By Zuziwe    11-Jul-2012 17:13 UTC+02:00

This is one of the best animated movies I have ever seen. A blue parrot named Blu is raised as a pet by a young girl called Linda. After many years, Blu has not learned to fly.

One day a doctor of ornithology Tulio, from Rio, comes looking for Blu. He reveals that Blu’s species is on the brink of extinction and Blu is the last surviving male of his species.

In an attempt to rescue the species, Tulio asks Linda to bring Blu to Rio so that he can mate with a female parrot he has in Rio. At first Linda is skeptical about this but later she sees that it’s the right thing to do. So, off they go to Rio.

In Rio, Blue meets this beautiful macaw named Jewel and immediately falls in love with her. However, the feelings are not mutual. Later that night bird smugglers break into Tulio’s bird sanctuary and steal both Blu and Jewel. Jewel tries to escape but is recaptured and chained to Blue.

Linda is furious at Tulio. The rest of the movie shows them looking for these two birds. Somehow Blue and Jewel manage to escape but with Blue unable to fly, it becomes impossible for them to fly away. A villainous bird called Nigel, who works for the smugglers, chases after them. Fortunately for them, Nigel hits a power transformer and gets shocked. By the time he regains consciousness, they have managed to run away into the bush.

Now Linda & Tulio and the bird smugglers are doing their best to find Blue and Jewel. Meanwhile, Blue and Jewel are starting to bond. They meet Rafael, a Toco Toucan who takes them to his friend to remove the chain. When they have been unchained, Jewel is excited. She spreads her wings and flies into the sky.

Blu looks at her and feels lonely. They have a fight and then they decide to part ways. Moments later, Jewel is recaptured by Nigel. Blue decides to look for the bird smugglers to try and rescue her. He is also captured by Nigel. The smugglers are happy so they get on the plane and fly away.

Blu manages to open his cage and releases Jewel and many other birds from their cages. He then opens the back of the plane and the birds fly away. He and Jewel are still on the plane. Nigel and his boss suddenly learn what is happening. Nigel stands on Blu’s throat and hits Jewel hard, causing a cage to fall and hit her wing, breaking it. From there, Blu did something that left me saying “Wow, what a movie”.

I really enjoyed this movie. The only thing I hated was the drooling dog (Rafael’s friend). I found that very disgusting. Besides that, the movie is perfect and family-friendly.

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