child who is also missing and she is nowhere to be found. Mapule is also a friend with this victim and I believed they use them for satanic purposes. They target these underprivileged (children) or orphans and use them,” she sobbed.


  1. Angry Citizen says:

    Some people are like animals. How the hell can a grown man do something like this. I hope he doesn’t get bail. Nx.

  2. Anonymous says:

    haaai stop publishing lies and get ur facts straight!!the girl is 16 years and is making false accusations!check murendeni with mabochobocho at thetha fm page

  3. Siza says:

    A 16month year old? Being a formar journalist journalims is all about truth honesty n proof. Smanga your story writing is questionable, stop trying to b popular n start geting your facts straight

  4. duh...its 16 years not 16 months u zondo nation says:

    The it

  5. former editor says:

    Being a former Journalist or not, this story is real. im also a former journalist, sub editor they like to change things without consulting the journalist. Smanga keep up the good work, i have been following your story and this is an in depth reporting unlike other other journalist. You gave us the whole information not the bits and pieces. Be aware people would always be negative against you.

  6. The Editor says:

    @Anonymous, it is the right of our journalists to publish anything they heard, whether it is a fact or not. Saying “allegedly” should tell you that we don’t know if it’s a fact.

    @Siza things like this always happen. There is no need to attack our journalist like that. I am almost certain that you know Smanga personally and you are trying to discourage him from doing the good work that he is doing. I agree with Former Editor, Smanga, don’t be discouraged by such comments. Keep the good work up.

  7. Bongiwe Mlonyeni says:

    Wow, this is a good article, I agree with the former editor this is in depth reporting. Keep up a good Smanga we need reporters who are brave like you who leave the stone unturn. PLEASE give the writer a BELLS cause he knows his or her thing. You do bad or good people will always attack you, please update us with the latest outcomes. I see here some people have personal vendettas against the writer, please leave him or her alone. BIG UP Smanaga Kumalo.

  8. Thabiso says:

    Great story de nd thanks for c-ing yor mistake nd apologising,dis is the first article I read de whole story.

  9. a family member says:

    These are all lies,how can a 16 month old toddler escape from a mortuary? You really need to get your facts strait before publishing such story.

  10. anonymous says:

    No stop publishing lies ,know your story this isn’t the way of earning more u a creating enemies bloody fool

  11. Prophet T D Chris says:

    Am warning you touch the Anonted man of God you will regret it .Cause stop to accuses man of God What are doing with those who allow to have they Children to have abortion Please Please Don’t ever try to accuse man of God

  12. Peter Mathebula says:


  13. Madam C says:

    U talking nonsense Pastor Zondo nd Apostle Simon Mokoena r the true sons of God ,if u hate them that minz u r a satanist ,wena kuqala ,Im talking frm the experience I know what They did to me ,they helped me so much ,I was not working for 10 yrs ,but since I met Tirano my life has changed ,my frend has been helped by Pastor Zondo ,nd Apostle Mokoena he reads the bible like other church leaders ,IF U HATE STOP TALKING RONG THINGS ABOUT THEM ,U R LIKE A W….mawunjalo .

  14. joshua says:

    he is the man of God

  15. motirano for lyf says:

    smunga all u telng its lie nna ke Motirano for lyf

  16. joy says:

    Viva bishop Zondo Viva,keep it up with ur good work, never look back phambili bishop phambili

  17. Mantele mosala says:

    782 maloka

  18. Anthon says:

    Plz guys stop fooling people about your lies, Bishop Zondo and Apostle Mokoena are the real man’s of God coz their teaching n prayers are real.I am Motirano for life be coz im healed n happy b coz of tirannus church, even B Zondo i like him bcoz his teaching is real.

  19. Theresa queen says:

    Ke mo tirano ka sibile iam who iam today becos of tirano iam where iam today becos of u ntate mo apostla big up to tyrannus big up viva tirano viva viva

  20. mutsila nthonifheni stanley says:

    I like to say they are man of God

  21. Pretty sikhosana says:

    Iwould like to thank ntate mapostole for his prayers n teachings am 26 of age n ntate ungifundise ukuthandaza,ukuziphatha,inhlonipho n most of all ukufunda(STUDY) so please stop writting bad things without proof

  22. youth of zion says:

    Ya vhele banjalo ma journo,stop ku bubula lies abt our daddy.he n zondo r da best prophet iv eva knwn.w need more like thm s stop ur nonsense

  23. Sien blennis says:

    Ke rata ntate mokoena,he teach me lot of things i had never known

  24. morongwe says:

    ke rata kereke tsena tse pedi mare ke motirano for life

  25. mamotloung says:

    Bafelletse hokae bomokoto le baetsana bahae tsohle ditlafeta hotlasala molimo ka lentswe lahae rivers entse leteng lemodimo wateng halala bishop halala we lv u

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ke motirano ke rata tirano ka pelo ka moka ntate mo aposotola o rera ka nnete

  27. nino says:

    these niqqas were tlking bull..
    w.t.f ai lol

  28. ramapanta says:

    kea dumela gore this bishops k
    e baporofeta nd who ever oa dumelang otla thola

  29. makwale kleinbooi rashopola says:

    I m waiting the secod time of Jesus Christ’s resurrection,wars and ruMours of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed must happen but the still to come,fals christs and false prophets will appear and perform great sings and miracles to deceive even the elect, son of man will appear in thE sky to all nations of the earth will mourn!!!

  30. pastor kelvin says:

    They always say all of us are satanic, when are they going to show us the true Man of God. If they are good at finding false ones when are you are you gonna direct us to the true prophets. Bishop thank God for your life we young preachers we are looking upto you we now know that these things they can’t destroy us only they make us strong.

  31. nomvuzo says:

    am pregnant and @ the hospital bathi anginawo amanzi so they want to terminate the foetus….pray with me please Pastor

  32. by zodwa.i hv a wumb problm lot of doctors said i cnt get pregnancy.pls pray for me ntate mariage now is at risk.i cnt even sleep during night because of this problem.even ma husband is changed now.pls tlhee i dont want to loose him.i luv him says:

    pls ntate moapostola Mokoena pray for me.lot of doctors told me that i cnt hv pregnancy bcoz i got knots in my fallopian tubes.pls by hope and ur prayers u had done for me to be where i am now.i think these knots will be released.

  33. lucas says:

    tirano keya ba nyorilweng iam who iam now ka yona ka mohau wa modimo ke tlaba mohlala hoba sa kgolweng hore modimo ontse aleteng le 2day otla dula aleteng hy ho monate tirano

  34. sacalu lucas says:

    anything haesa osebelletse u must live it bcause nna ke itholletse nnete kgale re thetswa but now nnete rea etseba viva ntate mokoena god bless tirano

  35. annonymous says:

    tlogelang go tlontlola di kereke tsa batho ge elegori motho o kgethile seithati its their own believe stop enterfering if thers satanist in the let them in it its their choice and life after all wena ungenaguphi nizinja gabi nina ma journalist peace

  36. Nozi says:

    Im geting devorce

  37. lerato Molefe says:


  38. Lydia matake says:

    Ke motirano 4 lyf batla bua fela se se salang my dad simon mokoena o tswela pele,those who wish bad thing 4 tirano apostolic church may god forgive them becouse they dont know what they are doing.keep calm cos tirano is rocking

  39. Motirano no matter what says:

    Motirano no matter what

  40. anonymous says:

    Baba ngithanda yonke into esontweni kodwa abaetapele bethu bayasimosha phakathi uma uneqiniso mgezinto zakho

  41. puseletso says:

    ke motirano for life letla bua yang kapa yang letla seyetse sepe

  42. Anonymous says:

    ke hlompha mahodimo horefa ntate yasa tshwaneng le bontate ba bang,ntate ke batla hoipona ke fihlile hohle moo onpitsetsang teng le ba lapa laka,hoba nna ke MOTIRANO 4 LIFE AMEN

  43. lucas sacalu phati says:

    ke boela ke hlompha mahodi hape,ntate ke batla hoba hohle moo onpiletsang teng le ba lapa laka ke MOTIRANO 4 LIFE VIVA TIRANO VIVA AMEN

  44. Anonymous says:

    My people perish because they lack knowledge, Jesus Christ is the way the light and life anyone who goes to the Father must accept Jesus Christ as His Lord, Jesus is the only way to God. The bible is the word of God the word of God is a double edged sword it separates 2 kingdoms. The bible says ask in the name of Jesus and you shall receive. One thing that we must all know is that God is almighty, God is alive He reigns over the whole world, the power belongs to God, the kingdom and the glory. Everything that we need to know about God is in the bible. The bible is the only truth that Christians needs to know. I pray that we may all find peace and know that God loves us, as we pray He reveals Himself more to us. Christ in us is the hope of glory. We were saved by grace. Jesus is the king of kings, He is the king of glory. The name of Jesus is above all names. Every knee shall bow and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. This is not from me, this is the word of God the only manual that guides, heals and saves Christians without God’s word we shall perish.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Abantu mabahlukane nokuthetha kakubi ngabantu Yhuuu hayi

  46. Lerato (Vaal Area) says:

    Ntate Mopostola ke kopa dithapelo tsa hao hle Ntate, ke mathateng a chelate ke tlameile ke patale batho, dintho di gutlela morao. Hake tsebe ke etse jwang ke lekile honka di loan hobane keya sebetsa, empa le kajeno ntse ke emetse karabo ke kolota batho. Ntate ke kopa dithapelo ke lla bosiu le motsheare. ke nale credit check empe, hake sana le mantswe a thapelo ha ke rapela. Ke nale ho ipotsa hore Modimo o re utlwa kaofela na, ke jeketswe ke ba heso ke di collegues le Modimo ke bona antahlile leyena..ka kopo hle Ntate

  47. John says:

    People who keep spreading rumours about both Ps Zondo and Prof Mokoena,are merely spreading propaganda to turn these men of God against their communities knowing what they deliver is strong enough to do irreperable damage,let alone arming with the the most malicious rumour-mongering broadcaster Thetha Fm.I may not be a member of both churches but I am of the view that both are doing a sterling and excellent work.I never visited Ps Zondo nor saw him but Prop Mokoena I know him personally,I once attended one of his gatherings,the man has anointing upon his life and I have seen him doing what the devil can’t do, like healing and touching’s lives.And if Zondo and Mokoena are satanists,they wouldn’t do that.I fail to understand how could people believe what devil-worshippers were saying.Satanists represent evil and stand for nothing positive.What they do is to kill,destroy and cause chaos in people’s lives nothing else.

  48. Zanele Paka says:

    guys u really dont know what you are talkong about my Apostile Simon Mokoena is not a satanist he is indeed a man of God ,,you can say whatever you want abt him but nothing will ever change the good work he does for the people of God ,,,i say KE MOTIRANO FOR LIFE!! with or without dirty talks…..

  49. Selcia says:

    Play with me 2 fix my life

  50. Mutsila Nthonifheni Stanley says:

    hold on man of God.

  51. mathibela Matieo says:

    Ntate moapostle ke kopa dithapelo ke na le 5yrs jwale ke opelwa ke mangwele ebile kese ke tsamaya ka crusher ntate.

  52. Jesus is coming Look at Him and Him alone and be aware of the false prophets and pastors and pray every day says:

    Jesus is the ONLY TRUE KING and He prophesy about these things

  53. Jesus is coming Look at Him and Him alone and be aware of the false prophets and pastors and pray every day says:

    Jesus is the ONLY TRUE KING and He prophesy about these things. Stop protecting and pray and wait for Jesus ONLY.

  54. PULANE says:

    batho ha batsebe seo ba se batlang re tlohelleng rona le TIRANO hoba re bone tse ngata ka baka la yona. o buwa o sa buwe ke MOTIRANO 4life halala tirano halala .ke ya morata NTATE wa rona MOAPOSTLE o makaditse di tjhaba

  55. Martha says:

    Hey wake up pple stop praising fake pastors instead of God if unenkinga why ungazithandazeli wena coz thoz pastors are jus pipo like us ukuphi umehluko btwn pstr Zondo nakuwe pliz praise God liv thoz pstrs to God’s judgment

  56. Anonymous says:

    Ke leboha matla le boholo ba morena molimo hore ebe kereke ta Tirano e teng lefatsheng…he keys o rata ntate moapostola

  57. Zizipho says:

    Tata apostle Mokeana is man of god stop talking nonsense about him, phambili maTirano noba banga thini soze siyeke umthanda gutata wethu apostle Simon Mokeana noba ningathini:amen matirano

  58. Annonymous says:

    Abantu mabayeke ukugxeka abaprophet pls

  59. anonymous says:

    to every church dat is growing its had to people to believe as church of god

  60. Anonymous says:

    I fail to understand why God should let one person to rule his people while the person praise the dirty spirit, our God is not a fool n I’m sure he’ll never be. so people who are badmouthing the men of God and their churches le pidietsa thohako. and pls leave us alone,we congregation chose to worship our leaders wether they’re snakes, Satanists or not. and I believe those who are busy with their dirty talk never been to this churches to hear the teachings and encouragements that we get from our leaders. Nna ntate moApostle Simon Mokoena O nrutile hose nyenyefatse dikereke tse ding le baruti ba teng hobane Modimo o Mong re rapela Modimo ale Mong. I am where I am today ka lebaka la Tirano, kena le serithi se setle ka lebaka la di thuto tsa ntate. NNA PELE KE BONA NTATE moAPOSTLE A FETOHA NOHA KEYA PELE LE TIRANO LE TENG HA FETOHA NOHA E PHEDISANG KETLA TSWELLA PELE LE TIRANO YA KA.

  61. Joyce says:

    Only jesus heals not pastors or bishops

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