Is Rihanna’s break-up turning into a make-up?

By Chleo van Reenen    23-Sep-2012 07:42 UTC+02:00 4

The question on everyone’s mind is “What is the deal with the ex-lovers Rihanna and Chris Brown?” Chris Brown’s violent outburst left many fans devastated and heartbroken. Whilst some people would find it unforgiveable, Rihanna found forgiveness for the love of her life.

She recently featured in an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey, where she became vulnerable opening herself up to the world. In this “Rihanna tells all” interview she confessed that she has forgiven her “ex” Chris Brown. She also said that she has always been protective over Chris Brown even after he assaulted her.

Fleeting rumours of these two dating has brought about suspicion everywhere in the media. Are they really dating? Well earlier this year both Chris Brown and Rihanna featured in each other’s “Birthday Cake” and “Turn up the Music” remixes arousing curiosity in fans for a second chance.

Not everyone is in favour of Rihanna’s forgiveness towards her lover. In a recent “Twitter-feud” between Fashion Police’s Joan Rivers and Rihanna, Joan called Rihanna an “IDIOT” for proclaiming her love for her former boyfriend. Joan also insulted the singer by tweeting: “honey, everyone knows, if he hit you once he’ll hit you again, read the statistics” and then passively inviting Rihanna on Fashion Police.

While some might want to see these two successful singers give it another shot others can’t even bear the thought of it after the assault.

Will Chris Brown and Rihanna ever end up together? Only time will tell.

— Chleo van Reenen


  1. Tina says:

    Love is blind!

  2. misqah juries says:

    well done chleo mwahz this a awesome article keep it up babes…..u really are a multi-talented person and that why I love u….jy is n speciale vriend!!!!!



  3. Shaakirah says:

    chris and rihanna really love each other. why keep them apart? I support their relationship 100% but only if chris doesn’t lay another hand on her. nice article chleo. I can’t wait to see your others 🙂

  4. Randy says:

    I guess it’s true, girls love bad boys.

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